It’s Show time

Ferris wheel. Day 285/365.

Sunday, 4 September 2011, Day 285/365.

Last Sunday was Father’s day and my gorgeous son made me a card. He knows that his father isn’t around and has had nothing to do with him and recognises that I try and fill that void.

In the past he’s made cards for his Pop and last year The Surfer got something, but this year it was me.

And what did we do on Father’s Day? We went to the Royal Adelaide Show. A great day for a father being hassled to buy this and do that.

Chip on a stick

We had a pretty good time but needed the odd rest so a seat in the grandstand to watch things in the main arena was in order.

Having a rest

We had a look around the various exhibition halls and some of the animals. We spent the minimal amount of time in sideshow alley. I hate how all the rides music trys to compete with each other and you can’t hear yourself think.

We did go on the ferris wheel while waiting for the fireworks to begin and it was cold but we had a great view of the night time show and surrounds.

On the ferris wheel

When we were on the ferris wheel we could see another ‘ride’ that looked too good not to let the kids go on. At $12 each I think they enjoyed, no they did enjoy it. It looked like fun. You can see JJ below in his bubble.

Each person hops in their own deflated bubble then block their ears while the bubble is pumped up. They then roll into the shallow pool of water and push themselves around on it. It looked like a lot of fun.

In a bubble

Finally the fireworks.



The only reason we went to the Show this year was because I am earning money again. If I was still not working there’s no way we could have afforded it.

I didn’t spend heaps of money there but by the time you get tickets in, eat some food, buy some drinks, get a showbag and go on some rides it sure eats through your money.

I saw some families with three times as many showbags as there were people. Luckily JJ only wanted one that was around $12, and not one of the $25 ones. I steered clear of the lolly/sweet ones because I think I eat enough of that stuff and there was nothing else that I felt like buying so I didn’t get one.

I’m quite happy wandering around looking at the various exhibits and the animals and the various happenings in the main arena.

If I can avoid it I will for some years to come and then JJ will be old enough to go with his mates. Call me a killjoy but I’d rather pay the money to go and see a band or a movie, or go to a themepark where you pay an entry fee and all the rides are included.


Tulips. Day 284/365.

Saturday, 3 September 2011, Day 284/365.

No, I didn’t grow these. They were a gift from a friend who came around recently. We hadn’t seen each other for ages so it was really good to catch up with her.

After we ate we got the ukuleles out and she had a go with mine. She was so enamoured of it that she bought her own the next day.

Glad I can help share the ukulele love.

7 things that annoy me about shared workplace kitchens

The cutlery drawer. Day 283/365.

Friday, 2 September 2011, Day 283/365.

Prakky recently wrote about seven technological annoyances. This is its sister post for seven things that annoy me about shared workplace kitchens:

  1. Lunch left in the microwave and the person that put it there is nowhere to be seen and you want to use the microwave yourself.
  2. The lack of forks and teaspoons in the cutlery drawer. I’ve written about this before and believe it or not a study has been done about missing teaspoons in the workplace.
  3. It’s always the same people who put the clean dishes away once the dishwasher has done its thing. Even in a workplace I used to be in that had a roster it was still the same people from each team while others were nowhere to be seen.
  4. Dirty dishes left on the sink even though the dishwasher has now been emptied and is accepting dirty dishes.
  5. Food that’s been left in the fridge/freezer and forgotten, especially when it goes off and smells.
  6. An empty cofffee/milk/….. container. It’s not that hard to find out the process for getting a new one.
  7. A dirty sandwich maker. Give it a wipe after you use it people!

Really, these gripes just boil down to people being lazy and not considering others. I know there’s worse things in life than a full dishwasher of clean dishes but a bit of consideration goes a long way.

What have I missed?

Monty, my friend

Monty. Nearly 100 in doggie years. Day 282/365.

Thursday, 1 September 2011, Day 282/365.

Monty, my faithful and dear companion.

She’s still with me and as you may be able to tell from the photo she’s getting on a bit. I estimate she’s about 14 human years old, nearly 100 doggie years – give or take.

I got her when she was about two years old and as I’m sure I’ve written here before she’s been a great addition to the family. As my son doesn’t have any siblings (she came along before he did) she’s been a great companion to him. In fact he’s told me on more than one occasion that he loves her more than he loves me. (Psst, I know that he doesn’t mean it because he’s usually cross with me when he says it).

A couple of weeks ago I had a really bad dream about her imminent demise and I woke up in tears. So it wasn’t a good day to go and see Red Dog that day. I bawled my eyes out while watching it. Despite this, I enjoyed the movie as probably only a dog lover can.

I loved the relationship he had with so many people. I can’t say why I cried because that will give away story lines. But I came out the cinema with red eyes. It was a little bit embarrassing.

A couple of days after that I visited a girlfriend and her dog’s about the same age as mine. His health has really  obviously deteriorated since I last saw him a couple of months ago. I’m dreading that phone call.

Unfortunately it’s a fact of human life. Our dog friends don’t live as long as us.

Monty’s well into her dotage now. She’s pretty much deaf. She shuffles around. She’s wobbly on her legs occasionally. When we go for walks she ends up walking behind me because she can’t keep up like she used to.

I try and enjoy every moment with her because she won’t be around forever. I know I’m going to be a worse mess than I was when I saw Red Dog when it’s her time – not that I want that to be any time soon.

Here’s some more photos of her I took with my new camera lens.




Music to get me through it

My iPod dock. Day 281/365.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011, Day 281/365.

I like listening to music when I’m washing the dishes or cooking and this little contraption allows me to dock my iPhone and listen to music while in the kitchen.

It also means that my offspring can watch tv in the next room.

This little thing packs a reasonable punch. Obviously it’s not as good as my stereo but it does the trick.

Not the kind of aura I want

Veale Gardens, Adelaide. Day 280/365.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011, Day 280/365.

This day started out so good. I even bragged on Facebook how I thought it would turn out really well and apart from this photo it didn’t. Let me explain.

I went for a job interview that I thought went quite well. I still haven’t heard a week later when they said they’d let me know sooner so I’m presuming it’s a non-starter for me.

But after the interview I was back at work and I started to see big white spots on the computer screen where there weren’t any. I thought it was a bit odd. I then started seeing swirly patterns in front of me both on the computer and off. It was really off-putting and bizarre as I’d never experienced anything like it before.

I walked away from the computer and had a break thinking my eyes just needed a rest but the swirly patterns persisted.

I realised I couldn’t keep working so I went and told a colleague I thought I needed to go home, I didn’t really know what was going on with me.

She sat down with me for a bit and when I described what was happening she said it might be the beginning of a migraine. It all made sense to me then. Mum used to have the same symptoms when she had the beginnings of a migraine.

Around the time I was talking to her the swirly patterns stopped and a dull ache started in my  head.

I called the doctor and thought I’d get it checked out just to make sure it wasn’t anything worse, and luckily I was able to get an appointment. Work were kind enough to give me a couple of cab charges so I could go to the doctor on my way home from work, and then get home after that.

The doctor gave me the all clear after checking carefully for mini stroke symptoms, gave me some aspirin and I came home to bed. She said it was a migraine with aura, aura being the swirling lights bit.

Unfortunately I only got an hour’s rest before I had to pick up JJ but the headache part wasn’t too bad, not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting.

I managed to cook tea and thought I’d be able to go to work the next day.

I didn’t go to work the next day because I woke up still feeling a bit woozy and a bit headachy and the thought of sitting in front of a computer for most of the day didn’t appeal at all.

If it ever happens again I’ll know what it is, but for a while there I thought my eyesight was on its way out and I was going blind.

I will always love chocolate

Some chocolate goodies. Day 279/365.

Monday, 29 August 2011, Day 279/365.

Mmm, chocolate. Hard to resist.

My sister went interstate and mentioned that she’d be stopping by a place that sold organic chocolate and licorice.

Without a second thought I handed over some money and told her to buy up.

There’s still some rocky road and some chocolate covered licorice left. Sorry to all concerned that I didn’t have a chance to share.