Killer titles

Last week I participated in Problogger’s killer title group writing project. Participating in things like this gets me thinking outside the square a bit with content and also enables me to find some other blogs I might otherwise not have encountered.

I was pretty quick off the mark with getting my post up as it was one I’d been thinking about anyway. It was the Twitter and Plurk get Pinged post.

As Problogger is so popular there is no way I was able to get to all of the posts so the ones I’m linking to were posted on the first day of the project. Being one of the first certainly momentarily boosted my traffic and it was fun to do.

These four posts are the ones I found from that first day that caught my eye:

Other thoughts about this group writing project:

  • Read the rules. If you’re asked to submit a new post do so. Don’t submit an old one. That’s not getting into the spirit, or am I too much of a rules police?
  • If you’re asked to link directly to the post you’re talking about then do so. Don’t link to the main page of your website. I haven’t got the time to scroll down and find what you’ve posted one week after the project’s finished.
  • On a more personal note, for a killer titles project I’m not really interested in a how to do this or how to do that type title. Try to think a bit more creatively to capture that attention as that was the whole point of the exercise.