Photos with the C902 phone

For a mobile phone camera there’s quite a few features on this camera that I’m used to on cameras alone. There are numerous settings like portrait, sport, beach/snow, document etc. There’s also options to shoot panorama shots and one of my favourites – best picture.

If you choose this setting the camera takes about seven pictures within very quick succession and you get to choose the best one. I haven’t used it heaps but it’s useful in some situations.

I used it to take a photo of JJ kicking some dry leaves.

Playing with autumn leaves

I also had the phone/camera on this setting when JJ took a photo of me.


The phone also has a panorama setting which I don’t know how to use properly, but here’s an attempt at using it.

It also has this feature where a frame is added automatically. Here’s Mona Monty bored of me taking her photo – yet again.