Where I am made to feel real good

I got a Christmas card and a little present of the eating kind from my supervisor the other day. I have to write down what she wrote cause it’s so good and the Christmas card might not last.

Dear J,

I know you don’t fancy cards but I’m giving you one anyway.

Again, thanks so much for aother wonderful year of support, initiative, enthusiasm and above all brilliant work. Totally enjoyed working with you and you know I mean that – considering how challenging this year has been for me, on all fronts.

Thanks for being you – at the risk of being corny!


How about that. Pretty good ey?

Am on about three weeks holiday now – yay! Am celebrating Christmas Eve with a few friends near the beach. This is the third year now we have stayed with my good friend and her daughter and we do the Christmas present thing Christmas morning.

Where to put the junk?

I don’t know what other people do, so I would be curious to find out, about what to do with bits and pieces that you might need but don’t have a place to put? In my case it’s usually papers. On top of the microwave in my kitchen I have a pile of papers that I don’t have a place for but I need to refer to occasionally, or I think might want to refer to them occasionally.

If I ever make a start cleaning it up, some things might go but other things might get added to the pile so it usually stays the same height. I have some magazines that someone at work gave me and I don’t want to put them in the recycling but I’ve read them so they aren’t really any use to me anymore. After all they are just cheap gossip type magazines and the subjects in them have probably already re-married three times.

I have a lift-out from the weekend paper of a bunch of books. Last year I went through the same lift out and ticked the books I wanted to read. I remembered to take this list to the library once and was able to get one book. I haven’t even looked at the new book review and now it gathers dust on top of the microwave.

I have some lyrics to some songs which I sing along to every now and again but the top of the microwave is not the spot for them.

Other mail finds its way here when it’s moved from the kitchen table to the top of the microwave because I need the table space.

Things to do:

  • give magazines away to friend or relative
  • read book review, mark books I want to read and obtain them one way or another (put on Amazon wish list)
  • find out where I’ve put my other song lyrics and add these ones
  • clean up and put away relevant mail sooner rather than one year later

Well that’s about it for the top of the microwave junk. Next is the top of the fridge and then the spare room.

Jaycee Junior catches a fly

I’d just sat down for five minutes me time the other day while Jaycee Junior was out under the sprinkler at the end of a hot day. I hear screams and mummy’s. Bugger I think, there goes my five minutes of peace. I meet Jaycee Junior at the back door and he presents his thumb to me with something poking out of it. A fly bit me, he sobs. I pull out the bee sting (every insect is a fly at the moment).

After I did this he came inside and we had huggles with him sitting on my lap and it occurred to me that a bee wouldn’t usually bite someone on their thumb but if that someone was trying to catch a fly it might bite them on the thumb. I finally established that that’s what happened and I don’t think he’ll be doing it again. I was worried there might be an allergic reaction, but this time it was ok. I have been told since though, that it could be worse next time if he is allergic.

Scissor Sisters – pretty please come to Adelaide

This is a letter to those Filthy Gorgeous Scissor Sisters to beg them to come to Adelaide. They are coming to Australia but they are not coming to Adelaide. I haven’t got the resources and the babysitting to venture interstate to see them. Please please please come to Adelaide. Shrug off the Good Vibrations festival and vibrate your way to Adelaide to see your appreciative audience.

Come on, Take Your Mama to Adelaide and stay up late and make me Comfortably Numb. Please Scissor Sisters, I implore you!!!!

Christmas Muzak – AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!

I’m sure I’ve developed more wrinkles in the last couple of weeks by going to shops that are playing awful Christmas Muzak. Today I was in a shop and felt myself grimace at the awful music and I had to leave as I couldn’t tolerate it any more.

I can cope with a carol or two but not when it’s accompanied by cheesy bells etc. Not everyone celebrates Christmas so why not cater for those people and people like myself who hate this manufactured music.

You’re wonderful mum, I’ll be wonderful later….

said my son as I packed him into the car to take him to his babysitters for the night so I could go to a party. I said to him, ok you be wonderful for mummy tomorrow when she’s feeling a bit tired. He was pretty wonderful yesterday too. He even had a sleep after lunch on the beanbag so I had a sleep too which I sorely needed.

I didn’t get home from my party till about 4am which is pretty late for me but as I’d driven I held off a bit to digest a few strong drinks I’d had earlier. It was yet another 40th I went to. This year I’ve gone to at least five 40ths and next year will be no different. Mine’s the year after that and I think by the time it comes around I’ll be 40th’d out and not want to bother. Then when all the 40ths finish it will be just about time to start the 50th birthday celebrations and I guess that time will come a lot more quickly than any of us would like.

Oh, the gastro scare from last Friday turned out not to be gastro thank goodness. The sick boy in question woke up a couple of hours later asking for a sandwich and was absolutely fine. Fingers still crossed!

More gastro around

I went to a friends place today for a get-together with the kids. Another friend that was there had to rush off fairly quickly because one of her children was sick all over the kitchen floor. I feel like that gastro bug is just chasing us around but hopefully it won’t get us. Please stay away…….