A good photographic eye

Adelaide GPO. Day 216/365.

Monday, 27 June 2011, Day 216/365.

I’ve had more than one person say I’ve got a good ‘eye’ when it comes to my photos and I take these compliments with grace and say thank you very much to them.

Here’s the thing. I’ve taken most of my recent photos with my iPhone and most of the time I can’t see a jolly thing when I take it. This is usually because the sun is shining on the screen and I’ve got a stupid reflective protective sheet on it which makes it pretty hopeless to read the screen when outside. I paid $15 for it and am loath to just chuck it away just yet. I will definitely replace it before our next summer though. I also mainly use the Hipstamatic app which only has a tiny window to ‘see’ through the lens.

But back to my good photographic ‘eye’. I was wondering if someone asked, how I could say that I compose my shots and I don’t know that I can really articulate it but after reading some composition tips on Digital Photography School I definitely follow some of them.

The Rule of thirds is a good one and to some extent I reckon I’ve used that in the photo above.

The beauty of using a camera like the iPhone means that apart from choosing an app to shoot the photo with, there’s no other settings to muck around with so composing the shot is all I have to think about. I can’t zoom in or out but I can move my position.

The other thing I do when I can is take a bunch of photos and choose my favourite to use for my photo of the day. In one of my future posts in a week or so I’ll demonstrate the thought process (or try to) of picking my favourite photo of the day.

Now he is ten

Enjoying some time at the park on his 10th birthday. Day 215/365.

Sunday, 26 June 2011, Day 215/365.

After the boys from the sleepover left our house, peace descended upon us, apart from The Surfer mucking around with the electronic keyboard I got JJ for his birthday.

I’d had no idea what to get him for his birthday but The Surfer suggested the idea and helped me go and find it at a second-hand shop. It seems like it’s in really good condition and there’s certainly lots of sounds that can be made with it.

In fact, there’s a gunshot selection and I caught JJ and one of his friends making the gunshot sound and then falling over dead, before arising to do it all over again. They had a hiliarious time doing it and it was funny to watch too. The plan is to get him piano lessons which he’s expressed an interest in.

I’m glad I did the sleepover thing for JJ as he had a great time and he was really fortunate with his birthday presents too. He’d asked family and friends for money or book vouchers and they obliged. He ended up having $165 after his birthday haul. This included about $20 he’d already had saved up so of course we had to go shopping.

He wanted to buy Nintendo DS games and I cautioned him about that because his DS console had been missing for a couple of weeks. We’d hunted high and low for it to no avail, but he bought the games anyway. You know what it’s like to have money burning a hole in your pocket and you want immediate retail therapy? I do, so I understood where he was coming from with wanting to buy something. He couldn’t get a book with his voucher because the ones he wanted weren’t there.

Back to the DS. When it appeared as though it was lost I told JJ that he’d have to buy one with his own money and he got really cross with me. I think he was more cross with himself at not taking better care of it but I don’t want him to be the kid that gets things handed to him on a plate without having to do a bit of work for them especially when it’s his fault for losing the thing in the first place.

The DS story has a happy ending. It turned up in his t-shirt drawer. Neither of us knows why he put it there but he’s damn lucky it was there and he’s been happily playing his new games the last couple of days.

Back to the birthday day. After the retail therapy session we lit the fire and bought fish and chips for dinner – his absolute favourite meal. Then we watched an episode of Merlin together and I sent him to bed much to his disgust because ‘it’s my birthday you know mum’. But he’d had a late night the night before and he needed his rest.

Surviving the sleepover

With his mates after the 3D movie. Day 214/365.

Saturday, 25 June 2011, Day 214/365.

JJ wanted to have some friends over for a sleepover to celebrate his birthday. He also wanted to go and see a movie with his mates.

I thought about it for a while and took a deep breath and said yes, but said he could only have three friends because that’s all I’ll be able to fit in my car to go and see the movie.

The friends he wanted to invite changed every day due to various reasons that only a nine year old can understand.

Finally he settled on who he’d invite, I made up the invites, gave them out and they all accepted.

He wanted to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and it seems that the 3D movies have taken over 2D in this kids area as it was impossible to find a 2D session that fitted into the birthday party/sleepover timetable.

A certain big cinema at a big shopping complex didn’t have any 2D showings of Kung Fu Panda at all and when I asked them via Twitter why not, they didn’t even respond.

I had to bite the bullet and get 3D tickets for us all, this included The Surfer and my sister. Apart from The Surfer dozing off during the movie as he is want to do, we all enjoyed it and the boys behaved themselves.

I made them line up in the car park for the photo above after the movie and before we went home to have spaghetti bolognaise I’d been brewing in the slow cooker since late that morning.

We set the boys up in the lounge and they watched another movie on the tv before they went to sleep. At least I think they slept. Maybe a little bit.


Oranges harvest started. Day 213/365.

Friday, 24 June 2011, Day 213/365.

I have an orange tree and it/I grow pretty damn good oranges.

They’re ripe now and I’ve been enjoying taking an orange to work every day.

A friend texted me yesterday to ask if she could come and get some as she’s also been waiting until they’re ripe.

I usually have too many to eat just for ourselves so I don’t mind letting friendsĀ  have some.

I even cut up some for half-time at football last weekend as the assigned orange bringer for that week wasn’t able to make it.

Because these oranges taste so good I NEVER buy them, never.

No entry. No floor.

No entry. No floor. Day 212/365.

Thursday, 23 June 2011, Day 212/365.

Pretty straightforward the sign above don’t you think? I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it.

An old department store in the shopping area of Adelaide is being redone and this door is part of it. It appears as though they’ve kept the original part of the building and have knocked down the add-ons to rebuild.

It will be good when it’s done as this shop was pretty derelict. It had big fans for cooling, not proper air conditioning – or any at all.

In the meantime it’s a huge building site with all the accompanying noise that entails.


Balloons advertising a certain business near my place. Day 211/365.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011, Day 211/365.

A new business opened up around the corner from my house about a month ago and it has these balloons out the front so that people will notice it I guess. That’s if the big sign painted across the window doesn’t also attract their attention.

The first I knew of this business was when I walked my son to school one day – not far from this business – and a local news channel stuck a camera in my face and the interviewer asked me what I thought of the bikini massage parlour that had opened up down the road.

I hadn’t heard of the new business but I know about the brothel that’s down the road. This is a separate business to that as I found out.

Of course many of the school parents are up in arms about its proximity to the school and rightly so.

It’s all quite seedy. It looks seedy. The guy who runs it is apparently very shady but I guess guys don’t mind paying money to get their rocks off so seediness probably isn’t on their radar.

Mum heard about it on the news (fortunately I didn’t make it because I didn’t quite say what they were after) and she jokingly suggested I get a job there. This was before I found more gainful employment.

Honestly, apart from the balloons out the front of this place going flat I haven’t noticed it at all. I haven’t seen streams of men going in and out or roaming around my place after having their ‘massage’. Hopefully it stays that way.

This little piggy

This little piggy. Day 210/365.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011, Day 210/365.

In Rundle Mall in Adelaide this is a sculpture.

I love it and I keep meaning to take a photo of it but had never got around to it before.