TV shows

I’ve been sent a bunch of DVDs of TV shows to review for a new website called EntertainMe.

The DVDs I was sent were Cashmere Mafia, Mad About You, Diff’rent Strokes, I Dream of Jeannie, and The Ellen Show. There’s a good mix of more recent shows and some golden oldies. Who doesn’t love I Dream of Jeannie? I’ve been watching The Ellen Show which I never saw when it was on TV and look forward to watching the rest soon, particularly as the summer silly TV season starts.

The EntertainMe website is a part of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and only includes TV shows and movies from this company. I don’t know if there are any plans to include Playstation games which would be great as we’ve got a Playstation 2 that ‘someone’ in my household is much better at than me.

I would like to be able to browse through TV shows and movies separately on the website but the only way to find titles is to search or browse by category like action, comedy etc.

There are other shows available like Get Smart, Bewitched and movies like St Trinian’s and On the Waterfront.

The website does have a bunch of competitions you can enter to win free stuff, and who doesn’t like to win things?

Unfortunately I can’t give away any of these DVDs this time but I’m hoping to get some that I can give away another time.