Macro is a bust

I went to my first photography meetup the other day – a macro shoot. I had a Sigma lens I’d bought second hand which I thought would work with my camera and it did, but only when the camera was using 2.8 f stop. Not ideal. So the shots below are using that aperture, and I’ve thrown in a couple of others with my 24-70mm Canon lens too (my favourite lens).

Am trying to do my bit about getting out more to take photos. So much to learn.


Himjei Gardens




Himjei Gardens entrance

Berry good

Bee good







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Rusty and crusty – farm machinery out to pasture

A few weeks ago I had a childfree weekend. I spent it with 20 other women for three nights and it was just what I needed at the time.

These photos have nothing to do with that weekend except that the photo subjects were in the yard of the farm house that we stayed in.

I can’t express how fantastic it was to spend a weekend with some really good mates – no men and no children. If this isn’t something you do – THEN YOU MUST DO IT.



44 gallon drums



Old truck

Old truck

Old truck

Rusted out


Trader truck


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Baseball. A win. Finally.

Adding some images here is all I’m good for at the moment. I’m going through some personal stuff right now and I find that when that’s happening it drains me of energy in other areas of my life except the essential ones.

The photos below are photos I took at JJ’s baseball game the other day. Little did I know when I shot them that this would be his team’s first winning game this season. We were all SO happy for them. He did a great job of pitching by the way. The opposition got no runs off his pitching and he did a great job considering he hasn’t touched a baseball since before Christmas.

I love the focus as he’s pitching.

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

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A few weeks ago we went camping and on a near-ish beach there was this washed up fishing boat which provided some great climbing (for the kids), and photo opportunities.

Just to say how small this world is we were walking along the beach and I could hear someone calling out my son’s name. It turned out that one of his after school carers was sitting on the beach. There’s no hiding from anyone I tell ya!












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I need to take more photos




Interesting flower

These were all taken at the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Yes, the bottom one is a bit phallic don’t you think? Even my son commented on it.

I need to use my camera more. I kind of miss my photo a day, and photo projects since then haven’t inspired me. I’ll say it again. I need to use my camera more. I love the new lens I got, a Canon 17-40mm, so there’s some good inspiration.

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What Flickr updates mean for existing Flickr Pro members

Old Flickr look

As usual with Twitter being a news source for me, I found out that Flickr had redesigned its Photostream look, and also changed the amount of upload you can get for free from 200Mb to 1Tb – which is a lot. I like the new layout too.

New Flickr look

I’ve been a Flickr Pro user since March 2005 – it was one of my first social networks. There used to be a pretty good Flickr community in Adelaide which has now died down a lot. Either that or I’m just not in the loop anymore.

I got a bit confused as I wasn’t sure what these changes meant for existing Pro users and the website wasn’t that much help to me.

Pro users can keep renewing but it doesn’t say at what cost on the Help page. I’ve since found out it’s at the same annual cost of $24.95.Pro users still get unlimited upload and can still view stats for photos.

I can’t see that this option is available to new users at all so I wonder if the Pro options will one day be phased out? And I’m also wondering how many new Flickr users will want the $49.99 annual payment for an ad-free Flickr.

I’m undecided as to whether to keep renewing my Pro account, or just to move to a free account.

How about you? Do you think you’ll stay using Flickr Pro, or move to a free account? And what do you think of the changes?

And if you’re on Flickr and want to connect, please do.