Full-on holiday mode

As my holidays roll into their fourth week I’m finally properly relaxing. It’s been quite warm here,  and in fact the heatwave has been replaced by rain and humidity so swimming lessons this morning will be wetter than normal.

On Saturday I’d arranged to visit some friends who live about an hour down the coast. Some other mutual friends had also made similar arrangements so we all converged at their place early Saturday afternoon.

After a lovely lunch we spent about four hours at the beach and I had my first boogie boarding experience and I can’t wait to get more. I bought my son a boogie board for Christmas and he actually let me borrow it a bit.

Middleton beach

Not sure what this look is all about but it’s the only photo like this that I took which is a lesson in taking more photos of the same thing!

By the time we got back at 7pm and had dinner it was getting quite late so my plans of driving the hour home were thrown out the window and I sat back, relaxed some more and spent the night there (along with all the others). Bless my friends for being so accommodating.

Tourist in my own town

Water fountain

We are in the middle of our holidays and in full holiday mode. We’ve had time to relax, Christmas and New Year are now over and all we really have to worry about is hot weather. As we are now at the beginning of yet another heatwave – we have three days of 41 degrees coming up – I thought we’d better get out and about before this hot weather hits.

So the other day we headed off into town on the tram to have some lunch and browse around the art gallery and the museum to get some cultcha you know, and to drag the child away from his DSi.

Art Gallery of South Australia

As soon as we walked into the first gallery in the art gallery JJ informed me that he was quite bored and asked when we were leaving. The colonial art didn’t really interest me – I’ve discovered I’m more of a modern art girl. Although I did start a bit of a game to try and find the oldest piece of art and we found some from Italy that was about 600 years old which I found interesting too.

I therefore didn’t bother paying to see the John Brack exhibition as it wouldn’t have been worth my while with a whingy guts hanging off me telling me he was bored every minute.

In the museum we had to trek all the way up the stairs to see the top of the giant squid but didn’t spend that long in the museum either.

I managed to get some photos along North Terrace.

North Terrace

Water sculpture

Water sculpture

After a milkshake I was allowed to go to an op-shop to get my fix while closing my ears to every other complaint that he managed to come up with.

On the tram on the way home he somehow managed to work into a conversation with two German woman about how old I am. One of them told him that her mum is 95. After we got off the tram I explained that it’s not the done thing to just blurt out how old your mum is. He couldn’t work out why it was okay to say someone’s mum is 95, but not talk about my age. I tried to explain that if you make it to 95 then you deserve bragging rights but if you’re only in the middle of your life then there’s not too much to say about it really.

To get some piece and quiet from all the questions I flaked in front of the tv and let him play his DSi for a while when we got home.

Lego Land

Tree people guarding the fortress

Yesterday JJ had a friend over after swimming in the morning. They were glued to the Nintendo DS’s for too long until I made them turn them off, and put a box of Lego in the back room so they could make something.

They occupied themselves for at least an hour and would have continued but JJ’s mate’s mum came to pick him up. The Lego is still out there ready to be added to or whatever.

Not sure that the tree person at the top of the castle is part of Lego but he was in the box so he features. He looks like he’s the king of the castle.

Afternoon at the beach

West beach

Just to get out of the house yesterday we went to the beach. This served three purposes in addition to getting out of the house:

  1. Exercise the kid
  2. Exercise the dog
  3. Take some photos

Jules at beach

Apart from calling my dog Monty (as is her name) I also call her Lady Monty. Note the crossed paws at the front. She is wet but not because she swam with us but because she’d go into the water to follow us then the slightest wave would break and she would be off to go and roll in the sand.

Monty resting at beach

While I’ve got some time to take photos and then blog about them my 2010 affirmation of taking more photos is absolutely fine. The proof in the pudding will be when I go back to work and the daily routine starts up again.


He helped make them

JJ got a cook book for Christmas and today we tried a recipe for cupcakes from it. I got him to read out the ingredients to me and he got them out of the cupboard. Again, I made him look for the labels of the ingredients as it’s really easy to get someone else to do it for you.

With only a mishap of spilling the sugar all over the floor, the sugar that I’d forgotten to put into the mixture the cakes were cooked.

I’ve only got blue and red food colouring so JJ said I could make purple if I wanted as that’s my favourite colour. Bless him. It wasn’t quite enough to cover all the cakes but I don’t mind if I give those ones a miss and let JJ eat them.

That new year malarkey

As I catch up on blogs that I read in the last week or so I’ve been seeing lots about what happened in 2009 (a usually crap year for a lot of people) and what they hope for 2010. As writing stuff down here is a handy place that I can refer back to I went back to January of 2009 to see what I hoped 2009 would be for me but I’d written bugger all. Maybe that’s why bugger all happened? I don’t know.

What do I hope for 2010? Apart from being more successful in the going out on dates/relationship stakes there’s nothing much that I’ve hoped for yet, but the bringing in of the new year is  a time to reflect on such matters.

But reflection doesn’t necessarily come back with any answers? Perhaps if I spent more time doing stuff, and less time reflecting, then more might happen. Funny that!

One thing I did yesterday which I’ve never done in my life, was to fire a gun. Mind you it was an air rifle. I had one go and got the target and handed the rifle back. I was asked if I wanted another go and I said yes, and hit the target again. Don’t know how I can put my steady hand and good eye to work. That, however, was not even in my mind as something I wanted to ever do.

Going back to doing things instead of just thinking about them. Perhaps keeping an eye out for a short course in something non-work related? Playing more ukulele, you know, practising because it’s people like this kid that really puts me to shame.

I’d also like to do more with photography. The one photo a day idea I absolutely love but I don’t want to be stressed out by committing to such a project. So I should stop thinking about it and just do it. Hmmm.

My other resolve is to be open to new opportunities – looking out for them and taking new opportunities up if they present themselves.

2010 will also be the year I start planning our three month overseas holiday for 2011. Countries like England, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, St Lucia are on the cards. I plan to take long service leave from work and take JJ out of school for a term – maybe longer. Not sure yet.

How about you? Any great plans for 2010? Do you bother with that stuff?


As I mentioned in a recent post I haven’t had a boyfriend for some time. Being a sole parent for the last nine years including my pregnancy has made it that bit harder to get out there and meet someone that’s for sure. I also mentioned that I recently did put myself out there and meet someone to only have them tell me they  ‘ just want to be friends’.

I remember when we were chatting prior to the ‘friends’ talk and I was quite honest with him about my feelings, ie how I felt comfortable with him and that I really liked him. At the time I’d put all my vulnerabilities aside to bare my soul to him and that was quite tough. He’d told me that he really liked me as well and then to come back and say that he just wanted to be friends was like a real kick in the guts. Nearly three weeks later it still hurts because I can’t figure out why the complete turnaround on his part. I may never know either.

I’ve thought a lot about it in these three weeks and wondered why it’s affected me so much. I wonder if it was because I bared my feelings to him – something I’ve not done for a very long time. I think as people we hide our vulnerabilities because they are really bloody hard to talk about. To be vulnerable is to be susceptible to physical or emotional injury and that’s hard to deal with. Who wants to be hurt?

But then to be hurt is part of being human. In my more logical thinking meeting this guy enabled me to hop back on the bike as it were and to feel like a woman, albeit very briefly. I’ve labelled him my stepping stone to something much better. Sometimes it’s hard to get past the feeling rejected phase though, but get past it I must.

I’ve never said this on this website, I’ve hinted at it, but I’ve never said it out loud. I would like to meet a man and fall in love with him as he falls in love with me. Someone that when he and I meet and get to know each other we will both know that we were meant to be together as lovers and partners. There. I’ve said it. It’s written down for prosperity now.

I want to put myself out there. It might make me vulnerable to being hurt again, but that’s all a learning experience right? Even writing it down here is a bit weird for me but maybe if I shout it to the rooftops someone that knows me and knows my future mate might introduce us someday because they know what I desire?

PS: Ms Single Mama has prompted me to write the above.