Saying no to a man who wants to take a photo of your son

Checking out the blossoms en-route to the Almond Blossom Festival. Day 250/365.

Sunday, 31 July 2011, Day 250/365.

It must be heading towards spring as there are trees around with blossoms on them. Note the extra big blossoms under the tree?

I took them to the Almond Blossom Festival at Willunga last weekend. JJ got hold of some helium balloons and he had to chase them across the ground when the wind had their way with them, but luckily he caught them.

On his way back to me someone stopped him to ask him something. All I could see was JJ talking to someone who was obscured from my view by a tree so I went over to investigate.

It was a man in his late 40s, early 50s with a DSLR camera and he wanted to take a photo of JJ holding the balloons. My spidey sense went on alert and I politely said no thanks and we walked off.

I thought about it afterwards and wondered if I was being a bit hypocritical because am I not always taking photos and sometimes I take photos of people without them knowing.

I thought no, I wasn’t. I had to trust my instincts and my instincts told me that something was not quite right with this man. Goodness knows how many photos he took of JJ chasing the balloons but he didn’t get a chance for my gorgeous son to pose for him. The fact that he was standing by a tree all by himself mostly away from crowds but easily able to see the people who walked in and out of the gates was a bit dodgy to me.

It just made me shiver. Of course I had to explain to JJ why I didn’t want this man taking photos of him. Of course he’s used to me on the other side of the camera and thinks it’s normal to have his photo taken. I didn’t go into minute detail but I said that we didn’t know this man and we didn’t know what he was going to use the photo for.

Here doggy

The Shottesbrooke winery dog. Day 249/365.

Saturday, 30 July 2011, Day 249/365.

He might be a bit cool to pat but he’s cute is he not? He’s got a guest book on his back and he just invites you to write in it.

He’s at a winery in McLaren Vale about 40 minutes from where I live.


An after school hot chocolate treat. Day 248/365.

Friday, 29 July 2011, Day 248/365.

Getting a hot chocholate fix while you’re eyes are glued to the television that’s mounted up on the wall while your mum tries to talk to you about your day, your week, your life.

You can see how much attention I was getting. Oh well, it was a nice interlude after the first week back at school after the holidays and before the weekend.

Now he’s learning the piano

Practising the piano. Day 247/365.

Thursday, 28 July 2011, Day 247/365.

For this birthday I got him an electronic keyboard. I honestly didn’t know what to get him and didn’t want to get yet another DS game when he’s got a few now anyway and I knew he was also getting money for his birthday.

The Surfer actually suggested this and I’m glad he did. I’d already asked JJ if he wanted to do piano lessons and he expressed an interest.

So he got the keyboard for his birthday and started piano lessons a week ago. So far he’s been practising without me prompting him too much. I hope his interest sticks with it and he enjoys it enough to learn to play it well.

Not leaving on a jet plane

Line in the sky. Day 246/365.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011, Day 246/365.

Jet trail. It makes me think of those people up in the sky going somewhere. This time last year I went somewhere. It was to celebrate leaving and  old job and starting a new one. Thank goodness I did that because I don’t know when I’ll be doing it again due to my work non-certainty.

Yesterday I dropped The Surfer off at the airport so he could fly to a surf beach and go surfing for nearly a week – hmmmpphh. I wish I was with him.

So here I am, firmly on the ground envying all those people up there going somewhere.

Deal Monopoly

Monopoly - the card version. Day 245/365.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011, Day 245/365.

Sometimes it’s just too easy to tell him to go and watch tv when I want some time to myself. As part of my new parenting resolve I thought I’d try and find a game that we could play, and that he could also play with The Surfer’s kids.

I found a couple of card games, one being Monopoly Deal. I like the Monopoly board game but it takes way too long to play – you sometimes need an afternoon and I get confused towards the end when you’re running out of money as to what you have to hand over to keep on going and how mortgages work and all that.

The Monopoly Deal card game is great though because the first person to get three full property sets wins so a game can be over in about ten minutes which is sometimes all the time we have after a day of work etc.

We both love it and JJ wants to play it all the time. He keeps winning which is probably one of the reasons he loves it. It has the same properties as the board game so it is fairly familiar. It took us a little while to get it but once we’d played a few games it was easy to remember the rules. It’s also really good because it is a card game and therefore very transportable.

I also bought Scrabble Dash but that hasn’t had quite the same appeal.

Would anyone like a seat?

Seat anyone? Day 244/365.

Monday, 25 July 2011, Day 244/365.

Remember last Monday how I said Mondays might become my objects on top of fixed objects day? Here’s a look back at last Monday in case you’ve forgotten.

When we were driving near our place last Monday I saw this lounge chair outside a nearby telephone exchange and thought that has to be my photo of the day. Luckily it was still there that evening and I got JJ to pose for me in front of it.

JJ was keen to sit on the actual chair but I wouldn’t let him. You know, something about safety.

I don’t think it’s there anymore. I wonder who took it away? Probably the council earning their money they’re getting off all the extra rates we’re all paying now. I got my housing rates bill the other day for this year. I’m glad I’m earning money again is all I can say!