Turn Google reader shared items into blogroll

A while back I wrote about how Google Reader can save you time and give you a kickass dynamic blogroll. It still can, and now you can have a normal blogroll based on your feed subscriptions.

Google have a 20% rule which I’d heard about at the Web Directions conference. This means that 20% of each employee’s time can be used to do things that aren’t necessarily in their job description. As mentioned at Web Directions in The Myths of Innovation, this can be a great way to innovate.  This is exactly what one employee has done and I’m sure it will be a feature that is readily adopted. Take note employers, the 20% rule sounds like a good one, both for the company and for employee morale.

A few months ago I manually created a blogroll based on my subscriptions and it took ages so I’m really glad to hear about this new feature.

I use Google Reader so I went to have a look at the new feature and would have done a show and tell, but I need to tidy up my feed subscriptions first as I have some in there that are inactive feeds to blogs.  This will give me the impetus to do that and I will report back.


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    I cleaned my feeds out on the weekend for the very same purpose. I was brutal and had a good clean out. I just haven’t gotten around to doing the blogroll bit yet.