Busy bee

Busy bees

I had an insanely busy weekend, so busy that I lost sleep on Thursday night stressing about it. Stupid I know.

I had to work on Friday then come home and get ready to go out. I don’t know where the second wind comes from. Where I’d normally sit around home and relax I was out until 2am the next morning. My night involved lots of standing on my feet, dancing, and karaoke. I’m a karaoke convert. I love it.

It helps that I’ve had singing lessons and had a couple of songs that I’d kind of pre-prepared but I sang a lot more than these couple of songs. It helps that the large group of people I was out with were into it – really into it. Dancing and singing along to every song that was sung – into it.

I didn’t sing alone as there were three microphones people would join in and that was fine. I hope I wasn’t too much of a microphone hog but it’s not like I barged in to grab a mike for every song, I did let others have a go too.

I felt tired on Saturday but not so tired I couldn’t do some domestic chores, and then we went out again on Saturday night. It was a great night for a friend’s birthday at his house. It was another dressup thing. Lucky I’ve got an extensive wardrobe to call upon – in this case – a crochet outfit.

Sunday morning I was super baseball mum. Even more super because I had to score for the game. I never knew until JJ started playing baseball that scoring the game isn’t just ticking a box when they get a run. No. You pretty much keep a running sheet of where all players are at any one time for both teams. It’s complicated and it was my first time doing it. And the other team’s scorer was brand new as well. Luckily I had a helper to call upon otherwise it would have been a shamozal.

I think when they finished the game I resumed breathing normally. But I felt pleased with myself that I made it through.

I was able to relax on Sunday afternoon at a friend’s place having a couple of drinks. It was a good catch up with a few friends. I’ve got amazing friends.

I was in bed at 9pm on Sunday and had a really really good sleep.

This little busy bee needed it.

Maybe this is temporarily a dog blog

Love and devotion.

How could you resist this? He doesn’t jump but he does sit and put his paw on me to get my attention.

But when I was sitting down this time I was a captive audience. How could I not love him?

Behaviour training

Onkaparinga River.

Was a great day on the beach the other morning for the dogs. There was nobody else there so they had free rein to run and run and run some more.

Dogs on beach.

Phoenix is settling into his life with us. However, there’s a couple of things we have to sort out.

One – he gets car sick for just about any trip longer than 20 minutes. I’ve cleaned up three car vomits so far. I’m hoping it’s something he grows out of but for now I’ve bought him some insanely expensive carsick medication.

The other thing is how he reacts to other dogs. He obviously gets on well with his mate in these two photos, and he gets on well with my sister’s dog. He’s also met another friend’s dog and they had a great time.

However, he’s not very predictable when it comes to unknown dogs. So I have to leave him on the lead when there’s other dogs around. There’s been a few times when he’s been fine and then there’s been times when he’ll meet another dog on lead, it will be fine to start, then Phoenix will have a go.

I’ve organised some private training. I need to be confident to take him out and about without stressing and I want him to feel confident too. I think his reaction stems from fear and/or anxiety so with some proper training I think he can get around it.

This is the only downside to not really knowing his history. Apparently he wasn’t socialised much, if at all, with other dogs before he was surrendered and that’s what’s made the difference with him. Hopefully I have positive things to report as time goes on. I’m sure I will.

Dogs on beach


Gossip Girls

I’ve been watching Big Brother this season (nothing new there) and we watched a recent episode where they did some recaps of what’s happened during the season.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the Big Brother house when you’ve got no outside distractions to talk about so you become very focused on the people and their actions inside the house.

This is probably why when someone bitches about someone else, another housemate will usually immediately go and report it to the person that was being bitched about. There was one instance where something quite nasty was said about one of the housemates. That was immediately reported to the housemate being gossipped about which (understandably) really upset her.

I wondered why you would tell someone something that makes them upset if they’re your friend. I don’t think it’s because you want to upset them. It’s probably more because you want them to hate the person that said that nasty thing in the first place. Especially when you’re trying to avoid nominations and eviction.

But this happens outside of the house as well. JJ and I were talking about it and he said he’s witnessed similar things at school. He reckons he wouldn’t do it unless he wanted to get revenge on someone by making them upset. He’s seen other people do it though.

I know as I get older I’m making a conscious effort only to pass on news, good or bad, if I’ve not been sworn to secrecy and if I know it’s okay for me to pass on. It’s a common sense thing that I’m sure I didn’t have when I was younger, and let’s face it, most of the housemates are younger and don’t have that filter.

But back to Big Brother. They’re all out of the house now and I’ve got ten hours a week of my life back and I’ll forget who was even in the house within the next week. PS: I’m glad Tim won it though.

photo by: digitalART2

Sometimes you just gotta stick with it


Last year my son played baseball. He went from really loving the tryout sessions to not really loving the actual training and games. It wasn’t because of the sport itself, but more the dynamics of the team members. He was the new and inexperienced kid who didn’t know anyone. A lot of the others went to school together and JJ didn’t so was immediately the outcast.

He was also out of his depth playing for a more experienced division – actually so was his whole team so they didn’t win a game all year.

He also got put off because he was afraid the ball would hit him. It had a couple of times which made him hesitant to properly participate and his batting went from pretty good for the first few games to almost non-existent after that.

Don’t ask me how but I managed to convince him to play again this year. He’s gone off cricket because of the length of the game and I’ve always said I’d like him to play a sport. However, I’m not really pushy about it, just suggest strongly.

And this year is completely different so far. He now plays for a minors team and is one of the more experienced members of the team as a lot of t-ball kids have moved up. There are a couple of kids from his team last year but they’ve bonded really well.

The first game he played a couple of weeks ago he got the ‘play of the day’ award for hitting a home run. He also managed another good hit and got a few people home, then eventually himself, and when fielding caught a couple of people out on first base.

It’s really boosted his confidence and he’s staying behind after practise and games t0 do some pitching practise. He’d pitched his first ever innings in the preceding game and did pretty well considering he’s not practised that much. He pitched an innings at his last game and the first 10-20 pitches weren’t that great but he improved and a spectator from the other team commented that he was doing well. I did the mum puff up with pride thing.

I love the turnaround in him and it makes the two nights a week training and the three hours out of my Sundays very worth while.

As a parent who needs to do this running around I used to resent the time it took out of my day and the things I could be doing but I’ve turned that around as well. So much so, that I’m going to start learning how to score. That looks a bit complicated but if enough of us share it, it shouldn’t be too onerous.

The advantages for me are that I get to meet new people. Now that we’ve got a dog again, I get to take the dog out so he can socialise and exercise.

Where we welcome our newest family member – Phoenix


We’ve gone and done it. Adopted a dog that is. It’s seven months since I had to get Monty put down and we knew that we wanted to get another dog but didn’t want to rush into it.

I also knew I wanted to get a rescue dog. I will never buy a dog from a pet shop and I’m not a particular breed kind of gal, although I obviously like black dogs with a bit of white.

I enquired about a dog a couple of months ago but I never actually got to meet the dog. Not quite sure what happened there. Anyway, I registered with a couple of dog rescue websites and enquired about one. The reply said that he needed some more time in foster care before he was adopted out and I might like one of these two. One of them was our new dog – Phoenix. We renamed him a few days into the trial. Actually my son came up with the name. I wanted to call him Flynn but that wasn’t approved. I said for him to come up with a name I like so he did.


Phoenix and Jules

When he first arrived at our place we all went out to the backyard and he did a big shit near the back door. JJ sat on the trampoline, his foster mum was nearby and I knelt down and called him to me. He went straight to JJ and sat down near him. Good, they’ve bonded, I thought.

He wouldn’t come to me – he was very timid.

Despite the big poo and the timidness, we agreed to a two week trial. That’s how it works for the few dog rescue organisations I had my name with. If the trial doesn’t work out for whatever reason, the dog goes back into foster care.

Ours didn’t. We love him. One week in, JJ said that he was falling in love. And so was I.

Phoenix is ten months old but he doesn’t act it. He doesn’t chew up things he’s not supposed to. And so far he hasn’t dug any holes. It’s like he’s on his best behaviour so we keep on liking him.

He ended up in dog rescue because the family that originally had him apparently didn’t do anything with him so they surrendered him. So he hasn’t been mistreated at least. He was then in foster care for a few weeks before he was suggested to us.

The only thing is that he gets car sick. The day after we got him JJ started playing baseball. The car trip there was okay apart from the drool (the dog only drools in the car) but I had to head back home to get JJ’s hat. On the way back to baseball Phoenix threw up. I had to leave the vomit in the car covered by a sheet until we got home a couple of hours later.

He’s thrown up again in the car since then. Both times was an hour or two after breakfast so I’m hoping it’s something he will grow out of as he obviously gets anxious in the car. Luckily we haven’t had to do any really long trips yet and all the car rides we’ve had have had good things at the end of them, like walks.

Since we got him I’ve been getting up early to take him for a walk before I head to work. I haven’t really let him off lead at the oval yet because he needs a bit more socialising with other dogs. Although he has met The Surfer’s dog and they play and play and play and wear each other out.

Since we got him I feel happier. I don’t think I was unhappy before but even though having a dog makes my life that bit busier, I love the love he has for us. That makes me happy. And he makes my son happy too.

If you’re considering a rescue dog in Australia, there’s a few organisations where you can find them:


A few weeks ago we went camping and on a near-ish beach there was this washed up fishing boat which provided some great climbing (for the kids), and photo opportunities.

Just to say how small this world is we were walking along the beach and I could hear someone calling out my son’s name. It turned out that one of his after school carers was sitting on the beach. There’s no hiding from anyone I tell ya!












Doing the Wordless Wednesday thing.