The things that Google returns

I was sitting at my computer a couple of weeks ago while I was at home on the internet. Television mustn’t have been very exciting that night which doesn’t surprise me as it’s crap this time of year so I was spending time in front of my other screen. Anyhow, I decided to do a search on Google for my son’s father’s name.

Let me explain, my son’s father lives in London and I haven’t seen him since I was about four weeks pregnant and haven’t heard from him in about a year so I thought I’d see if Google turned up anything.

Well much to my surprise it did. I won’t say which person it is. When we last spoke he did mention he’d gotten into music and might be going to Greece to do a gig and as I haven’t heard from him since I don’t know if this happened. I do, however, have visions of him rocking up on my doorstep and that thought mostly horrifies me.

I do send photos of our son to his mother occasionally with my address and phone number so he can ring. I haven’t received a call from him or ever received a letter from him since I sent the last lot of photos in about April last year. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing if he ever received them.

The only reason I even bother to keep in touch with him is for his son as I can live without contact.

More time away

I’m so glad I didn’t rush back to work on the 4th of January. It means I’ve got this extra week to laze about and catch up with friends. We went to Meningie on Tuesday for the day and night as some friends have got a holiday home there which is more than large enough to accommodate all of them plus some extras.

They have three boys and my one boy and them get along pretty well. There was a bit of refereeing to be done but that’s normal with young children. We started drinking about lunch time, went to the playground for a while and also went for a walk which ended up being a walk in the rain. We made nachos for dinner and thoroughly filled up on it. I had a really good chat with them and grilled them about how they felt when they met each other.

As I’ve been on a few dates this year and didn’t feel a ‘spark’ with any of them I’m curious to see what my friends think about the ‘spark’ factor. Anyway, they said they were both keen on each other when they first met and obviously still are. I think they’ve done particularly well because there was opposition from some friends and some family when they first started going out. But they’ve stuck it out and get on really well and they’ve got three kids.

Anyway it was an early night and a fairly comfortable sleep. After packing up we drove home and stopped in at Old Tailem Town which was ok. I thought it was a bit expensive at $15 for an adult but I guess they’ve got to pay for all the things they’ve got there. It’s a collection of old buildings and paraphenalia from all over the place so it’s good from a historic point of view and Jaycee Junior had a great time so that’s the main thing.

But after walking around there for a couple of hours, then popping in to see some friends on the way home Jaycee Junior and I were both buggered. I gave him dinner, a bath and put him straight to bed while I watched the first riveting part of The Corporation. I think this should be on school curriculums. It’s absolutely scary that people, or as they put it a corporation is seen in the eyes of the law as a person, can put short-term profit before long term effects such as people’s lives, animals lives and the environment. I hope that the 2nd and 3rd parts give a bit of hope for the future but I wonder if anything will change before we get some sort of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ scenario? If you missed it last night watch it on SBS next Wednesday night at 8.30pm. A must see!!!

A poem about me

I got some pretty good Christmas presents although as I get older and because I’ve become a parent, it’s not so much about me but about my child and I find I don’t mind that too much. I get as much joy out of him receiving presents as I get receiving presents for myself.

One of the best presents I got the Christmas just gone though was a poem written by my sister’s boyfriend with a small contribution from my sister. Here it is:

Merry Christmas J & J

you are a patient and great mum
which sometimes is not much fun

J is your beautiful child
even if his hair is wild

we love your company when we meet
even with monty at your feet

we admire your attitude
though you don’t get much latitude

you have done it on your own
but never feel you are alone

safari gang knows you are a funky chick
wouldn’t it be great one night if you had a trick

keep being J and the loving mother
as you are like no other

I was so chuffed with this I just had to share it.

40ths abound

Went to my first 40th for the year yesterday. Last year there were quite a few 40ths and this year will be just about as many, if not more. It was fun yesterday though. I got back from being away for a few days over the new year and unpacked, got ready and went straight there. It was in the birthday boy’s backyard so the time and the place made it kid friendly.

Jaycee Junior is pretty social so he had no trouble settling in straight away and handing out chips to everyone. Once some other friends of his rocked up I hardly saw him and he had his latest night since he was a non-sleeping newborn – 11.30pm. He did very well and despite the fact he didn’t sleep in that much this morning and hasn’t had a sleep today he’s been very good.

Am off again tomorrow for a night and two days so look forward to that. Am so glad I’m not heading back to work tomorrow as I’m nowhere near ready for it, either physically or emotionally and it will be good to have four days to potter around and do stuff in readiness for the work onslaught because it will be busy to start with.

Bye bye 2004

This will be my last post before 2005 so goodbye 2004. I haven’t got much time to write as I’m doing some last minute stuff before I pack up the car, the kid and the dog to go away for a few days. We’re off to visit the family and some friends for the new year’s eve celebration. It won’t be a big one but I don’t really care. Gone are the days where I had to go to a fantastic party. I’ve been to some fantastic parties and they usually are not on New Year’s Eve.

So goodbye and we all look forward to a fantastic 2005.

Where I am made to feel real good

I got a Christmas card and a little present of the eating kind from my supervisor the other day. I have to write down what she wrote cause it’s so good and the Christmas card might not last.

Dear J,

I know you don’t fancy cards but I’m giving you one anyway.

Again, thanks so much for aother wonderful year of support, initiative, enthusiasm and above all brilliant work. Totally enjoyed working with you and you know I mean that – considering how challenging this year has been for me, on all fronts.

Thanks for being you – at the risk of being corny!


How about that. Pretty good ey?

Am on about three weeks holiday now – yay! Am celebrating Christmas Eve with a few friends near the beach. This is the third year now we have stayed with my good friend and her daughter and we do the Christmas present thing Christmas morning.

Where to put the junk?

I don’t know what other people do, so I would be curious to find out, about what to do with bits and pieces that you might need but don’t have a place to put? In my case it’s usually papers. On top of the microwave in my kitchen I have a pile of papers that I don’t have a place for but I need to refer to occasionally, or I think might want to refer to them occasionally.

If I ever make a start cleaning it up, some things might go but other things might get added to the pile so it usually stays the same height. I have some magazines that someone at work gave me and I don’t want to put them in the recycling but I’ve read them so they aren’t really any use to me anymore. After all they are just cheap gossip type magazines and the subjects in them have probably already re-married three times.

I have a lift-out from the weekend paper of a bunch of books. Last year I went through the same lift out and ticked the books I wanted to read. I remembered to take this list to the library once and was able to get one book. I haven’t even looked at the new book review and now it gathers dust on top of the microwave.

I have some lyrics to some songs which I sing along to every now and again but the top of the microwave is not the spot for them.

Other mail finds its way here when it’s moved from the kitchen table to the top of the microwave because I need the table space.

Things to do:

  • give magazines away to friend or relative
  • read book review, mark books I want to read and obtain them one way or another (put on Amazon wish list)
  • find out where I’ve put my other song lyrics and add these ones
  • clean up and put away relevant mail sooner rather than one year later

Well that’s about it for the top of the microwave junk. Next is the top of the fridge and then the spare room.