Buying presents for kids birthdays

My son is nearly five years old and in the last year or so he’s been invited to more birthday parties. This can get quite expensive because you can’t rockup to one of these parties without a birthday present.

In my never ending endeavour to be more organised I’ve decided to buy stuff when I see it on special and I have the perfect avenue for this at my workplace.

Every couple of weeks we get a bunch of stuff delivered for us to browse through and put in a order if we wish. This stuff is a mix of mostly books, but other things also. Today I put in an order for a little girls backpack as I know a couple of little girls who might really like it and their birthdays are coming up in a few months. I also ordered a couple of sticker story books and a cookbook for myself.

These items are usually on special and I like a bargain and I can’t afford to spend a heap of money on kids birthday presents.

So to remember that I have bought these things I’ve got a special page in my diary devoted to a birthday present list. This list either has a present matched to a particular person, or a present matched to a particular age group/gender.

Therefore when a birthday is coming up I can look up this page in my diary and know that I have a present, or not.


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    Great way to do things Jen. It feels so good when you get a bargain, doesn’t it? I’m always looking around for one; and I’m especially on the alert for bargains on kids books for Bella, and now Bastian.