My last week in photos

I’ve been taking more photos with the Sony Ericsson C902 phone. I’m finding it more and more handy to use this rather than lugging a camera around as well. Because the phone is on all the time, it’s a matter of getting the phone out my bag, sliding open the little thingy, lining up the shot and taking it.

Here’s a few photos from the last week or so.

This is a flower that JJ made for me at school. He must have been distracted because it’s not quite finished. I thought it was really cute so rather than it get lost in all the other gear he brings home, it’s taking pride of place at my work.

Flower from my son

Here’s my boy before we head off for school and for work. He could be telling me that he will be good at school today. In fact one morning we were sitting down eating breakfast and he told me how his teacher would be astonished at how good he was going to be this day. I think he was too. Things are improving on the behaviour front.

Good morning

The other day we went into the Womens and Childrens Hospital because my niece is in there with glandular fever and goodness knows what else. She’s having all sorts of tests at the moment and what was supposed to be a few days in hospital has turned into a few days more. We were going to visit her today but my sister’s said she’s not really up to visitors.

When we saw her the other day I had JJ with me and he said to her that he’d be able to tease her now because she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. She’s teased him a lot in the past and he wanted to get his own back. We didn’t stay for very long because she was in a lot of pain and it’s not easy visiting anyone with JJ because he understandably gets bored really easily.

After we left the hospital we had a bit of time to kill before meeting a friend so we went to a nearby park where a huge moreton bay tree (I think that’s what they’re called) was and it was begging to be climbed. This is what JJ did and I captured a few shots.

Tree climbing

Watch what you're doing

King of the castle

Yesterday we went to a friend’s exhibition opening at Fox Creek Winery. He’s got some great photos exhibiting there, and I had some good wine to accompany viewing them.

I turned around at one stage while standing out the front and saw the sun behind some clouds with its rays shining through. I’m not religious but the sun behind the clouds like this is quite biblical to me.

Sunset at Fox Creek


  1. says

    Oh Moreton Bay Figs are absolutely magical, aren’t they? My sister, who is a photographer, did a great shoot with ‘Salina and her cousin when they were not yet 1 around a Moreton Bay Fig!

    I do hope that JJ can surprise his teacher most days – we are working on surprising ‘Salina’s with concentration issues being a priority this week.

  2. says

    I think Moreton Bay Figs are as close as we’ll get to the Magic Faraway Tree!

    There’s 2 more weeks of term here, hopefully they’re good ones for JJ, and for Salina. Fingers crossed ey?