Fingers crossed – no gastro

I visited my family last weekend who live about two hours away. My nephew was just recovering from gastro, then the morning I was leaving, my niece came down with it. She was banished to her room to rest and she’s got to be the worst patient I’ve ever come across – not that I’ve dealt with that many. She was obviously sick but she kept complaining and of course there was nothing my sister could really do for her apart from keeping her stocked up with lemonade. It’s four days after that and Jaycee Junior and myself are still ok – so fingers crossed.

I’ve got a party to go to this weekend and more times than I care to remember I’ve had to cancel going to a social engagement because myself or my son were sick. Also the last big party I went to I shouldn’t have really gone because I was sick.

So as my nana used to say, ‘cross your fingers and spit’. I’d better not do that inside, but am doing it mentally.