Scissor Sisters – pretty please come to Adelaide

This is a letter to those Filthy Gorgeous Scissor Sisters to beg them to come to Adelaide. They are coming to Australia but they are not coming to Adelaide. I haven’t got the resources and the babysitting to venture interstate to see them. Please please please come to Adelaide. Shrug off the Good Vibrations festival and vibrate your way to Adelaide to see your appreciative audience.

Come on, Take Your Mama to Adelaide and stay up late and make me Comfortably Numb. Please Scissor Sisters, I implore you!!!!

Christmas Muzak – AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!

I’m sure I’ve developed more wrinkles in the last couple of weeks by going to shops that are playing awful Christmas Muzak. Today I was in a shop and felt myself grimace at the awful music and I had to leave as I couldn’t tolerate it any more.

I can cope with a carol or two but not when it’s accompanied by cheesy bells etc. Not everyone celebrates Christmas so why not cater for those people and people like myself who hate this manufactured music.

You’re wonderful mum, I’ll be wonderful later….

said my son as I packed him into the car to take him to his babysitters for the night so I could go to a party. I said to him, ok you be wonderful for mummy tomorrow when she’s feeling a bit tired. He was pretty wonderful yesterday too. He even had a sleep after lunch on the beanbag so I had a sleep too which I sorely needed.

I didn’t get home from my party till about 4am which is pretty late for me but as I’d driven I held off a bit to digest a few strong drinks I’d had earlier. It was yet another 40th I went to. This year I’ve gone to at least five 40ths and next year will be no different. Mine’s the year after that and I think by the time it comes around I’ll be 40th’d out and not want to bother. Then when all the 40ths finish it will be just about time to start the 50th birthday celebrations and I guess that time will come a lot more quickly than any of us would like.

Oh, the gastro scare from last Friday turned out not to be gastro thank goodness. The sick boy in question woke up a couple of hours later asking for a sandwich and was absolutely fine. Fingers still crossed!

More gastro around

I went to a friends place today for a get-together with the kids. Another friend that was there had to rush off fairly quickly because one of her children was sick all over the kitchen floor. I feel like that gastro bug is just chasing us around but hopefully it won’t get us. Please stay away…….

Fingers crossed – no gastro

I visited my family last weekend who live about two hours away. My nephew was just recovering from gastro, then the morning I was leaving, my niece came down with it. She was banished to her room to rest and she’s got to be the worst patient I’ve ever come across – not that I’ve dealt with that many. She was obviously sick but she kept complaining and of course there was nothing my sister could really do for her apart from keeping her stocked up with lemonade. It’s four days after that and Jaycee Junior and myself are still ok – so fingers crossed.

I’ve got a party to go to this weekend and more times than I care to remember I’ve had to cancel going to a social engagement because myself or my son were sick. Also the last big party I went to I shouldn’t have really gone because I was sick.

So as my nana used to say, ‘cross your fingers and spit’. I’d better not do that inside, but am doing it mentally.

In time for Christmas

Thought I’d start a new category with template changes. I’m limited in what I can do as I don’t have the account that will allow me to carve up my CSS so have to make do with the limitations of my Plus account. One limitation that annoys me is the padding around a banner graphic which is why I keep the white background. Here is a copy of my last look anyhow. I didn’t do a screen grab before I published my changes so it’s the About page.


Thank goodness it’s my Friday

Today is my Friday because I do my paid work in four days rather than the usual five. It’s especially good because I’ve got a weekend away visiting family and friends and because last week I took the Thursday off and worked the Friday and it really threw me.

I think I would find it hard going back to full-time work now that I’m a full-time mum. And I think I’ve mentioned before that I find the work/life balance thing hard and I think I would go crazy if I worked full-time.

I went to a seminar today about Women in Leadership which my work kindly run and three female senior managers gave a 20 minute talk each about their take on leadership. One of the women said if you’re contemplating a leadership role, for goodness sake sort out how the housework gets done. As she rightly mentioned many women are in the paid workforce either part- or full-time and still take on the ‘traditional home duties’.

I have been thinking recently that if I want to move up the ladder at work, probably into a leadership role because that’s what generally happens when you’re at a higher level, then I’d definitely employ a housekeeper. I wouldn’t want someone just to do the cleaning, I’d want cleaning, gardening, minor maintenance. In fact I’d want me cloned for a few hours a week, at home doing this stuff. Even now, I think I could do with some paid help around the house.

In my three days off, the first day is spent grocery shopping and tidying up the mess that’s accumulated during the week. We also do some washing, cooking and probably some cleaning as dog fur has also accumulated. We might even fit in a mother’s group get-together. Things might have slowed down a bit on Saturdays and Sundays and I like actually having some time to read The Weekend Australian, although inevitably I’m still reading it two weeks later. Some time during all of this I might go out. If it’s a day outing, then there goes the domestic stuff and if it’s a night outing, then there goes much of the next day’s domestic stuff because I’m feeling tired.

I’d love to know how other single women or parents with full-time children cope. And I mean full-time. I don’t get every second weekend or more off. I have my son all the time with rare occasions when someone might babysit. How does this category of single parents cope with this situation? If any of you read this please leave me a comment.

Anyway, it’s my Friday night and I’m sitting in front of a computer which is what I do a lot of at work. Bye.