Candles. Day 200/365.

Saturday, 11 June 2011, Day 200/365.

Now it’s winter and things are a bit grey because of the weather I notice the brighter things.

These candles were in a friend’s backyard so I took some time out from the indoor gathering to go and take some photos.

I must get the other ones off my phone because there’s some other good ones there.

The hours

Pirie Street tram stop, Adelaide. Day 199/365.

Friday, 10 June 2011, Day 199/365.

This is the tram stop I stop at in the city to go to work and vice versa to get home.

I like it how my new workplace is nice and close to the tram so it’s just that bit quicker to get to and from work. I also like how I’m now working reasonable hours, that is 7.5 hours per day rather than 8.5.

I could never do 8.5 hours per day as a school mum. I didn’t want to put my son in before and after school care which meant I hardly ever started at 8.30am but 9am.

I could never hang around till 5.30pm to leave the office because I had to hoof it to the tram and then get to the school by 6pm. This meant that I either didn’t have lunch or had 15 minutes for lunch, or had to make up the time on my day off.

It’s so much less stressful now even though I don’t know if I’ve got work past September yet.


At Suzie Wong's for Dave's farewell. Day 198/365.

Thursday, 9 June 2011, Day 198/365.

A friend of mine is based overseas in Europe but is originally from here so he comes back every now and then.

This time when he came back he fell in love and got engaged all in a very short time to another friend.

He’s had to go back to his home to sort stuff out, plus he’s got family there, before he can come back here.

Last Thursday was his going away and if it had been a couple of days later he might have been stuck here for a little while because of the ash cloud that’s up in the skies at the moment.

But he left and won’t be back for about four months.

I don’t like it when I don’t see my man for a few days, I’d hate it if it were four months.

So many instructions

A girl needs a ticket to ride. Day 197/365.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011, Day 197/365.

Everywhere we look nowadays there’s something that’s telling us what to do.

When I look at all the signs in the photo above all I can think of is that people are either really stupid, or other people think that we’re really stupid.

Maybe it gives us something to do when we have to wait because while there are about five counters for service there are only one or two people serving. This was the morning that the computers were down so even when I eventually got served I still had to wait because I was paying with my credit card.


Slow, that was my pace for the day. Day 196/365.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011, Day 196/365.

Still not feeling that great but managed to get the dog out for a short walk.

The Slow Point sign summed up how I was feeling.


Sick. Day 195/365.

Monday, 6 June 2011, Day 195/365.

I still felt really ill on Monday so took to my bed for the whole day. The headache that I could not shake was the worst and I only managed to get up because I had to pick the lad up from after school care.

This time in front of the television was very short lived because my eyes couldn’t bear to be open much less look at the television.

I hate being sick, and it’s even worse when there’s someone who’s depending on you. But I did manage to eat some leftover soup I’d made and the lad washed the dishes.

Time out

A peaceful moment. Day 194/365.

Sunday, 5 June 2011, Day 194/365.

The morning after the sleepover my sinuses were really blocked so I went out to buy some Sudafed.

Because there was still a houseful of kids I drove back via the beach and it was so lovely looking that I stopped to take a photo before I went back to the full house.