Cigar box ukulele for my birthday. Day 325/365.

Friday, 14 October 2011, Day 325/365.

This time a week ago it was my birthday. Another year has passed and as usual I’m wondering where the last year went?

It was the last day of school holidays so I didn’t work and JJ didn’t go into vacation care so we spent the day together. It was a pretty relaxed day with a bit of domestic stuff like grocery shopping thrown in.

And it was good to just have the day with him without having to go anywhere. My sister popped in for a little while with a present for both of us (JJ’s belated birthday present) and a beer each for herself and me.

Then from about 6.30pm onwards people popped in as I’d arranged a night out.

My sister came over to babysit while I went out with The Surfer and some friends.

Oh, and before we went out The Surfer gave me a cigar box ukulele for my birthday. I love it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’ve seen cigar box ukes that are flatter, but never one quite like this. It came from Tennessee apparently.

I had a great night out. Five of us had dinner before other friends turned up at the venue I’d chosen. It was very relaxed and I was very relaxed. I’d just sent an email to my friends asking them to come along. The dinner group just sort of evolved organically and I had no real idea who was turning up later.

Normally I would stress out a little bit wondering who would turn up, or if anyone would turn up but I didn’t this time.

All in all I had a lovely birthday. And I do enjoy my birthdays.

Full moon

Full moon. Day 324/365.

Thursday, 13 October 2011, Day 324/365.

I was watching tv and checking Facebook and Twitter during the ads because I always avoid watching ads if I can and noticed that lots of people were talking about how fabulous the full moon was.

I checked it out for myself and took some photos with my phone. I wish I could have been bothered to get my SLR camera and setup the tripod but I was tired and it required too much effort on my part.

But I’m happy with how this photo turned out – you get some sense of how it looked that night. Sensational.


Lavender. Day 321/365.

Monday, 10 October 2011, Day 321/365.

This lavendar is growing near our house and it looks just gorgeous.

The flowers poke out through the fence and it makes the boring white picket fence pop.

I love it.

Of shoes and dogs

Cobra tattoo. Day 319/365.

Saturday, 8 October 2011, Day 319/365.

I had to take my son to buy some shoes. He goes through a pair of sneakers every two months. He only really has the one pair of shoes and this is how long they last.

Am I alone in this? I just buy him cheap shoes because I’ve bought more expensive sneakers and they don’t seem to last any longer than the cheap ones.

They usually fall apart at the seams, or he wears holes in the bottom. It’s annoying.

After I bought him a new pair of shoes he got the tattoo pictured above. I couldn’t convince him not to get a snake and it’s kind of fitting as he was born in the Chinese year of the snake.

Dogs at the beach. Day 320/365.

Sunday, 9 October 2011, Day 320/365.

I love looking at how dogs interact when off the lead. My dog (14 years old) still goes up to sniff other dogs but isn’t that interested in playing. I swear she thinks she’s human. She’ll have a sniff of a dog and then wander off.

If a dog wants to get too playful she’ll either ignore them or give them a growl to let them know she’s not interested.

The two dogs pictured above (The Surfer’s pup on the left, and a dog he met on the right) are both quite young and they just played with each other. The pup will run up to all dogs to say hallo and see if they want to play. He’s got so much energy, it’s tiring to watch.

It’s good to see him have fun at the beach off the lead and learn to interact with other dogs though. It’s very rare that another dog will be annoyed with him but that’s the beauty of dogs, they let you know. He’s been lucky not to have been in any fights yet.


Choosing a game. Day 318/365.

Friday, 7 October 2011, Day 318/365.

I had a great time in Melbourne a month ago previewing a new game (Skylanders) but this new game doesn’t have a playstation 2 version which is the console we have so I bit the bullet and bought an XBOX360.

I found it hard to buy without the Kinect bit as this is bundled with the console in many shops and we just don’t have the room to play Kinect so it’s not worth it. I could have bought the console by itself but thought I may as well get some games with it but the two games that it came with were both rated MA15+, therefore no good for my ten year old son.

Luckily we were able to choose two other more suitable games from the two for $40 section, so nothing too fabulous but JJ picked a couple of games he will play.

I had a look around at the other XBOX games and they seem to cater for the older male, ie older than JJ. Where are the games for women? Am I missing something? Not that I will play on it heaps but if there’s something good then I will have a crack. I will play the new Skylanders game, and already have as we received it yesterday.

Oldest versus the youngest

Climbing wood piles. Day 317/365.

Thursday, 6 October 2011, Day 317/365.

I had last week off during the school holidays (the day that this photo was taken). I caught up with a friend who only lives half an hour away but because of our various commitments we hadn’t seen each other for nine months – yes nine months.

It was lovely to catch up with her and her three boys. My boy had a great time with them. He also had a great time watching them argue and fight with each other.

Why do older siblings pick on younger ones? It’s an age old thing I guess. I’m the older sibling and I used to pick on my youngest sister (I’m one of three girls). I suppose it gave me a sense of power in my otherwise fairly powerless world.

I hated it as the oldest one that I couldn’t get a way with anything because I SHOULD KNOW BETTER. I always thought my youngest sister was very spoiled and she probably got away with a lot more than I did because I’d paved the way and did the hard yards.

My other sister and I did exclude her from playing with us – our revenge at our perception of how spoiled we thought she was. Every time we used to visit friends of mum and dads, mum always said to us not to pick on the youngest. Yeah right!

What did I get as the oldest? I got a room to myself. That was pretty good. The other two didn’t like sharing with each other and I gloated about it a bit. I had more photos taken of me as a baby. There’s hardly any of my youngest sister. I got to be the only child for two years without anyone else although I was too young to know any better. There were probably other perks but I can’t remember them.

Now that we’re grown up I get along with her very well and don’t pick on her at all but I still think she was spoiled.

Did you experience sibling rivalry? What’s your story?