Step Brothers DVD winner

With a very slow start to this competition, it really revved up at the end and there were 25 comments. To win a copy of the Step Brothers DVD the idea was to talk about a practical joke you played on your siblings or a time you were on the receiving end of a sibling prank.

Sibling pranks really highlights how mean we can be to people, particularly our brothers and sisters and growing up with two sisters I can say that sometimes they deserve to have pranks played on them. The most I remember doing was lying in wait to scare one of my sisters – nothing too out there.

Some of the commenters had doozies, eg, advertising a garage sale with a 6.00am start, destroying the home brew (ouch), no christmas without a clean room (wonder if I could use that one), covering the toilet seat with gladwrap, texta while sleeping – you get the idea.

So, to the winner: I chose Cheryl for sending her brother to a gay venue saying it was her engagement venue. This was to get him back for playing lots of practical jokes on her. I’ll email Cheryl so she can claim her prize.

Thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for this competition prize, and thanks to everyone else for entering. To hear about more giveaways that crop up here, please subscribe in a feed reader so you’ll be notified.


  1. Cheryl says

    Thank you for choosing me as the winner! Boy there is some evil in some of us lol..It was a fun comp and l enjoyed reading the posts.
    Thank you for a fun comp!
    Cheryl xx