Photo walk trying out the new camera

I had a lovely day last Friday. A day off loomed ahead of me and rather than do what I thought I should do I thought I’d do what I wanted to do, which was take some photos.

I contacted a friend who I met through Flickr a few years ago and have kept in touch with since – mainly online. She asked if I wanted nature or buildings? I chose buildings so off to Semaphore we went as it’s a lovely older area there.

We got lost along the way in Alberton but made it to Semaphore and really began the excursion with a tart and coffee.

I treated myself to a new camera recently – a Sony RX100 M2. Am still negotiating my way around it and this trip highlighted the fact that I should have become better acquainted with it before I went out when it was easier to access my glasses and out of the daytime glare.


I wonder what this building used to be. Its blue doors attracted me. I could hear an electrical hum behind the doors.

What's behind the blue doors?

No I didn’t break in, although I could have peeked couldn’t I?

Lock it

I tried out the very easy to use panorama feature. Well, very easy to use now that I’ve got it right. It’s a lot easier than taking multiple photos and using an app to stitch them together.

Semaphore foreshore


This old fence is being held together by wire that’s been painted. It really needs to be done up as it looked as though you could push it over with your little finger. I hope nobody does.


lattice work

I’m not sure what type of bird this is, but he was just wandering the streets.

Why did the bird cross the road?

Letterboxes are fascinating. This is a homemade one for sure.


Corrugated iron

No trespassing



We arrived at the jetty at fishing o’clock. This group were just a few of the people arriving at about the same time.

Largs jetty - fishing

From Largs Pier

I thought this was a great mosaic of a merman. It wasn’t until I saw his female equivalent on the other side of the building that I realised it also symbolised who the toilets were for. I am sometimes a bit slow.


All up, we had a lovely outing punctuated with food (tarts above) and a delicious lunch at Queenies Store and we didn’t get lost on the way home.

Macro is a bust

I went to my first photography meetup the other day – a macro shoot. I had a Sigma lens I’d bought second hand which I thought would work with my camera and it did, but only when the camera was using 2.8 f stop. Not ideal. So the shots below are using that aperture, and I’ve thrown in a couple of others with my 24-70mm Canon lens too (my favourite lens).

Am trying to do my bit about getting out more to take photos. So much to learn.


Himjei Gardens




Himjei Gardens entrance

Berry good

Bee good







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Rusty and crusty – farm machinery out to pasture

A few weeks ago I had a childfree weekend. I spent it with 20 other women for three nights and it was just what I needed at the time.

These photos have nothing to do with that weekend except that the photo subjects were in the yard of the farm house that we stayed in.

I can’t express how fantastic it was to spend a weekend with some really good mates – no men and no children. If this isn’t something you do – THEN YOU MUST DO IT.



44 gallon drums



Old truck

Old truck

Old truck

Rusted out


Trader truck


For Wordless Wednesday.

Baseball. A win. Finally.

Adding some images here is all I’m good for at the moment. I’m going through some personal stuff right now and I find that when that’s happening it drains me of energy in other areas of my life except the essential ones.

The photos below are photos I took at JJ’s baseball game the other day. Little did I know when I shot them that this would be his team’s first winning game this season. We were all SO happy for them. He did a great job of pitching by the way. The opposition got no runs off his pitching and he did a great job considering he hasn’t touched a baseball since before Christmas.

I love the focus as he’s pitching.

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

The winning game

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A few weeks ago we went camping and on a near-ish beach there was this washed up fishing boat which provided some great climbing (for the kids), and photo opportunities.

Just to say how small this world is we were walking along the beach and I could hear someone calling out my son’s name. It turned out that one of his after school carers was sitting on the beach. There’s no hiding from anyone I tell ya!












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