Life’s a beach

At the beach. Day 54/365.

For some time at the beginning of our summer it was pretty awful weather here, ie too cool for summer but lately it’s finally warmed up. The Surfer lives pretty close to the beach so we often stay at his ‘beach pad’ and head down to the beach for a swim.

The water, along with the weather, has finally warmed up too so it’s been beautiful to get in without taking forever and a day because it’s too cold.

Monty has been coming to the beach with us and has been pretty good at staying around the shore while we’re in the water and keeping an eye on us. She won’t come in when there’s any hint of swell which there is where we go swimming.

I was remarking the other day how she’d been really good and not barked at us while we were in the water as she used to do but guess what she did not two minutes after I said that? It may have been because of the other dog nearby who was also barking.

Boogie boards. Day 60/365.

The photo above is after boogie boarding at the beach last Friday. The water was really strong and rough and we got sandblasted when getting out because of the wind. It wasn’t very pleasant. JJ manages to handle himself pretty well in the surf even when we accidentally got caught up in a bunch of surfers because we drifted over too far. We’d gone so far that Monty was about 50m down the beach looking out for us and we were nowhere near her after our drift.

It’s Australia Day tomorrow and I’ve got four days off after that before I have to get back to work so I’m looking forward to more swimming.

Holidays over

Jules with Squirt the whale. Day 51/365.

I am back at work as of this week. Last week was lovely though as we didn’t have any commitments and just spent the days relaxing and doing little bits and pieces.

We went to the pool with some friends one warm afternoon, we saw the movie Gulliver’s Travels. We slept in, we stayed up late. It was just lovely.

One of my favorite pasttimes. Day 53/365.

I even managed to get some shopping in. The Surfer took the boys to a golf driving range and I took his daughter shopping as she had some Christmas money burning a big hole in her pocket. We went to the local shopping centre first where she spent most of it.

We then went to the op shop and she had about three dollars left. She chose a couple of things and when I looked at the price, one item was $18. I wouldn’t have minded putting a few bucks in for her but I said that she didn’t have enough money and she’d have to put that one back. It was a bit of a lesson in budgetting for her. She bought a necklace and I think I put in about a dollar to make up what she didn’t have.

At least I have the next bit of time off to look forward to. We’re going away with another family to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria in about a month’s time. Hopefully the rain and flooding has stopped there by then. I can’t believe how much flooding has been happening in Australia this year. Luckily in South Australia we’ve been pretty lucky. Some places near the Murray River will get some water but I’m not sure how much yet.

Monty – the star

Monty girl. Day 52/365.

Monty was my star for my photo of the day the other day as I realised I hadn’t taken any photos until early evening. She posed very nicely for me too. Thanks Monty.

Last week after we’d spent a few nights at a friend’s place housesitting for them we met up with The Surfer and his kids at a caravan park where they’d been camping with friends. Monty wasn’t allowed so I took her back to The Surfer’s place not too far away where his parents had agreed to feed her.

They ended up staying with her and staying overnight too. It was a hot day so they let her inside into the cool – afterall she’s as old as they are in dog years and probably feels the heat a bit too.

They even gave her a cheese sandwich in the morning. When she turned her nose up at that The Surfer’s mum took the top piece of bread off so Monty could smell the cheese and then eat it. Not sure if she ate the bread or not.

It was so lovely of them to stay away from their house for the night to do it. She could have stayed at their house but they were a bit worried about the garden apparently.

Monty’s had beach walks the last two days and she even went in for a swim this morning, albeit unwillingly. She doesn’t like any hint of swell so will stand on the shore looking out for us. The Surfer carried her in and she didn’t like it at first but the look of resignation on her face was priceless as she was carried past me. She wasn’t too traumatised and loved the roll in the sand afterwards.

Monty at the beach. Day 35/365.

Frocked up

Frocked up. Day 47/365.

I can scrub up pretty good I reckon. This outfit was for a 70s themed night I helped organise and attended the other night. It was an absolute blast.

Still on Safari and not long into Day 48/365.

I think The Surfer was a bit surprised here. Not sure how to attribute the expression on his face!

There’s loads more groovy outfits over on this website. It’s one I’m updating and will be adding more photos over the coming weeks as I get around to it.


Do we need a Noah’s Ark here, or in Queensland to be exact? Just about everything in my life seems frivolous right now as I read more and more about the flooding in Queensland. I read yesterday that the areas flooded equals five times of Great Britain. I can’t find that now but it’s a bloody large area. And the flooding in Brisbane hasn’t reached its peak apparently.

Mother Nature is a fickle beast isn’t she? If it’s not devastating bushfires it’s floods, or something else. We’ve had devastating droughts in a lot of areas and now it’s turned to the other extreme. A happy medium would be good.

I watched this video yesterday of a flash flood in Toowoomba. It shows just how quickly it can all happen.

This Crikey webpage is being updated with latest news.

This webpage is also being regularly updated and has loads of information for all concerned, including how you can help.

In the meantime, fingers crossed that there’s no more casualties.



You would think being on holidays and not away on those holidays that you would have more time to do things like blogging but that hasn’t been the case for me.

I guess by the time I’ve split my time between The Surfer’s place, mine and a housesitting gig last week I haven’t really been home that much and therefore haven’t had much in front of computer time.

I love that it’s finally a bit warmer and I don’t have to worry about being cold in the evening although there’s a downside to that when you’re trying to sleep in the Kombi on a hot night. Let’s just say due to the cramped and close conditions and the mosquito I didn’t get much sleep that night.

Cockling on Goolwa Beach. Day  42/365.

I still, however, have managed to continue with my Photo a Day project and have been receiving some great feedback about it. I’m really enjoying it and love some of the photos I’ve been using for it, especially the one below.

Plant life at Aldinga Beach. Day 45/365.

This was taken using the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone, the main photo app I’ve used so far for my photo per day. This particular photo (above) used the Salvador 84 lens and the Kodot XGrizzled film. Purchasing additional lenses etc has been my guilty pleasure, and luckily a not too expensive one but I love the effects they produce. I think the photo above could be a print that I would put in my house.

I’m on my last week of holidays and got part way through my to-do list today. It was interrupted with an invitation to the swimming pool which we took up. After all, what are holidays for if not going for a swim on a hot day.

A rare moment. Day 44/365.

The photo above was taken last week when we were at Port Elliott. My girlfriend took the photo and I love it because I’m not in many photos with my son – the perils of being the usual photographer!

Now it’s 2011

Merry Christmas. Day 33/365.

Even though I’ve had the last week off I haven’t had much time to write here. I’ve been busy socialising and cleaning out kitchen cupboards. What an achievement, being able to open my plastics cupboard without taking a deep breath every time because something is bound to fall out.

Taking a little step back, we had a lovely christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with The Surfer’s kids and his parents and worked out that we needed to save some presents to open in the morning. This was the year that JJ finally admitted that he knows I have been Santa so I don’t need to try and keep up that pretence any longer. I was never any good at remembering what Santa gave him or what I gave him so it’s quite a relief.

After we dropped the kids off at their mum’s we proceeded to my sister’s place in the Kombi and spent two days there. It was the first time The Surfer has met my sister and it all went very well.

Mark and me, Christmas Day

It was nice to finally relax after the big buildup to Christmas and apart from cleaning out cupboards that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since.

Resting in the Kombi

I’ve still got two weeks of my holidays left and plan to make the most of them by going away and relaxing some more.

I’ll be out of action here for another week or so. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a fantastic year in 2011.