Step Brothers review and DVD giveaway

Step Brothers DVD

‘I got em from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s like masturbating in a time machine’, Dale (John C Reilly) says to Brennan (Will Ferrell) about the collection of nudie magazines he’d collected. This is the type of dialogue encountered in the movie Step Brothers and I had to try and explain to my son why he couldn’t watch it although it’s something he’ll absolutely love in ten years because of the slapstick comdey. And that’s the type of audience this movie appeals to, adolescent boys.

This is not a Brady Bunch type of marriage with the step children, apart from small arguments, getting along famously. Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) and Robert (Richard Jenkins) meet at a conference, are instantly attracted and get married. To their marriage, they both bring a son, one who’s 39 and the other is 40. They sons have lived at home all their lives and are complete losers. They act like spoilt teenagers and their parents let them get away with it.

At first I found it hard to reconcile men of these ages acting like some boys half their age. It just didn’t seem right. And there were definitely some very cringe moments like Brennan rubbing his balls on Dale’s drum kit. It’s just so silly that in some parts it’s quite funny and other parts had me cringing.

While I sat there watching it showed me that as a parent I am on the right track with setting up boundaries for my son. Neither of these boys had ever had boundaries set up for them and they and their parents suffered for it.

And then there’s Brennan’s insufferable younger brother, Derek (Adam Scott) who’s an absolute pratt. Although he’s more ‘successful’ in his life with a wife, albeit an unhappy and unsatisfied one, and two children, and wealthy to boot, he’s just not very nice.

I sat through the whole thing, and there were some bits I found myself smiling at. As someone who enjoys singing there was some pretty good singing, and also some very crude singing with their rap video clip.

All in all if you like really crude humour and lots of bodily function jokes, then this movie is for you.

Step Brothers DVD giveaway

And if this movie is for you, then Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have given me one to give away (well they’ll send it to the winner). All you need to do is leave a comment talking about a practical joke you played on your siblings or a time you were on the receiving end of a sibling prank.  I can’t wait to read these.

You’ve got till the end of February, ie midnight 28 February.

The DVD is for playing on Region 4 DVD players which means these countries: Central America, Oceania, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand but my understanding is that some DVD players are region free. What I’m saying in, is you enter and you’re from another country I can’t guarantee the DVDs will work for you (provided you win of course).

Update: Thanks to all who entered. I’ll choose a winner by the end of tomorrow (2 March).


  1. Cheryl says

    I was tired of my brother playing practical jokes with me, so l did one back. I had just recently got engaged and l rang and told him our engagement party had been ‘moved’ to a different venue…l sent him off to a gay bar..and he hasn’t forgiven me..yet :)

  2. sue petrie says

    My daughter for ages wanted to buy me a DVD recorder but I said no so she got a friend to ring saying I had won one and that it would be delivered next day.Sure enough one was delivered it wasn’t until 2weeks later she told me it was a joke me winning one and that she had brought it .I knew as I never win anything big so i thought it was a bit fishy but I didn’t let on I kind of knew I don’t win big costing prizes.

  3. lauralai says

    We went to a market and my brother told me to go and “touch the blue light”. It wasn’t until I was just about to stick my finger on the electric mozzy zapper that my Mum saw me and grabbed me away!

  4. delle says

    I undid the lids on brothers home brew (all 200 of them) while he was away, left them overnight then recapped them. He couldnt work out why his beer was stale!!

  5. hotlips says

    put an ad in the local paper for my brothers home for a Garage Sale starting at 6am on Sunday morning….except he wasnt having a garage sale at all!! Not happy when the people came knocking at 5.30am about the ‘Sale’ he was having!

  6. Chanelle says

    Every Christmas, I located and matched all the chrissy present my sister and I had the same of from the same relative, Then on Christmas morning I would quickly open them and show her what we got. She never needed to open up a chrissy present again. I loved her Sooooooo Much

  7. Ros says

    I left home at 18, thank God for tha,t as I would have turned into a psycho, if I even attempted to stay home, as long as these guys did.
    Very funny movie, I enjoyed it

  8. melissa tewhata says

    me and my single brother were recently at a club, he was at the bar talking to a random chick who looked very interested in him. Thinking it would be a funny joke, i walked up to my brother while holding my mobile to my ear as if i was on the phone. I rudely interupted there conversation. While handing the mobile to my brother i said ” your wifes on the phone” and walked away. Lets just say he didnt find the joke to funny and the random chick walked away

  9. Jessii Maloney says

    Waking up and wondering why people were giggling at breakfast, go to the bathroom to discover that my face was coloured in with a black texta while i slept!

  10. Jimmy Scarff says

    My mother is petrified of spiders so my dad bought a plastic huntsman. He put it on her pillow just before she went to bed and she nearly had a heart attack.

  11. Belinda Bonello says

    It was late at night and while my sister was having a shower I got a black texta and drew huge eyebrows on my face and a bread and then I put a big black sheet over myself, so you could only see my face and I went and hid behind my sister’s door. When she came out of the shower she went in her room and turned the light on and went to shut the door and she saw me behind the door and she wouldn’t stop screaming

  12. Vicky Atkins says

    My brother used to wait till I was in bed and every night for weeks used to crawl in on his hands and knees and jump up in the dark and scare me. I used to lie awake in fear!!!!

  13. Corinne Lasker says

    I laughed anytime my brother or sister got a spanking! (Yeah, back in the day that WAS allowed, and nobody suffered any permanent damage!) It was particularly amusing to peek around the corner watching my brother get his mouth washed out with soap for using “bad” words!!

  14. Jason Carlow says

    I was almost always the victim of my younger brothers escapades and my mum swallowed it every time. God there was payback all the time!

  15. Trajac says

    My brother is quite a lark…
    It was midnight, and very dark
    To the toilet I was busting
    For that relief of an empty bladder lusting
    Sat down on the seat
    Suddenly wet were my feet
    Turning on the light
    My intuition was right
    There on the toilet bowl
    Was a layer of cling wrap from the roll
    So when I went to wee
    It didn’t go in the bowl – but all over me!

  16. roberto colombi says

    When we were younger, I used to pour a a glass of water over my brother’s sheets while he was sleeping. For 10 years all the family (and most importantly himself) thought he was a bed-wetter!

  17. Marie Pohnetalova says

    My sister always used to steal my chocolate – so to get my own back, I bought laxative chocolate knowing that she would eat all of it. I know it was a ‘sh*t’ thing to do, but she never stole my chocolate ever again after that.

  18. Panda says

    My brother got married so we put talcom powder all over the inside of his car. He tried getting back at me by short sheeting my bed. Only problem was that our great aunt, visiting from another state for the wedding, was staying in my room !

  19. KATE JAMES says

    i dont have any siblings but had 3 sons. my youngest son once left an open jar of crushed garlic under his brothers bed. he kept saying his roomed stunk but it took a few days to find the source

  20. Sean Conroy says

    I got my brother really good one day by jumping out of a pile of laundry that had built up. He fell backwards into a seat. But as borthers usually do, he got me back later that night by tapping hard on my bedroom window while I was doing my homework with my back to it. Well he got the surprise of his life when my reflex reaction was to slam my fist through the window. Sixteen stitches later we called it even.

  21. A.J says

    Having an older brother was a daunting task! One night as I lay down my head on my pillow ready for a dream filled night, just as I was getting comfy moving my head side to side as you do, I noticed something catching my hair, oh no! Yes it was bubblegum on my pillow! Not just a little piece but a whole packet chewed just right and spread all across my pillow in a long line, so there were no escapee’s, mum and dad spent the next few hours with goo remover while he lay soundly sleeping!

  22. Julie Krause says

    My brother had a money box which I used to raid all the time, He left a note in there saying $8.35. Well could not help myself I cross out than and put $6.50.
    Then he carry on about it so I went and got him another money box with a pin number, boy is he dumb I had the number and still raid it without him knowing. haha

  23. Diana says

    My baby brother shaved my eyebrow (one only) off when I was asleep. It was game on from then. I started off small by sewing across all of his tracksuit pants, just beneath the knee. Was amusing watching him fall on his face when he hastily tried to dress for work. That night I short sheeted the bed which really was the icing on the cake, after he’d just pee’d all over himself – I’d glad wrapped the toilet bowl so tightly he couldn’t tell, and busting for a leak he let it out & it bounced off the film & sprayed back all over him!! Ha Ha. He’s never played a trick on me again!!!