Recruiters and real estate agents – my relationship with them


A couple of weeks ago I had a message from someone on my phone so I called them back. It was a real estate agent contacting me to see if I was still interested in buying a property as I’d viewed one with them.

I stopped going to open inspections when I bought an investment property over a year ago. I told him this and he said it had taken a while to get the database sorted, or something?

Glad he wasn’t my real estate agent. Although I dealt with quite a few when I was house hunting and NOT ONE contacted me to say they might have a house I’m interested in.

When you go to view a property, you’re usually asked for your name and phone number. I really wonder why because as I mentioned, NOT ONE contacted me except for the recent one that was way too late.

I’m not a real estate agent so I don’t know how they operate apart from what I’ve seen first-hand, but surely you would acquaint yourself with potential buyers and try to match them up with a house they’re after? Wouldn’t you?

Obviously I never met such a person, or they just sell enough houses and make enough money not to bother.

Which brings me to recruiters. I’ve been contracting for over two years now so I’m nearly always on the lookout for my ‘next opportunity’.

I’ve had the recruiter who I’ve spoken to about an opportunity to only find out that it’s been withdrawn. This has happened more than once.

I’ve submitted my details with agencies only never to hear from them – ever – as a follow up!

I’ve had recruiters submit applications for jobs for me only to tell me that the employers are now no longer accepting applications from recruiters.

I applied for a job with a recruiter once, and was then contacted about a completely different job which was fine. But the job really wasn’t suited to my skills and I mentioned this. I followed up and was told that the contact was on holiday. I never heard anything after that. Oh, and I didn’t get the original job I applied for.

My last two jobs have been through agencies and once I’m in the job, I rarely, if at all, hear from my contact at the agency again. Apparently I’m supposed to call the agency when I’m sick, but I don’t bother any more as I kind of forget they even exist, apart from sending in a timesheet every week they may as well not. Oh, and the one time I did call to tell my agency person I was sick the receptionist wouldn’t even put me through. Way to make me feel valued, especially when I’m bloody sick.

I don’t understand the lack of contact. What’s wrong with a courtesy phone call every few weeks from your agency to see how you’re going? My last contract was supposed to last for a month or two and I got the agency nearly two years worth of work from them in the end because the employer wanted to keep me on. Sure I’d get a little pressie at Christmas time, but that was the only positive acknowledgement from them.

I can only hope they treat the employer with more courtesy – but I’m guessing not judging by comments I’ve heard.

When I temped in London I worked through the excellent Australasian Temp Agency I was made to feel like a valued employee with them, and with the company I worked with – a double whammy. I’ve never had that here. It’s not that hard to build relationships with clients. And I’m a client just as much as the person paying them.

I know it depends a lot on individuals within the agencies and I have met some nice ones who do maintain some contact so I reciprocate, but they are few and far between.

How about you and your experience with real estate agents and recruiters?


Gone camping


A couple of weekends ago we packed up and went camping. Actually The Surfer did the camping packing and the food shopping. I just had to get myself and JJ organised. We didn’t get to leave Adelaide until about 4pm and as the ute was being backed out of my driveway I saw water leaking out from the luggage. It turned out to be a water container leaking which meant our mattress got a bit wet but luckily I noticed it as it could have been wetter and we could have been minus some water.

We arrived at the campsite around 10pm and setup the two tents. The two boys did really well considering the late hour and we eventually got to bed. We had stopped for dinner on the way at a pub which delayed us some more.

Going to great lengths to keep flies at bay

See the flies on my son’s hoody? He had it done up like this to keep them off his face. Next time I go camping in the country I’m getting some netting to keep the flies off my face. They were way too high in numbers, and way to friendly.

But, that and the sad state of the camping toilets aside, there’s something to be said for camping. I like the change in routine. I like not being around home where I feel obligated to be doing something. There’s always something.

I had a great time catching up with friends who came away with us and friends who live nearby and nearby-ish. It’s great when you introduce friends to other friends who’ve never met but they get on very well.

The lad tried some fishing. No bites, but it was worth a shot.

No fish biting

There’s always some shy wildlife around the place.


Look at the holes in this. There were bees nesting in there.

There's bees in there

I can’t help myself. I’ve got to take photos of the flora.



Apart from the flies I had a great time but we only had two full days there and it was time pack up and head back to Adelaide.

Until next time ey?


So, another year older

My birthday dress.

The older I get the quicker the birthdays come around. One minute it’s six months away, and the next minute it’s my birthday. Where did that time go?

A couple of fellow Librans thought it would be a good idea to go to a Mexican restaurant that’s pretty good so between us we got about 20 people together to have a Luscious Libran celebration.

The photo above is of me pre Luscious Libran dinner wearing my two day early birthday present dress that The Surfer got for me.

You could say he has good taste or you could say that I give good hints. By the way, it’s from Surface Art incase you’re wondering. It’s not something I would have normally bought for myself because I rarely spend that much on a dress but for The Surfer and my sisters chipping in to help out it was achievable.

And my actual birthday coincided with the first day back of the school term which also coincided with a pupil-free day. So mother and son both had the day off to laze around a bit, see a very kiddy movie – Turbo – and go out for dinner with my sister.

I actually have another birthday present I’m trying out but will talk more about that if all goes well in a couple of weeks.

What do high school kids do in school holidays?

Just incase we forget his name.

It’s school holidays here at the moment and my son’s in vacation care. It’s very handy for me as a working parent who doesn’t have other options.

It’s very handy that he’s still in primary school and vacation care is an option for him.

However, it’s not going to be too far away until he’s no longer eligible for vacation care because it’s only for primary school aged children.

I’m not worried about after school care because by the time he gets home I won’t be that far away and he’s been doing a bit of that here and there  and he and I are fine with it.

But what about school holidays? I don’t want to leave him alone at home for hours on end while I’m at work and because I work I don’t want to rely on other parents who don’t work to shoulder the load. He reckons he’d be okay but I think he’ll get bored.

I see some school holiday activities advertised for high school age children in Adelaide, eg Carclew, but what other options are there? Sports programs maybe?

What do other people do?

I need ideas please and then I can update this post to share with others. UPDATED below with all-day activities for high school kids.

School holiday ideas for high school kids in Adelaide, South Australia

I don’t really need a new car but I’d like one

Yellow field

Remember that car accident I mentioned recently that my sister and nephew were in?

Of course the car was written off, well both cars were. The other driver had no insurance apart from the compulsory insurance you pay for with registration. They’d been visiting family nearby and I wonder if they were unfamiliar with country driving? It’s quite different from city driving.

So my sister rang up a car yard in Adelaide and bought a car over the phone after seeing it online. It was a second hand one but had only done 1000kms. I got to pick it up and drive it over to her all the while being petrified I’d scratch it or crash it. Luckily that didn’t happen.

I put a photo of me and the car on Facebook so now many of my Facebook friends think I have a new car. I don’t. If they didn’t read the comments many of them still think I have a new car. I still have my 14 year old sedan that’s doing just fine. However, I did get new car envy with things like Bluetooth, and buttons on the steering wheel I can’t read without my glasses, and an on-board navigation system. Wow. Technology. When I got my current car I thought it was great to have a CD player.

We stayed the night at my sister’s and all I saw was car yard ads. Is the universe telling  me something? My son seems to think so as he keeps dropping hints about our old car and that we should have a new one.

Usually when I go over to my sisters or parents around this time of year I see paddocks full of yellow flowering canola, but this year it was just paddocks full of yellow weeds as in the above photo. I’m not sure what plant it is but I think it’s weeds. Maybe I’m wrong.

So, how old’s your car?

What an interesting 16th birthday

Dodgem cars

It was my nephew’s 16th birthday the other day.

He was on his way to get his driver’s licence. His mum, my sister was driving.

They had a car accident and wrote off her car.

It didn’t put him off getting his learners permit, which he got first time.

Luckily they’re both okay. My sister got taken to hospital by ambulance and had to stay there for a few hours with a neck brace on but she’s okay now apart from feeling a bit sore and bruised.

Thank goodness. It could have been so much worse. In the last six years I’ve lost two cousins to fatal car accidents. For a year after that, every phone call I got at a late or early hour of the day freaked me out because I thought it would be more bad news. Growing up in the country I hear all too often of people dying in car accidents.

The driver my sister crashed into pulled out onto a main road from a side road and should have given way. He mustn’t have seen her. She had her lights on as it was a grey, wet morning and he still didn’t see her. He was about 86 years old. Him and his wife are okay.

My sister knows it’s a notorious intersection and had slowed down a little bit from 100km. She saw him, then saw him pull out, hit the brakes so was doing about 60-70km. She didn’t want to turn to avoid him as she knew that would make them roll so she aimed for the front of his car away from the passenger door.

Apparently many other people have had near misses at this same intersection so my sister’s contacted the Council to see if they can do something about it. Hopefully they can.

And, again, thank goodness they’re okay.

I need to take more photos




Interesting flower

These were all taken at the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Yes, the bottom one is a bit phallic don’t you think? Even my son commented on it.

I need to use my camera more. I kind of miss my photo a day, and photo projects since then haven’t inspired me. I’ll say it again. I need to use my camera more. I love the new lens I got, a Canon 17-40mm, so there’s some good inspiration.

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