Date day

At the cinema. Day 178/365.

Friday, 20 May 2011, Day 178/365.

Every second Friday The Surfer has a day off work and because I’ve not worked on Fridays for a long time we’ve made this our date day when the kids are all at school.

I really enjoy the time I get to spend with him without anyone else around and because I’m a full-time mum, I nearly always have my son around. His kids are with his ex half the time.

Last Friday we went to see a movie, ‘The Source Code’. I still don’t quite think I get it but at least it made us think and debate it after we finished watching it. So many other movies we don’t do this.

Other Friday’s we might go op-shopping or go out for lunch or run errands.

I cherish these days and I’m glad we’ve started the tradition.


The red stripes. Day 177/365.

Thursday, 19 May 2011, Day 177/365.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really down on myself with nothing really on the horizon to look forward to, but things have been afoot in my head and now in my life.

You see, I thought rather than wake up in the morning and think negatively about the day or weeks ahead, I’d wake up and think about what I had to look forward to. A friend also had a chat to me about putting things positively rather than negatively when she heard me say something to a mutual friend about my job situation.

Some days all I might have to look forward to is just be that I’m alive and well and so are my loved ones, although that’s a pretty significant thing. Other days it might be catching up with a friend for coffee, or seeing my man that day. And then soon I will have more work to look forward to, that’s the plan.

Last Thursday I took this photo while I was waiting for a recruitment consultant to come and talk to me about some temp work. I’d also been contacted by another recruitment consultant via LinkedIn for a potential job opportunity. Other job applications are in the pipeline and so is something else non-job related – just going to firm up details.

I also did a soft-launch of my new website. It’s kind of ironic that the website is focused mainly about online/digital and the two aforementioned jobs are both focused more on writing.


Seen better days. Day 176/365.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011, Day 176/365.

Sometimes when things aren’t really neat and pristine they’re a lot more interesting. Although, when I moved into my house my fence was a bit like this. It was interesting but unfortunately I had to get it replaced when I got the carport done.

So, sometimes when things aren’t really neat and pristine, they’re expensive to replace. And unfortunately they don’t stay in good condition when trucks or cars reverse into them.

Mad dog lady

Little upstart. Day 175/365.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011, Day 175/365.

This puppy above hung out with me for two days this week. It works like this. His dad, The Surfer, stayed at my place on Tuesday night so dropped his puppy off at mine Tuesday morning and picked him up on the way home Wednesday afternoon. He lives too far away to make it viable to pick him up after work for a sleepover.

The photo above was taken during a quiet moment when he wasn’t hassling my dog.

On Wednesday my sister’s dog came for a day stay and the puppy just barked at him a lot. My sister’s dog wouldn’t play but the puppy wanted to so was letting him know this by continually barking at him. That is when he wasn’t jumping all over him. It would have been funny if it weren’t so annoying. I separated them for a while and by early afternoon they finally settled down with one another and I had some peace.

Meanwhile the heat was taken off Monty so she was able to sit back and just watch it all. Luckily she’s pretty deaf so didn’t have to put up with the barking like I did.

And because I’d moved Monty’s cane basket out the way of the puppy who likes to chew, Monty took it upon herself to sleep on the puppy’s mat. Poetic justice, because he quite likes sleeping in her basket.

As much as I love the dogs it was good just to have Monty back to myself without any of the others around.

Chimney sweep

Chimney. Day 174/365.

Monday, 16 May 2011, Day 174/365.

Tis the season to have fires to keep warm and this is the chimney that carries the smoke away. I’ve had it cleaned once or twice since I’ve lived here but after seeing what the chimney sweep did last time I haven’t bothered to get himback.

It’s not like he stood at the top of the chimney and swept the whole thing. The guy that did it last time worked fromĀ  inside the hosue at the bottom of the chimney and because the chimney shute isn’t straight his brooms and so on couldn’t reach very high to clean very much.

So, I scraped away at a bit of soot myself this year. It’s working for me.


Under the jetty. Day 173/365.

Sunday, 15 May 2011, Day 173/365.

I often walk on this jetty but rarely look underneath it. This time it was different.

It’s easy to become stuck in your daily habits of doing the same thing and looking at things the same way. I’m finding that with my Project 365 that I look at things differently because it’s what you do when you need to take a photo every day for a self-imposed challenge.

I’m also trying, when I wake up in the mornings, to think positively about the day ahead instead of negative thoughts about not having enough work. It’s not easy to change habits but I’m trying.

Oh, and PS, I’ve started a new website. It’s early early days yet, but go check it out.

Look closely

Hidden amongst the trees. Day 172/365.

Saturday, 14 May 2011, Day 172/365.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

The photo above appears to be trees and some grass but if you look more closely you might see some people there. It’s the effect of the photo that’s made the people pretty much disappear.