Christmas giveaway – Complete second season of Mad About You

First of all, thanks to the people who entered my last giveaway. You all had a great chance of winning! My sophisticated prize winning picking system (ie my son) decreed that commenter number 1, ie Trish is the winner. Trish, please email me with an address to send the DVD to.

Now for the last lot of DVD giveaways. Thanks to EntertainmeTV I’ve got the complete second season (three discs) of Mad About You to giveaway.

It’s about Greenwich Village newlyweds Jamie and Paul Buchman (Academy Award winner Helen Hunt [Best Actress, As Good As It Gets, 1998] and Paul Reiser) reach new heights of hilarity and neurosis in the second season of this Emmy Award-winning comedy series. With lovable characters in both achingly real and hilariously unreal situations, this smartly written sitcom showcases a Manhattan couple trying their hardest to keep love alive in the midst of all the mad, mad, mad, mad, madness that modern marriage can bring! Read some reviews.

I remember watching this fairly religiously when it was on television and really enjoyed it. Word is that this second season is a lot better than the first and it won’t matter if you haven’t seen the first season. You’ll get the idea.

To win this two DVD set, just leave a comment below. This closes next Monday evening (22 December) at 11.55pm my time. Check out here for your time.

The DVDs are for playing on Region 4 DVD players which means these countries: Central America, Oceania, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand but my understanding is that some DVD players are region free. What I’m saying in, is you enter and you’re from another country I can’t guarantee the DVDs will work for you (provided you win of course).


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    Congrats Jen – and I will spread the word again for you because it really is a great idea.

    By the way – a little award at mine for you.