My Big Day Out

I didn’t get a free ticket to the Big Day Out like I’d hoped and wished for – and I will tell the story about that because it’s a beauty so I had a Big Day In at my place. Actually it wasn’t so big and wasn’t really during the day but it was fun. We had some music from some of the acts from the Big Day Out – Le Tigre, Chemical Brothers, Spiderbait and the Beastie Boys and we also had the program of what was happening so we could play the music at the same time. Tragic? Yes probably.

But we had music, easy access to booze, easy access and no line-ups to the toilet and yummy food. So can’t complain really – well apart from complaining about what might have been and fantasising about what could be – a last minute phone call saying we’ve got you in, come on. Well that didn’t happen so it stayed strictly within fantasy world.

But I did have a Big Day Out yesterday. It started at 9.30am when I dropped Jaycee Junior off to my sisters place so she could take him out for the day – gold medal to her. I left him yelling ‘mummy’ at the side of the road as I drove off. We dropped my sisters dog off at my place and caught the tram into the city – my friend (R) and I did, that is. After getting off the tram we walked past the Hilton Hotel and got this close (kissing distance) from some of the acts from the Big Day Out so we can now say to our friends that we were closer to them than you, even though we weren’t there.

R and I then proceeded to have coffee and breakfast and peruse the newspapers within the Central Market which took around two hours. This is something I never do now I have a young child and it was such a small thing to do but loaded with such pleasure. We did a crossword and the quiz, phoned a friend and he joined us for bacon and eggs. Found out that the Chemical Brothers in the Boiler Room was packed and they had to close the doors to stop people getting in. I would have been so pissed off if I’d paid for a ticket and couldn’t get into see the one act I really wanted to see. And it would have been a tricky one because the Beastie Boys finished just as the Chemical Brothers were starting. Will be interested to hear what my other friends who went thought.

After brunch R and I walked down to Rundle Street and went to the movies to see Sideways. We’d both heard some hype about it and afterwards we both thought that it was a very pleasant movie but don’t know that it’s worth all the hype. It does have some cringeworthy looks at relationships but I don’t think that makes it a really fabulous movie. It did make us want to drink wine though.

We meandered home and as I arrived both my sisters literally arrived at the same time. One sister had my son to drop off and the other was here to borrow some money. After a short period of chaos I said goodbye to everyone and settled in for a quiet evening.

Big Day Out ticket – all in vain?

This year I would really like to go to the Big Day Out, but not enough to pay for a ticket. It would work out to be a $150 day with the ticket and accompaniments and it’s just beyond my budget.

I’ve entered a few competitions to try and win tickets but to no avail. Even though one competition I entered I had the correct answer but was obviously pipped at the post.

Quite a few of my friends are going without paying for a ticket and that shits me somewhat as they can afford it more than me. Why don’t I have the contacts? There is an ever so slight chance that a friend might be able to wangle something but I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve even sorted out babysitting in the vain hope that my wish may come true. But if it doesn’t I’ve arranged some friends to come round to my place for the Big Day In. It will involve alchohol, food and the new Chemical Brothers CD featured in my ‘What’s wearing out the CD player’ on the right. It will involve more music than this but I would dearly love to see the Chemical Brothers and if I lived in the eastern states I would be able to get to go to one of their side shows but these wonderful side shows don’t generally happen in little old Adelaide dammit.

So the Chemical Brothers and the Scissor Sisters either aren’t coming or aren’t doing a separate show in Adelaide. Bloody hell – I’m pissed off.

Crochet abounds

Today my mission was to buy a crochet rug or something similar to put over my son for those cold car trips home at night so he’s snuggly and can sleep. I work near a couple of op shops so thought I’d go hunt through them to see what I could find. I had a bonanza buying the rug and more, and this inspired me to create a new category for this weblog and show what I bought, for how much, and where from.

I quite regularly buy things from op shops and have bought some great things in various places.

This is what I bought today.

Goodwill – Hindley Street, Adelaide

Boys safari jacket (which fits my son) . Apparently the trousers or pants that go with it were at the warehouse but they were separated from the jacket. I shall go back next week to see if the trousers made it to the shop as I felt sad they were separated. Price – $2.50


A top for me. I liked the colours and pattern and of course I will wear something underneath as I was never one to wear a see-through top with just a bra underneath. Price – $2.50


A hat for me. I lost a favourite a couple of weeks ago and while this is nothing like it, I still liked it enough to buy. Price – $2.50


St Vincent’s – Peel Street, Adelaide

A cardigan. As if I don’t have enough cardigans – but then a girl can’t have too many. This was actually from the retro section of St. Vincent’s just next to the normal one. It was a separate shop. They had some ok stuff in there and if you want dress-ups this seems to be the place to go. Price – $8.00.


Finally – the crochet rug I was initially after. Price $5.00.


Been stood up

In a moment of madness two weeks ago I said to my mother’s group that I would host it next time – today. I had yesterday off and I tidied the place up – inside and out. And I also made some cupcakes which Jaycee Junior helped me ice this morning and he chose the pink food colouring.


So I made the cupcakes for nothing. I hardly ever bake any more because I would tend to eat nearly all the goods and my body doesn’t need it so I don’t make bake except for occasions like this and home made cooking is so much better than bought stuff.

Not only did I go to the effort of cooking, but having people around like this means a general tidy up around the place. Not that my place is a pigsty but putting things away that have lingered on tables for a little while is a necessity I feel for a number of guests like this. Mowing the lawn and sweeping the pergola area is also a job done in readiness for mother’s group, dinners and barbeques. And as I am the only person who does these jobs they aren’t necessarily done just for the hell of it but usually done in times of need.

So when I got the phone call from the second to last person who couldn’t make it I called the only other mother who was going to come and told her not to worry about it if she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to so it’s been postponed for a week or two.

Instead of sitting out the back looking at the kids running amok and trying to chat with the mothers I got on the computer instead and tried to figure out how to burn a CD so I can view the pictures from my digital camera as a slideshow on my DVD player. I haven’t yet figured it out so if anyone can offer any solutions that aren’t costly I’m listening.

Movies and DVDs

I have to comment about a movie I saw the other night – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I hired it on DVD and after putting the kid to bed poured myself a drink and started it. After 15-20 minutes I was just about ready to turn it off but comments I’d heard on the Movie Show kept me going. I think it was Megan Spencer who’d said it was one of her favourite movies for the year so I stuck with it.

I’m so glad I stuck with it as I thoroughly enjoyed it and could be heard muttering to myself, ‘I get it now’. The timelines were a bit confusing at the beginning – like Memento – but it gelled more and more as the end came nearer. I enjoyed Memento and this was one step beyond that I think. Memento was about memory and like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starts at the end, telling the story to the beginning – so the beginning of the story becomes the end of the film. It’s a confusing way of seeing a movie and this was all the more confusing because you see the couple (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) meet twice which completely threw me at first.

As the film neared its conclusion I was liking it more and more and empathising with the relationship in its first throes of love and the sourness towards the end but also wanting Jim Carrey not to have his memory completely erased of his love.

Where Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind did it for me more than Memento though was the consequences of having your memory erased. I know that memory erasion was not done on purpose but rather through a medical condition in Memento, so it is slightly different. It gives credence I guess to that saying, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’ As most of us know relationships can be hard work and they don’t always go very well and can end up in bitterness but you learn from your mistakes. But how can you learn from your mistakes if you have them erased from your memory?

It’s now a week since I saw the movie and I’m still thinking about it. To me that’s a good movie experience – unlike seeing Garfield which was a total waste of the money I paid to see it at the cinema.