Project 365 done and dusted

The Project 365 photographer. Day 365/365.

How does one end a photo a day for a year? I wanted to take a photo of something with the numbers 365 in it but of course couldn’t find anything and I hadn’t planned ahead far enough.

Next best thing? Take a self-portrait. That’s what I did. I took quite a few photos before I was satisified(ish) with this one.

I feel a fantastic sense of achievement with the completion of this self-imposed project.

And the unexpected result of doing this project is that I’m going to have a photography exhibition early next year. I’m excited and scared all at the same time but those are natural feelings when you put yourself and/or your work out there.

I don’t know what I want to achieve with this exhibition. I don’t have a desire to be a professional photographer as I think that would take some of the fun out of it. At this stage I want to keep it as a hobby because it’s something I really enjoy.

I’ve decided to do another photo a day for a year project but I’ll start on 1 January 2012 and by my calculations it will be 366 photos because it’s a leap year.

Project 365 – the penultimate photo

Writing - Day 1/365

This was Day 1/365 of my Project 365 photos.

Wire fence. Day 364/365.

This is Day 364/365 of my Project 365 photos.

I’ve done it, except for today’s photo – the last one for the year. Will I continue with another year? Should I?

This is my contribution for Wordless Wednesday – hoping Trish gets her blog sorted out. If it’s not there she knows there’s problems.

How to cope after the breakup

Port Willunga. Day 354/365.

Most of us go through it at some time or another – the relationship breakup. It’s bloody awful even if it’s something you initiated. I didn’t initiate this one but upon reflection it has to be for the best. After all, who want’s to pine after someone who obviously doesn’t want to be with you, or who doesn’t want to work together to solve relationship issues? Not me!

Even though it’s been on my mind a lot I’ve generally been pretty good and here’s how I’m getting through it.

  1. Look after yourself, eg have a massage. The day after the breakup I spent most of it in bed feeling a bit sorry for myself but I also dragged myself out of bed to go and have a massage. It just happened that it was a good friend who does shiatsu and we had a bit of a chat as well and she gave me some mechanisms for refocusing.
  2. When trying to go to sleep – if you find your mind racing – and you have trouble getting off to sleep – count. On the in breath count up to ten and concentrate on this. If you’re counting you can’t think about anything else. I’ve since used this when I am thinking about other things. It’s a good meditation technique regardless.
  3. Focus on the moment. Even if it’s just when you’re getting dinner. Concentrate on the smell and the feel of of the food you’re preparing for instance. Again, this gets your mind off other things.
  4. Talking to some close friends. I couldn’t imagine not having them to unload to and as usual they’ve been fantastic.
  5. Planning things to do socially. I’ve tried to keep myself busy since this happened and I’ve been succeeding.
  6. Using this as a learning experience. Questions I’ve been asking myself: What is it about the type of men I pick? Without going into detail I think I’ve cracked it and Baggage Reclaim is an excellent website that provides some great advice about relationships. It talks about things to look out for, values in a relationship, red flags, and even what a healthy relationship looks like.
  7. Exercise. For me I’ve started running. There’ll be more about this. I can’t quite believe it myself.
  8. Look after yourself by eating healthily and gettting enough sleep. This was a bit hard initially as I didn’t feel like eating but my appetite has returned. At least I’m keeping my teeth healthy.

It’s a work in progress and I’ve found the hardest thing has been telling people especially as we have a lot of mutual friends. One friend was quite shocked. ‘But you seemed so good togther’, they said. That’s hard because we definitely were for the most part.

So I’d like you to add to this if you can. What’s helped you get through a breakup?

If you’re in a healthy relationship I’d like to hear about that too. What makes this one a healthy one compared to say the toxic ones you may have experienced in the past?

Moving on

Roses are red. Day 337/365.

Am taking a big of a blogging hiatus.

I can’t write here when my mind is in emotional turmoil and it’s certainly been that for the last couple of weeks.

My two year relationship has ended and I’m understandably upset.

JJ is taking it much better than me which is also understandable and I love the matter of factness of a ten year old. It’s in the past mum, he said. Bless him.

I’ll be back when I can.

Hangover cure

Clearing the block. Day 326/365.

Saturday, 15 October 2011, Day 326/365.

What does a girl do after she’s been out for probably a few too many birthday drinks the night before?

Why, she answers the callout from a mate to go and help clear his block of land.

When we rocked up we were greeted with a beer and then went to work picking up rubbish. It was mostly burnable rubbish so we had fires going. Consequently we all smelt of smoke and I was completely knackered afterwards.

It was good to get out and do something like this though.

Glacier Rock, Hallett Cove. Day 327/365.

Sunday, 16 October 2011, Day 327/365.

The photo above shows glacier rock at Hallett Cove. I’d never seen it before. See all the lines on the rocks? That’s apparently from where a glacier used to be millions? of years ago. It was a spectacular sight and I’d like to go back and see more of this area.

The speck down on the rock near the shoreline is actually my son. Can you see him? Whereever possible I like to wear out some of that boundless energy so sending him down the stairs to have a closer look at the rock was a great opportunity. He loves rocks and ‘crystals’ so he didn’t mind at all.


Cigar box ukulele for my birthday. Day 325/365.

Friday, 14 October 2011, Day 325/365.

This time a week ago it was my birthday. Another year has passed and as usual I’m wondering where the last year went?

It was the last day of school holidays so I didn’t work and JJ didn’t go into vacation care so we spent the day together. It was a pretty relaxed day with a bit of domestic stuff like grocery shopping thrown in.

And it was good to just have the day with him without having to go anywhere. My sister popped in for a little while with a present for both of us (JJ’s belated birthday present) and a beer each for herself and me.

Then from about 6.30pm onwards people popped in as I’d arranged a night out.

My sister came over to babysit while I went out with The Surfer and some friends.

Oh, and before we went out The Surfer gave me a cigar box ukulele for my birthday. I love it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’ve seen cigar box ukes that are flatter, but never one quite like this. It came from Tennessee apparently.

I had a great night out. Five of us had dinner before other friends turned up at the venue I’d chosen. It was very relaxed and I was very relaxed. I’d just sent an email to my friends asking them to come along. The dinner group just sort of evolved organically and I had no real idea who was turning up later.

Normally I would stress out a little bit wondering who would turn up, or if anyone would turn up but I didn’t this time.

All in all I had a lovely birthday. And I do enjoy my birthdays.