Lego City helicopter transporter review


We were recently sent a Lego City helicopter transporter to build and review.

It comes in three parts, ie the bike, the helicopter and the truck. JJ started off with the bike.


We received the last lot of Lego to review six months ago and I’ve already noticed a difference in how he was able to read the instructions and follow them pretty much on his own. It was only occasionally that I had to intervene because he got something back to front. He’s nearly eight and a half now.

Once he finished the bike he started on the helicopter.



And then onto the truck.

Lego City Transporter truck

Lego City Transporter Truck

I didn’t get a picture of the finished product because it was in pieces before I managed to do so. Lego is great to build and the instructions are really easy to follow for adults and kids but it’s also really easy to pull apart again.

Planning Queen’s kids built the same thing and she’s offering a giveaway. It would make a great Christmas present.

And for Christmas this year, LEGO has pulled together a website with all the retailers around the country (Australia) that stock the products (all you have to do is enter your postcode). It also recommends suitable gifts based on the ages of the children you are buying for.


  1. says

    I love Lego , this set is beaut.

    Most of our eldest’s lego collection is with my 7.5 yr old nephew at the moment…till the little boys get the idea it can’t be tossed and lost because it hurts Mummy’s feet.

    We have stacks of Duplo though. I can’t wait till they get older and we get our lego back ;)

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    GIFT idea
    #1 Movie vouchers your choice of Goldclass or regular tickets (in booklets of your denomination or split the booklets)…package & wrap it with a packet of Maltesers/Chips and two drink cans.

    #2 Add a babysitting voucher if required (yourself or dob in someone else)

    # Fave Magazine subscription or an Adrenalin gift voucher.