Sony Ericsson phone C902 – first thoughts

Sony Ericsson C902 phoneI was recently approached to try out a new mobile phone by Sony Ericsson. I can keep the phone for a couple of months, write about it as little or as much as I want and if I want to keep it, pay some money which will go to a charity. Pity this offer didn’t come my way about eight months ago when I actually needed a new phone.

After sorting out a few details I received the phone by courier very promptly. It’s described as luscious red and it’s a bit bigger than my current Nokia but that’s probably because of the camera. It’s got a 5 megapixel camera which I think is even more than my first digital camera. If you ever do get one of these phones – make sure you take the protective plastic sticker off the front otherwise you won’t easily slide open the camera to take photos. It took me far too long to figure this out. I wasn’t alone in this.

I’ve never been a SIM card swapper but it was easy to use my existing SIM card and put it in this phone and get it up and running so I’ve temporarily retired my Nokia to try this one out.

I’ve spent some time working out initial settings like the date and time and how to send texts. I’m not a predictive text fan and this was the default so I worked out how to turn that off and now it’s quite easy. The menu is pretty intuitive and I haven’t had to look at the manual too much. I did get a bit stuck on changing the ring tone. I’m used to changing everything I want within the profile itself, but this has menus across the top where you can select different settings for various profiles. Now I know where these settings are, it’s easy.

I’ve taken a couple of shots with the camera but have not had the chance to upload them to my computer and see the quality close up. I do like the idea of having a reasonable camera within a mobile phone though so I’m keen to have a look. Stay tuned!


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    lol on the protective sticker!! Isn’t it funny what is default on some phones and what you resultantly get used to.

    So, how hard is it to upload the photos to your computer – is it bluetooth enabled or does it have a picture card?

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    Jeanie, I haven’t yet uploaded photos to my computer. The phone is bluetooth enabled. And it does have the facility for a memory card, although I don’t have one and it uses a different one to my current phone. It does have 160Mb internal memory which I’m using at present. My next post I’ll talk more about the photo aspect of the phone.

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    Glad you like it, Jen. I’ll be sure to keep the sticker issue in mind for future users – it’s a good point ; ).


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    Yes Rory, I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I think a little note somewhere saying that the camera won’t work without the sticker being removed might be good – or something on the sticker itself?

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    Hi Jen

    You can use the cable included in the phone package to connect your phone to your computer via USB.

    You can then access your phone like a removable USB drive and download photos straight from the 160mb internal memory

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    Thanks Neerav. I’ll give both the USB and bluetooth a go I reckon but I know USB transfer is quicker than bluetooth, and quite a bit easier to setup. Cheers.