Sound of Music 45th anniversary keepsake

Sound of Music 45th anniversary gift set

The Sound of Music film has been around just that bit longer than I have and I remember watching the film a few times when I was growing up and probably a few more times since.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the film and to celebrate  a gift set has been released.

It contains:

  • A hardcover book ‘The Sound of Music’ A few of our favourite things
  • Hand painted My Favourite Things music box
  • Reprint of the 1965 theatrical souvenir book
  • Snapshots from Salzburg
  • Official letter of authenticity
  • 3 discs:
    • a Blu-ray disc with film and special features
    • a Blu-ray disc with additional special features
    • a DVD feature film and special features


Unfortunately I don’t have a blu-ray player so couldn’t look at two of the discs but we did have a look at the DVD. The special features on the DVD contain the songs from the movie with the words so you can sing along to the soundtrack. I did some Favourite Things while trying to get JJ to sing along with me but he doesn’t know the melody even though he’s watched the movie before.

It retails for around AU$60 and if you’ve got someone particularly hard to buy for Christmas it would be the ideal gift, so long as they have a blu-ray player.

I’ve got mine earmarked for a friend who LOVES The Sound of Music – I reckon she’ll love it.