My dreams. What are they?

Sun going down

I’ve managed to stay away from this blog for the whole of this year thus far. That hasn’t been hard.

At the end of last year I was sick of reading 2013 recap posts so I purposely didn’t do one of my own. I’m not a Christmas fan so didn’t want to write about that either.

At the beginning of this year I was sick of reading welcome to 2014 posts so I didn’t do one of my own. It’s because I’m bolshy but that doesn’t help a girl maintain a blog that she really wants to keep doing.

Plus I was on holidays and it became a holiday away from digital as well. That was bloody brilliant. There was some work that I’d lined up over my break but it’s been delayed and I was happy about that. I really needed to be away from thinking and I was enjoying our staycation. My unplanned digital break kept me away from my more ‘professional blog’ too – Content is. I have some posts in draft there so I’ll get back to that.

It’s also because I don’t know what the hell I want to do this year. A friend asked me what my dreams are and I didn’t know off the top of my head. That’s a bit sad isn’t it?

Sure there’s things I want to do. I want to go to Switzerland to visit my friends and see and stay in their re-modelled Swiss chalet. I should just book flights and just have the date of travel and organise things from there. Afterall that’s how I did my backpacking overseas trip all those years ago. This is the year I should do it. It’s my son’s last year of primary school and I’d rather him miss some of that than high school. But then the adult voice in my head tells me, ‘you don’t even know if you have a job past the end of February yet girl. How are you gonna pay for this trip?’

I’d like to do up my very outdated kitchen and bathroom but due to not knowing where to start, I never start anything. There’s also other things holding me back on this one like the local council wanting to buy a chunk of my backyard to widen the nearby laneway. If I go ahead with the land sale then I’ll have money to update the kitchen and bathroom. Still don’t know where to start with an expensive exercise updating these two rooms would entail.

I’m glad I started writing this. It’s one of the real benefits of blogging/writing for me – getting my thoughts out there. Damnit, there are things I want to do.

I’m having some girlfriends over on Saturday night to workshop an idea they’ve had about an acapella choir. The world is screaming out for this type of choir I think. Well, in my dreams it is. We’ll be shit-hot. Just gotta get it off the ground, but that’s the type of thing I do. Get ideas off the ground.

I’ve joined a photography meetup group in Adelaide to get my off my arse and take more photos. Since I stopped the photo a day at the end of 2012 I do miss it but haven’t found another photography groove yet. I am lusting after a new compact camera though, the Sony RX100, as talked about on Petapixel recently. Perhaps when I sort out my work situation for after the end of Feb, I’ll be able to justify buying one.

This isn’t a dream, but a must-do. As mentioned above it’s JJ’s last year in primary school. I’d like him to go to a decent state high school and there are some good high schools in our area except the one we’re zoned for which means he has to apply. This will mean a busy few months checking things out and writing applications. Fingers crossed for him.

So, I’ve done what I said I wasn’t going to do. I’ve written a ‘what I hope 2014 is for me’ post. Oh well. Bandwagon – I’ve jumped on you.


Grange jetty.

The summer school holidays here last for six weeks. That’s a long time for the lad to be in vacation care – not that it’s even open for two of those six weeks. I’ve been lucky enough since he’s been at school to have the christmas/new year week, and a bit longer, off work. This year I decided to take three weeks off.

When I tell people that’s what’s happening they always ask if we’re going away. Like you’re supposed to go away if you’re not at work. I suppose I’m a culprit of this question to other people as well.

No, we’re not going away, we’re hanging at home. Apart from a night away here and there that is.

We’re a week and a bit into the holidays and now that the christmas hoo-ha is out the way I’m starting to relax. It’s new year’s eve today and I was awake and up just after 7am. It’s going to be quite warm so I wanted to get the dog’s walk out the way. I’d done that, come home, fed the dog, watered the garden and put a load of washing on by 8am.

We’ve had something on every day and the moments we do get at home I potter around doing the bare minimum and JJ is playing an Xbox game he bought with christmas money.

The dog follows me around and seems to have found a spot he likes under the kitchen table. I’ve got to be careful not to go out and leave him under there.

Birds in the sky.

The other day JJ invited a friend over and we went to Grange beach – a beach I don’t normally go to. While they spent over an hour in the water I setup on the beach and just watched the world go by. Some people sat down right in front of me spoiling my view so I moved! There was plenty of room to sit elsewhere and they had a bloody chair as well.

Once I got the boys out the water we found a fish and chip shop, bought some food and drove until we found a park to sit in and eat. We found a wetlands with heaps of birds and tried to ignore all the bird shit on the table we sat at. Lucky we had a plate in the form of the paper wrapped around the chips.

The boys played on the playground and I even joined in pushing them on a big swing thing and got them to push me around on it as well. Playgrounds have changed heaps since I was a girl. For a start they are a lot more colourful and the equipment is quite different. Except for the swings. I think there will always be swings. Just the seat has changed from a wooden seat to a rubber seat.

It’s days like this that I like about having a staycation. We did something we don’t normally do, well not at those particular locations. It didn’t matter what time we got home as there were no major commitments for the next day. And the weather was perfect.

Cinema etiquette – or lack thereof

Flower phone

I enjoy going to the movies. There’s something about the big screen and the surround sound that’s very enjoyable. Enjoyable, that is, apart from other movie goers.

Most people are pretty good. They know the cinema etiquette, but some don’t. Or they’re just SO important that nobody else matters.

I think there are two main things that you don’t do at the movies. One is talk. A quiet whisper here and there is fine, but not continual chat. The second one is not using your phone. I’ve had two lots of different people break these rules recently.

A few weeks ago The Surfer and I went to see Enough Said. We sat about two thirds of the way back in a relatively quiet cinema on a Friday morning. Two women sat a bit further back from us and talked. And talked. And kept on talking. I’ll give people a few chances then I’ll usually say something. As it was quite distracting I turned around and asked them to please be quiet. They were. Then they left about half an hour later. They probably went to a coffee shop to continue their conversation which is where they should have started it in the first place.

We watched the rest of the movie in peace.

Yesterday I took JJ to see Frozen. It’s just been released. It’s school holidays so the cinema was pretty packed. There was a group of boys a few rows behind us and they didn’t have any adults with them. No, it wasn’t them I’m going to talk about. They were pretty good apart from one boy groaning every time a song started in the movie. I didn’t realise it was a musical movie. It wasn’t too musical, just a few songs here and there.

It wasn’t the three year old girl near us who kept standing up and moving around because she was obviously too young to be there in the first place. No, it was her father who kept getting his phone out and texting. He did it once. He did it again. And when he did it again I leaned over JJ, who was sitting between us and who’d also expressed his disdain for this behaviour, and asked him to please put his phone away as it was distracting. The man asked who it was distracting. Doh! I told him it was distracting my son and I. He said, ‘sorry champ’ to JJ. And as he was putting his phone away he said, ‘how rude’. At first I thought he meant that he realised he was being rude and saying it in a passive aggressive manner but later I thought he may have meant that I was being rude.

I don’t know and I don’t really care as he didn’t do it again. Not too long afterwards he picked up his three year old daughter, the one who was moving around and complaining a bit, and took her out not to come back.

Does anyone else encounter these problems at the movies? Surely it’s not just me.

Busy bee

Busy bees

I had an insanely busy weekend, so busy that I lost sleep on Thursday night stressing about it. Stupid I know.

I had to work on Friday then come home and get ready to go out. I don’t know where the second wind comes from. Where I’d normally sit around home and relax I was out until 2am the next morning. My night involved lots of standing on my feet, dancing, and karaoke. I’m a karaoke convert. I love it.

It helps that I’ve had singing lessons and had a couple of songs that I’d kind of pre-prepared but I sang a lot more than these couple of songs. It helps that the large group of people I was out with were into it – really into it. Dancing and singing along to every song that was sung – into it.

I didn’t sing alone as there were three microphones people would join in and that was fine. I hope I wasn’t too much of a microphone hog but it’s not like I barged in to grab a mike for every song, I did let others have a go too.

I felt tired on Saturday but not so tired I couldn’t do some domestic chores, and then we went out again on Saturday night. It was a great night for a friend’s birthday at his house. It was another dressup thing. Lucky I’ve got an extensive wardrobe to call upon – in this case – a crochet outfit.

Sunday morning I was super baseball mum. Even more super because I had to score for the game. I never knew until JJ started playing baseball that scoring the game isn’t just ticking a box when they get a run. No. You pretty much keep a running sheet of where all players are at any one time for both teams. It’s complicated and it was my first time doing it. And the other team’s scorer was brand new as well. Luckily I had a helper to call upon otherwise it would have been a shamozal.

I think when they finished the game I resumed breathing normally. But I felt pleased with myself that I made it through.

I was able to relax on Sunday afternoon at a friend’s place having a couple of drinks. It was a good catch up with a few friends. I’ve got amazing friends.

I was in bed at 9pm on Sunday and had a really really good sleep.

This little busy bee needed it.

Maybe this is temporarily a dog blog

Love and devotion.

How could you resist this? He doesn’t jump but he does sit and put his paw on me to get my attention.

But when I was sitting down this time I was a captive audience. How could I not love him?

Behaviour training

Onkaparinga River.

Was a great day on the beach the other morning for the dogs. There was nobody else there so they had free rein to run and run and run some more.

Dogs on beach.

Phoenix is settling into his life with us. However, there’s a couple of things we have to sort out.

One – he gets car sick for just about any trip longer than 20 minutes. I’ve cleaned up three car vomits so far. I’m hoping it’s something he grows out of but for now I’ve bought him some insanely expensive carsick medication.

The other thing is how he reacts to other dogs. He obviously gets on well with his mate in these two photos, and he gets on well with my sister’s dog. He’s also met another friend’s dog and they had a great time.

However, he’s not very predictable when it comes to unknown dogs. So I have to leave him on the lead when there’s other dogs around. There’s been a few times when he’s been fine and then there’s been times when he’ll meet another dog on lead, it will be fine to start, then Phoenix will have a go.

I’ve organised some private training. I need to be confident to take him out and about without stressing and I want him to feel confident too. I think his reaction stems from fear and/or anxiety so with some proper training I think he can get around it.

This is the only downside to not really knowing his history. Apparently he wasn’t socialised much, if at all, with other dogs before he was surrendered and that’s what’s made the difference with him. Hopefully I have positive things to report as time goes on. I’m sure I will.

Dogs on beach


Gossip Girls

I’ve been watching Big Brother this season (nothing new there) and we watched a recent episode where they did some recaps of what’s happened during the season.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the Big Brother house when you’ve got no outside distractions to talk about so you become very focused on the people and their actions inside the house.

This is probably why when someone bitches about someone else, another housemate will usually immediately go and report it to the person that was being bitched about. There was one instance where something quite nasty was said about one of the housemates. That was immediately reported to the housemate being gossipped about which (understandably) really upset her.

I wondered why you would tell someone something that makes them upset if they’re your friend. I don’t think it’s because you want to upset them. It’s probably more because you want them to hate the person that said that nasty thing in the first place. Especially when you’re trying to avoid nominations and eviction.

But this happens outside of the house as well. JJ and I were talking about it and he said he’s witnessed similar things at school. He reckons he wouldn’t do it unless he wanted to get revenge on someone by making them upset. He’s seen other people do it though.

I know as I get older I’m making a conscious effort only to pass on news, good or bad, if I’ve not been sworn to secrecy and if I know it’s okay for me to pass on. It’s a common sense thing that I’m sure I didn’t have when I was younger, and let’s face it, most of the housemates are younger and don’t have that filter.

But back to Big Brother. They’re all out of the house now and I’ve got ten hours a week of my life back and I’ll forget who was even in the house within the next week. PS: I’m glad Tim won it though.

photo by: digitalART2