Video on the Sony Ericsson C902 phone

Further to my initial thoughts about the Sony Ericsson phone I’m trying out I’ve been keen to try its photo capabilities. Instead I got sidetracked by the video option and above are the results. I also got the tiniest bit creative using Nero.

It’s dead easy to transfer files from the phone to my computer. I just hooked up the USB cable supplied, everything was recognised and I just copied files using Windows explorer. I am only using the phone’s internal memory as this phone uses a different type of memory card than the mini SD card that my Nokia uses. I presume it would all still be pretty easy though.

I also created myself a Vimeo account to upload the video to. I’ve been impressed with other movies I’ve watched that are on this website and I thought I’d compare it with YouTube. If I’d put this on YouTube the quality would probably be the same, but I must say it was a damn site easier to embed the Vimeo video on this blog than using the YouTube embed code which always seemed to break my layout.

I should do more of this, that is take little videos of the everyday, and it’s so easy to do these days with devices like this. Now, if only I could remember that I have this camera and video capability in my handbag I’d use it more often. I also wish I’d remember to do these things when there’s more natural light because this video is a bit dark.

I’ve had the phone now for two-three weeks now and apart from a dead reception zone in my kitchen (not the phone’s fault as it’s happened with other phones I’ve had) it’s served me well. If I could pick on anything it would be that the letters on the keypad are a bit small and not all completely backlit so they can be a bit hard to see, especially for eyes that aren’t as young as they used to be.


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    JJ is too cute – so easy to make memories to look back on.
    I wish I’d remembered to make more video footage of my boys.

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    Trish, yes he is cute. Well he was there. Wish I could say the same thing this morning after he’d obviously got out of bed on the wrong side and nothing I did was right!

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    Nice vid, Jen. You’re right – it’s dead handy having a camera, video recorder and phone all in one. I must pay more attention to these ‘extras’ myself. Great performance from JJ too – a future in entertainment could be on the cards!

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    Rory I think you’re right. JJ is a natural performer. Hopefully shows like Big Brother aren’t around when he’s old enough!