How to pose for photos without showing your double chin

There’s a lot of very unflattering photos of me out there and I’ve complained for ages that I wish I knew how to pose when my photo’s being taken so I don’t look like I have three chins. I’ve finally found the answer in the form of an Australian website called The Pefect Pose. It has examples in the form of videos and written tips, and then it’s just a matter of practise practise practise.

I wish I had found it before I posed for my driver’s licence recently. The photo isn’t too bad but I could have done better and now I’m stuck with it for the next ten years!

Back to the website. Armed with the section on how to place your chin, I setup my camera on the tripod and snapped away. This was about the pick of the bunch.

Please note the lovely ‘dress’ I’m wearing – or should I say frock. It’s a recent op-shop find. I particularly love the collar.


I’ve still got the tripod setup so I’m going to have a go at a self-portrait more often to practise the standing poses.

It’s hard work placing your face so you don’t look like a stunned axe murderer which is what some of my photos looked like (mind you I was watching Desperate Housewives at the same time – talk about multi-tasking). If I wasn’t so embarrassed I’d show you an example but you’ll just have to imagine.

Disclaimer: I was told about the Perfect Pose website by a PR agency and if I write about it, myself or one of my readers get a $50 voucher to spend on buying clothes and because clothes are my weakness I’m going to keep this one for myself. Two blog writers I’ve come across aren’t so greedy. See Mummified times five and That’s Noice for $50 clothes voucher giveaways from Ezibuy.


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    It’s it funny how everyone always hates pictures of themselves..but others think you look pretty good.

    Thanks for the linky, you’ll have to show off what you buy with your new poses :)

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    I hate pictures of myself because I always have a double chin. Angle is indeed important. When I’m 60, I’m sure I won’t think that I look bad.

    Thanks Heather

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      Heather, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get the angle thing in photos. Thanks for dropping by.

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    Wow that is so true, I don’t know what it is about taking pictures that adds to the double chin..but man I don’t like that either. I was looking at my last xmas pictures and couldn’t believe the double chin I was seeing in my pics that I never really noticed before.

    So yeah I found that if you kinda pull your head back and extend your neck while the camera is being snapped, that you will like the way your neck looks.