I love chocolate

cadburysA week or so ago I was sent four huge blocks of Cadbury Fairtrade certified chocolate.  The PR company that sent it to me wrote on the note ‘Hope you like chocolate’. Ummm, yes, I love chocolate thank you very very much.

The Fairtrade Organisation’s announcement about Cadbury going Fairtrade says, ‘For cocoa producers in Ghana this is exciting and life changing news as Fairtrade Certification of Cadbury Dairy Milk® will dramatically increase sales of Fairtrade Certified cocoa providing them with the opportunity to grow their businesses and provide a better future for their families and communities. The move will also open up new opportunities for cocoa farmers in other parts of the world, giving even more producers the chance to change their lives and become part of the Fairtrade system.

Until a few weeks ago I’d pretty much lived in ignorance of Fairtrade cocoa. I’d’ heard all about coffee and seen  a great documentary about it (the name escapes me now) but cocoa – not so much.

I’ve since had a look at my local supermarket to see if they stock this, and they do but I can only see the dairy milk type as Fairtrade, not other types but I guess if enough people push for it then it will eventually happen.

Oh, and by the way, I still have some chocolate left and it does taste pretty good. I’ve even shared it!