Clockwork in the morning

Now that daylight savings is in I’m a lot happier, as I’m sure a lot of parents out there are. For the last two months or so the sun and the birds have been starting to rise about five o’clock and along with it my son about half an hour later. The 5.30 mornings are not very conducive to my well being and I couldn’t wait until the clocks were turned an hour forward so the 5.30 start would be delayed by about an hour. Well it has happened. I think we should turn our clocks back and forwards when Tasmania does (a month earlier). By the end of March it’s dark at 7am and by the end of October it’s light at 5am as I mentioned above. Of course if I lived in other parts of the world this would be natural, but I don’t.

That aside yesterday morning and this morning were in stark contrast with each other in regards to getting myself and Jaycee Junior prepared for work and childcare respectively. Yesterday morning I broke from the routine slightly and let Jaycee Junior watch telly while I had a shower. I normally don’t do this but he was just going to watch me have a shower which would have delayed me getting ready somewhat. I told him that in order to watch telly he had to pack up the toys he’d already been playing with. After I finished my shower he was watching telly and hadn’t picked up his toys so I turned the tv off. In discipline terms I guess this was the right thing to do, but in regards to my sanity it wasn’t. He loves his television so he packed up his blocks but I didn’t turn the television back on which he didn’t like at all and through a tantrum that lasted a while.

I’m pretty determined not to give in to things like this and I do notice the pay-offs occasionally when he will pack up his toys and other kids don’t or won’t because maybe their parents aren’t so determined. Getting him dressed while he’s still in tantrum mode is not the right time to try to do this and by the time I eventually got him dressed I’m sure my blood pressure had risen dramatically. It didn’t help that I had woken up around 4am and had trouble getting back to sleep. The drive into work was also not easy with cars getting in my way which was in stark contrast to this morning.

I still woke up at 4am, went to the toilet and went straight back to sleep until about 7am when I was about to kiss a man in my dreams and Jaycee Junior woke me up. He ruins my love life!!!! Jaycee Junior did not watch television this morning but played happily and let me get ready in peace. We had breakfast quietly and quickly, walked the dog and had a good run into work in the car. Ahhh!!!!

Jazz swing

Yesterday went to the Alma Hotel at Willunga to see Phoenix?. Anyway I’d classify them as a jazz/swing band so I really enjoyed them. My friend’s dad plays double bass which is a favourite instrument of mine. I took Jaycee Junior and he behaved quite well, even butting in at the right time when the band leader was trying to tell a joke. Jaycee Junior did announce to the audience that he needed to go and do a poo between songs but any other noise he made was drowned out by the band anyway. The audience was mainly around my parents age which was the age of the majority of the band and once they finished nearly everyone left, including us.

The theme of swing was carried through to Australian Idol which I watched and was a bit disappointed with the song choices. Now that Chanel has gone there’s no particular favourites left in it for me. I think Hayley will go this week and I think Casey has a real chance of winning if her support base is strong enough to overcome Anthony’s. We shall see.

On a completely different note I am setting up a website and have got the notification through of my domain name and web space. I am writing it all in cascading stylesheets – not a table to be found – so it is a learning experience for me. I will keep you posted.

Photo Friday


Here’s my submission for this week’s Photo Friday – the theme of Still Life.

When I was at school I did art in my last year of school. I was really quite crap at it and one of the things I tried to do was plantlife in watercolours. I don’t think I could have chosen a more difficult medium to use. I ended up getting an ok mark for my work but I’m much more comfortable with taking photographs. My garden is a proliferation of healthy flowers at the moment and to me, depicts ‘Still Life’ out in the garden rather than something manufactured inside.

Thinking about mortality

While I was away on holiday I got a phone call from my mum one morning at 8am telling me my auntie had died. She was dad’s sister and died suddenly from a heart attack at aged 61. It didn’t really distress me because I’ve hardly seen her in my adult life and she didn’t make an effort to contact us and vice versa. But it got me thinking that my dad is four years older than her and it could have been him. That side of the family has a history of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack and dad is a bit overweight and loves his beer. I used to always think that mum and dad would be around until they were quite old and they might be but this made me think that it isn’t a given.

My auntie’s funeral was yesterday and I think a lot of people go to funerals, not just to pay their last respects but to catch up with old friends and not often seen relatives. Unfortunately just about the only time I see some of my relatives is at these funerals and my cousin mentioned it yesterday and said we should catch up when it’s not just a funeral. I said I’d organise a barbeque some time which I will do maybe around Christmas time. It will be interesting as my sister does not get on with some of my cousins but I’ll invite everyone and it will be up to them to settle their differences or not bother coming.

My uncle mentioned at the funeral that as the last person from the generation up from him died last year he thought there would be a break of about ten years before the next generation started dying but he was wrong. I told him something along the lines of you can’t be sure about that and to make the most of being here. Hopefully it’s got them thinking about their mortality and doing something about keeping themselves on this earth for as long as they want. I certainly don’t want to be going to another relatives funeral any time soon.

I’m back

The week I spent away has just flown. I can’t possibly write down a blow-by-blow description now. The high point was a Saturday afternoon barbeque I organised with a small group of friends who loved me enough to drive to my holiday house (an hour from Adelaide) and come and celebrate my birthday with me. It was a very pleasant afternoon with good company, some sparkling red which I just love, some good food and some laughs. By the time the last people left about 8.30, my girlfriend and I just sat there saying nothing which is very rare for us. We were just body and head tired so retired for the night.

The low point was doing a penguin tour with Jaycee Junior and being him being told by someone else more than once to shut up. I was quite shocked that they would even consider telling a three year old to shut up. I guess she never had kids of her own, or any experience with children. If you tell them to shut up they do the exact opposite. When we left the doors were automatic things and I couldn’t shut them so that created more noise than Jaycee Junior in the first place. Then I had to chase him around in the dark while we were supposed to be looking at penguins. The other low point was getting a phone call from my mum to say my auntie had died from a heart attack (my dad’s sister) and she was only about 60. Made me sit and think about my parent’s mortality.

Overall though, we had a pretty good time. We were right across the road from the beach and we all love the beach. It was too cold for me to swim but the dog and the kid didn’t think so.

I won’t miss the extra saggy and lumpy bed but that didn’t detract from very good sleeps every night execpt last night because of a big moth beating its wings against the wall on and off throughout the night.

It’s my birthday today

I was rudely interrupted yesterday when posting by my son arriving home. I usually find that I don’t have the time to just sit down and write properly, it’s usually done in a rush. Luckily I can touch type. Today is my actual birthday and I’ve had better. Last night Jaycee Junior had a sore ear so he was crying every 15 minutes after he went to bed until about 11pm when I took him into my bed where he immediately stopped crying and had an uninterrupted sleep until about 6am this morning. Consequently I’ve felt tired all day. I had a few birthday phone calls this morning and a friend took us out to lunch which wasn’t all that relaxing looking out for who Jaycee Junior was hassling. We went to a local pub and it’s pension day so it was packed with people having their lunch too. Always a glutton for punishment we went and did some grocery shopping after that.

This afternoon I have to start packing for our week away from tomorrow, so I won’t be posting here for just over a week. Today I have also done a load of washing and mowed the lawn which couldn’t wait until I get back. Tonight my sister and a friend are coming over and we’re getting take away before we sit down to watch Kath and Kim (my Thursday night religion).

My birthday celebrations continue tomorrow night at my holiday house about an hour’s drive from Adelaide with two close friends staying with me. Saturday I’ve organised a barbeque and about eight adults are coming to that. I just hope the people bringing the actual barbeque don’t pull out otherwise I hope the grill in the oven works. Sunday night a girlfriend and her daughter are staying with me and I’ve had other friends say they will come and visit during the week. I think it will be a busy week in all, but hopefully a relaxing one. I’ve got too much stuff to do around here to stay here and relax so I’ve got to pay to get away.

Well, onto the packing.
Oh, I just remembered I didn’t talk more about the matchmaking – that will have to wait.

Happy birthday to me.

The week long celebration that is my birthday has started. I say a week long but as I’m on two weeks annual leave, let’s say two weeks. This week I’ve had Jaycee Junior in childcare so I can do some things both around the house and elsewhere and not have him around. I got a great big pile of compost delivered yesterday and it took 4-5 hours over two days to distribute that around the garden. I got too much so know how much to get next time. I’ve got a sore back and was really tired last night but have a good sense of achievement. Even more noteworthy of my efforts was the fact that it was 36 degrees celcius yesterday and blowing a hot north wind. I only worked till about 11 though and had a shower before heading out. I’ve still got a bit of sweeping up and I’ve got a mini stockpile in case I need it because of the oversupply.

Today after I finished I caught up with a friend and we went to have sushi for lunch. Mmm, mmm mmm. I love sushi and this was like a yum cha sushi because you picked plates off train carriages going round in a big circle in front of you while two staff members busily made all different kinds of sushi. I do love it a lot and was glad my friend suggested it. We then drove into the city and bought tickets to see Somersault. We sat in the cinema and 15 minutes after the movie was supposed to start it still hadn’t. We had to leave and get our money back as we both had to be somewhere straight after the movie was supposed to finish its advertised time. Bummer – I don’t get to the movies very often so was looking forward to it.

I’ve also installed a CD burner in my computer. I had planned to keep the original CD because you never know if you might need it but I need special brackets and after finding out that they’re specific to the manufacturer I decided to just swap over the old for the new.