Dear mum

Dear mum. Day 24/365

We’d had a good night with each other. We ate nachos while watching the last episode of The Amazing Race and then blew rasberries on each other’s bellies and had a really good laugh.

Then it was time for him to go to bed and for some reason I don’t even really remember we had an argument. It can all go downhill so quickly.

I went out to the lounge and noticed he’d turned on the glitter lamp. I looked closer at the glitter lamp and saw the note there.

It said, ‘Dear mum thank you for all the presents that you gave to me and thank you for having me.’ On the back it’s got, ‘I love you mum from JJ.’ I’ve edited to correct spelling mistakes.

I went into his bedroom and he was upset that I’d been cross at him. I thanked him for the note, told him it was lovely and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

I’m glad this week of work is over. He’s on school holidays but because I have to work he’s been in vacation care so I’ve been starting a bit earlier at work to make up some time. This makes the mornings very rushed even though I do as much to prepare the night before as I can. We only have three more mornings like this then we’re both on three weeks holiday. I can’t wait.

I love you JJ.


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    What a sweet child. He is indeed grateful, one thing I can say… You are doing a great job! For me, raising a child is a work of art that needs passion and dedication.

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    Ohhhh, this is too wonderful Jen. I’m actually teary reading it. That’s a note that you will keep FOREVER. Sweet boy….Happy New Year to you and JJ. Love, Joy