It’s Australia Day

A week or so ago after we walked through the Festival Centre Plaza in Adelaide we made our way down to the banks of the River Torrens and hired a paddleboat for half an hour. I haven’t done this for a long time and JJ has never done it.

The swans are very friendly, probably because lots of people take food to feed them. They were disappointed with us, however, as we had no food.

Paddle boating

If you’re not paddle boating on the Torrens you can go on one of the Popeye’s for an hour’s cruise.


It was a lovely day and Adelaide can look quite pretty and inviting sometimes. This is looking towards the Festival Centre.

View of Adelaide from River Torrens

It’s Australia Day today which means a public holiday for most people. I’ve made some lamingtons – a traditional Australian cake (my first ever batch) and we’re off to an Australia day barbeque later. Tomorrow is my first day back at work after nearly seven weeks. Sob.

Tourist in my own town

Water fountain

We are in the middle of our holidays and in full holiday mode. We’ve had time to relax, Christmas and New Year are now over and all we really have to worry about is hot weather. As we are now at the beginning of yet another heatwave – we have three days of 41 degrees coming up – I thought we’d better get out and about before this hot weather hits.

So the other day we headed off into town on the tram to have some lunch and browse around the art gallery and the museum to get some cultcha you know, and to drag the child away from his DSi.

Art Gallery of South Australia

As soon as we walked into the first gallery in the art gallery JJ informed me that he was quite bored and asked when we were leaving. The colonial art didn’t really interest me – I’ve discovered I’m more of a modern art girl. Although I did start a bit of a game to try and find the oldest piece of art and we found some from Italy that was about 600 years old which I found interesting too.

I therefore didn’t bother paying to see the John Brack exhibition as it wouldn’t have been worth my while with a whingy guts hanging off me telling me he was bored every minute.

In the museum we had to trek all the way up the stairs to see the top of the giant squid but didn’t spend that long in the museum either.

I managed to get some photos along North Terrace.

North Terrace

Water sculpture

Water sculpture

After a milkshake I was allowed to go to an op-shop to get my fix while closing my ears to every other complaint that he managed to come up with.

On the tram on the way home he somehow managed to work into a conversation with two German woman about how old I am. One of them told him that her mum is 95. After we got off the tram I explained that it’s not the done thing to just blurt out how old your mum is. He couldn’t work out why it was okay to say someone’s mum is 95, but not talk about my age. I tried to explain that if you make it to 95 then you deserve bragging rights but if you’re only in the middle of your life then there’s not too much to say about it really.

To get some piece and quiet from all the questions I flaked in front of the tv and let him play his DSi for a while when we got home.