Do partial RSS feeds equal more views on your blog?


A few blogs I read have recently moved from full RSS feeds to partial feeds. I’m not a partial feeds fan because if I start reading something in my RSS feed reader I want to read the whole lot in the feed reader.

I hate having to be forced to click over to the website to finish reading. If I want to comment I will click over and make that comment unless the comment system is Disqus – then often I won’t comment.

I asked a blogger whey they went from full to partial feeds and they said that they needed more page views as this is how online advertisers choose where to put their ads. They didn’t like to have to do it but as they write a lot of content they need to make money with the blog somehow.

I hardly click on ads on any website, do you? I know, I have ads on my website but am lucky to make any money out of them at all but then this website isn’t a business, but a hobby and my pageviews aren’t that great either.

Apparently I’m not alone. According to this Hubspot article, I’m more likely to birth twins than click on an online ad.

I guess people must click on online ads as some websites apparently earn the bulk of their living this way. I guess banner ads are an easy out for organisations in addition to sponsored content and so on, or instead of things like sponsored content. They might help with brand recognition as well?

I’ve been thinking of taking my ads off as they don’t add any real value for me or for the readers I do have.

But what’s your thoughts on partial RSS feeds?


Somethings to checkout

Shopping trolleys are in all sorts of weird places

Here’s some things that I’m into at the moment, or that caught my eye while whiling away my time on the web.

I was late to the party but the series ‘The Checkout’ that the ABC recently aired was fantastic. I love shows like this that educate consumers and let us into the sneaky tricks that some marketers and companies employ to sell their products.
Check it out. Luckily they’re doing another season and the website has heaps of video too.

While we’re on the subject of consumerism. Palm Oil. Do you know about it? It’s used in many food products, cosmetics, and household products and the manufacture of it is causing massive destruction in the orangutans habitat to clear rainforests for oil palm plantations. I’ve been doing some research but it’s really hard to find out exactly what it’s used in because there’s so many names for it. So as a consumer I’m trying to educate myself on what it is in, and find alternatives. There’s many websites about palm oil, and this is just one.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I am and the most recent episode has had people talking on social media and elsewhere. It’s a bit gory but I love the story and I love the acting. I have started reading the books but am very happy that I didn’t know what was going to happen in episode 9 of season 3. Wow. Just wow.

I don’t live that far from the city where I work and I have thought about riding into work but competing with cars scares the crap out of me. If there was a dedicated stand-alone bike lane to my workplace I reckon I’d do it, but there’s not so I don’t. Alan Davies writes:

It’s time to acknowledge that cars should no longer get priority in the city centre

As I wait for my bus or tram in the morning I see plenty of cars drive past with mostly one person in them and I’ll bet that most are going into the city. I know that somedays it’s more convenient to drive in and I know that public transport can be woeful but wouldn’t the city be a much better place, and easier to get to if everyone wasn’t driving there? Alan Davies reckons that most people could ride to work.

I came across a gorgeous photography project by James Mollison. He says:

It occurred to me that a way to address some of the complex situations and social issues affecting children would be to look at the bedrooms of children in all kinds of different circumstances.

So he’s photographed children and their bedrooms from all around the world. It’s amazing to see where some of these children sleep.

Time to smell the roses

The rose.

This is one of those roses that smell really divine. Pity smell can’t be associated with photos so you’ll just have to imagine it.

It’s my Friday off today and I’m going to the doctor. I had a really intense day at work yesterday and left work with a blocked ear, feeling dizzy and nauseous. I’ve still got the blocked ear but I think I’m walking in a fairly straight line.

So instead of coming home last night and having a drink or two to mark the milestone I achieved at work yesterday I came home and went to bed.

I’m supposed to be going to a friend’s fundraiser tomorrow night and performing there doing something physical which I can’t imagine doing feeling the way I feel right now. So I hope I feel better tomorrow.

My contract at work is finished in five weeks and I don’t know if it will be extended so I’m probably a bit stressed about the work situation. Especially when my department is talking about cutting funding and therefore cutting jobs.

So I apply for another contract through an agency and now they’re giving me the cold shoulder so I can only presume there’s no chance with that one. Le sigh! I know a fade when I see one. So much for the agency working for me to help me find a job.

At least I have a holiday to look forward to so if I have to take all of July off then I won’t be too sad about that.

I’ll have lots of time to smell the roses.

What Flickr updates mean for existing Flickr Pro members

Old Flickr look

As usual with Twitter being a news source for me, I found out that Flickr had redesigned its Photostream look, and also changed the amount of upload you can get for free from 200Mb to 1Tb – which is a lot. I like the new layout too.

New Flickr look

I’ve been a Flickr Pro user since March 2005 – it was one of my first social networks. There used to be a pretty good Flickr community in Adelaide which has now died down a lot. Either that or I’m just not in the loop anymore.

I got a bit confused as I wasn’t sure what these changes meant for existing Pro users and the website wasn’t that much help to me.

Pro users can keep renewing but it doesn’t say at what cost on the Help page. I’ve since found out it’s at the same annual cost of $24.95.Pro users still get unlimited upload and can still view stats for photos.

I can’t see that this option is available to new users at all so I wonder if the Pro options will one day be phased out? And I’m also wondering how many new Flickr users will want the $49.99 annual payment for an ad-free Flickr.

I’m undecided as to whether to keep renewing my Pro account, or just to move to a free account.

How about you? Do you think you’ll stay using Flickr Pro, or move to a free account? And what do you think of the changes?

And if you’re on Flickr and want to connect, please do.

What’s the one musical event you wish you’d been at?

Red Hot Chili Peppers ticket

You know how people go to a great event and they don’t stop talking about it 20 years later. You wish you could have been there but you weren’t so it doesn’t matter how many stories they tell about this fantastic event you missed out on, you weren’t there and you just smile and nod and wish they’d shut up about it because of course you would have loved to have been there.

What event would this be for you?

For me, it was the 1993 Big Day Out in Adelaide. It was the first Big Day Out here, and it was held at Adelaide University. It was a stinking hot day in early February as days in Adelaide are bound to be at this time of year.

Iggy Pop played and he was awesome. You should have seen him. Well I couldn’t because I wasn’t there.

I had a really good excuse as to why I wasn’t there. I wasn’t in the country. I was in England – freezing – in winter.

While you were getting squirted with firehoses at the Big Day Out before Iggy Pop came on, I was commuting for an hour or two to work in the dark.

There’s been some other good bands play at Big Day Outs in Adelaide, but they’re still not as good as the first one. Because the first one was at Adelaide University and all the rest have been at the Adelaide Show Grounds. Totally different venue. Totally different feel.

So when people are still posting photos on Facebook from that day, or talking about it at parties, I just try to think of all the great gigs I went to in England.

I could tell you about the time I went to the Reading Festival in 1993. Or when I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers and Henry Rollins on the one night at Brixton Academy for the princely sum of £10.50. One of my favourite shows was Pop Will Eat Itself at the Town and Country.

Smashing Pumpkins ticket

Here’s some more:

  • Smashing Pumpkins at the Astoria – 14 February 1992
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain (Rollercoaster tour) with Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr at Brixton Academy – 7 April 1992 (£12.50)
  • Fugazi at Brixton Academy – 9 May 1992 (£5)
  • Sonic Youth at Brixton Academy – 15 December 1992 (£9.50)
  • Jesus Jones – 1 April 1993 at the Astoria (£8.50)
  • Madonna – Girlie Show  at Wembley Stadium- 25 September 1993 (£22.50).

Ok, so missing out on that inaugural Big Day Out in Adelaide perhaps wasn’t so bad after all. And it’s a pity those prices are now long gone.

The colour orange

Last month I concentrated on taking photos with the theme of orange. Below are the results. I’d chosen orange with a view to taking lots of autumn leaf shots but only ended up with one decent photo to use.

I’m loving how this colour photo project is making me see things. I think any photography project makes you look at things a bit differently around you.

You know when you’re on the lookout for something, you all of a sudden see lots of them? Say if you’re researching a type of car to buy, you all of a sudden see heaps of them on the road, where you never noticed them before.

I wonder if I would have looked twice at the graffiti below if it wasn’t mostly orange?

I wonder if I would have seen that lone brick on the beach if it wasn’t mostly orange?

GraffitiKangaroo earLichenSign

DiggingdiggingBricksorangeorangeBy the graveGrave flowersRecline

HoldenLonely brick on the beachConeAutumn leaves

Check out last month’s colour red.