Gossip Girls

I’ve been watching Big Brother this season (nothing new there) and we watched a recent episode where they did some recaps of what’s happened during the season.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the Big Brother house when you’ve got no outside distractions to talk about so you become very focused on the people and their actions inside the house.

This is probably why when someone bitches about someone else, another housemate will usually immediately go and report it to the person that was being bitched about. There was one instance where something quite nasty was said about one of the housemates. That was immediately reported to the housemate being gossipped about which (understandably) really upset her.

I wondered why you would tell someone something that makes them upset if they’re your friend. I don’t think it’s because you want to upset them. It’s probably more because you want them to hate the person that said that nasty thing in the first place. Especially when you’re trying to avoid nominations and eviction.

But this happens outside of the house as well. JJ and I were talking about it and he said he’s witnessed similar things at school. He reckons he wouldn’t do it unless he wanted to get revenge on someone by making them upset. He’s seen other people do it though.

I know as I get older I’m making a conscious effort only to pass on news, good or bad, if I’ve not been sworn to secrecy and if I know it’s okay for me to pass on. It’s a common sense thing that I’m sure I didn’t have when I was younger, and let’s face it, most of the housemates are younger and don’t have that filter.

But back to Big Brother. They’re all out of the house now and I’ve got ten hours a week of my life back and I’ll forget who was even in the house within the next week. PS: I’m glad Tim won it though.

photo by: digitalART2

Digital television

Last year after I’d done a fair amount of hourly paid work on top of my everyday job I decided to go out and spend the extra money I’d earned on a new tv. I ended up getting a 40″ Samsung LCD telly and I love it. The picture is so much crisper than our old analogue television and the screen is so big too. I at first thought it was a bit too big for the space it’s in but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to it.

Now the world of digital television stations was opened up to us and GO, channel 99 is just fabulous – probably more so for JJ than me. He’s now an expert on all the shows that were around when I was a kid – Get Smart, Bewitched, The Flintstones, The Jetsons (or his combination the Jetstones). There’s other kids shows on like Pinky and the Brain that Steven Spielberg produces that he just loves and he made me sit down and watch an episode of it with him one day.

I’m getting into watching Frasier. I never saw it when it was on tv ten or so years ago and I eagerly watch it now. I’ve even watched a few episodes of Seinfeld which I did watch when it was on but a repeat every now and then I don’t mind.

Not being used to how digital and analogue work, however, I hadn’t realised that my old video recorder would only record the analogue tv stations and not the digital ones. I set it up to record what I could though but the recordings weren’t very good. They were a bit jumpy and of course there was no widescreen. Because I couldn’t record anything on the digital stations this left out a lot of programs from GO, ABC2 etc which was getting annoying.

So, as a Christmas present I decided to buy a digital video recording device. I did a bit of research and ended up buying a TiVo. Of course I’d heard of TiVo by watching Sex and the City but it’s relatively new here. What initially turned me off buying it was the relatively small 160Gb recording amount and being tied to buying a proprietary external hard disk if I wanted more space. But in December last year a 320Gb TiVo was released and that’s what I ended up getting.

It was pretty easy to setup and now we love it. I think JJ TiVo’s a lot more than me as it’s so easy to record programs. I love how it records automatically too when you give things the thumbs up, although it doesn’t record everything I’ve given the thumbs up. I need to do some more research into how the smarts work.

My favourite thing, however, is being able to pause television. A couple of weeks ago I began to watch The Seven Ages of Rock on the ABC and someone rang just after it began. Normally I would have let the answering machine take the message but sometimes it’s good not to have to remember to call people back and this was one of those times as it was a call to do with JJ’s cricket. When the phone started ringing I paused the TiVo, spoke to the caller for five minutes and resumed the TiVo after the call ended.

With our purchase we got the Home Networking Package as well but I haven’t set that up yet and don’t know if I’ll bother. I haven’t read that much that’s great about it and all I would want to do is put stuff on DVD.

Now the only problem with our foray into the digital world is that the stereo is in the same room as the new telly so if I want to listen to music and the lad wants to watch tv, there’s a clash. I could buy a set top box for the old tv but don’t know that I’ll bother just yet or at all until the analogue signal is turned off. He can still watch some tv on it and use it for Playstation.

It’s raining again

Rain - what's that?

I don’t want to jinx anything by writing this but it’s been raining here for the last few days. I don’t know exactly how much rain we’ve had here but it was the type of weather over the weekend where nothing would dry on the clothes line outside because of the rain.

JJ loves going outside in the rain and if it was warmer I would have let him do it without clothes on, but as it was a bit cool I made him put my rain jacket on, his rubber boots and use his umbrella. This shot was taken when it was a really heavy downpour which is why the background is so blurred.

We’ve got showers forecast for the next few days and there will be no complaining from people in these parts.


The mornings are now getting darker, the nights cooler and the warmer weather is slowly but surely slipping away for another six months or so. At this time of year I look back upon the summer and vaguely remember the two week 40 degree a day heatwave we had and also how often I went swimming at the beach or in a pool. While I’m not a fan of stinging sun hot days I do love the water aspect of summer and this time of year makes me miss it.

Tonight I was thinking about this after I’d run JJ’s bath and he was in it. I carried on with organising dinner and while he’s usually quiet in the bath, tonight he splashed a lot. I’ll tolerate it for a while but if he splashes too much then water goes everywhere and the bathroom floor’s dangerous when wet. So I put up with it for a while and went in and asked him to stop. Out I went and shortly after he started again. When I went back to ask him to stop it again, as now it was more a matter of principle that he hadn’t listened to me, and he could see I was serious as I have that look.

That look Here’s that look.

Unfortunately, as this photo shows, he’s snapped me when I have that look and I wonder that he doesn’t always take me seriously.

I walked off and he yelled out after me, ‘well I haven’t been swimming for a while’. True, he hadn’t and this is when I reflected back over the summer and wondered if we’d get another swim in before it starts getting too cold.

Later on tonight I spoke to a friend to organise what’s happening this Saturday. We’re playing in a gig together you see, with the ukuleles again you see. She said to come down to her place earlier (the gig’s near her place), and then she mentioned the word swim.

Being the quick thinker I am, I said we’ll come down early enough to go for a swim with you and then come back and we can practise together.

It’s a done deal, and the temperature’s going to be in the high 20s on Saturday so it won’t be a hardship at all. JJ will be rapt.

Big Brother 2008 – live blogging launch night

So, Big Brother 2008 – will it be the same? I don’t think so. Mmmm, time will tell.

Intro from the hosts Kyle and Jackie. They say there’s new hosts, new house, new set. Wooo woooo.

They showed some auditions that didn’t make it, the typical get naked I’m so out there auditions.

The housemates are corralled together, actually they’re separated in small cubicles so they can’t see one another or talk with each other. The camera scans all the housemates. Kyle makes a comment – ‘hallo baby look at that one’, puhlease, do we need these type of remarks.

I think Kyle will be the bad loudmouth cop and Jackie will be the reasonable good cop.

Tour of the house with Jackie – combi van, tree swing, small pool, door of clouds (mystery), animal farm – plastic animals, the actual house is taped and locked up so no tour there. Gates aren’t just locked for us, but probably the housemates by the sounds of it.

Terri, grandmother, 52, likes Pauline Hanson. Was a single mum for a long time – one good parent is better than two crappy ones she says. Her grandson is the light of her life. She’s the oldest housemate ever in BB Australia. Everyone thinks she’s a cranky old grandmother but she thinks she’s nice. Kyle reckons they’d get on well. She has very strong opinions about everything.

Saxon, council worker, 22. He’s into conspiracy theories. He once saw a UFO and comes back to the same spot once a week to have a look for another one. His mates thinks he’s out there, but he thinks the truth is out there. He’s a council worker and admits he doesn’t do much work and says it’s not hard work at all. I’d say he’s out of a job when he gets kicked out the house. He’ll do what he wants to do. Nobody’s going to stop him.

Terri enters the house. Kyle says, ‘Nana, straight to the kitchen.’

Confidential info from BB who says that one of the housemates will get evicted from the house TONIGHT.

Saxon enters the house and meets Terri. Terri comments on Saxon’s tattoos and muscles and shows him her biceps.

Tour inside the house with Jackie – diary room (complete makeover). The lounge – question mark shaped lounge. Dining room – meals delivered on a conveyor belt and they have to be there in time to catch the food. Housemates have a locker with a false back so BB can take stuff when he pleases. The bedroom is just one giant bed.

Bianca, student, 18 – describes herself as more than bitch boobs and brains. Some men trip over things when they see her walking down the street (because her boobs are huge). Her boobs are not fake! Wiser than most 18 year olds she reckons. She’s a bit mumsy but can also dance for hours around the pool table. Kyle is speechless when he sees her, I mean her tits. She puts Kyle in his place when he asks her if she’ll be sunbaking – calls him creepy.

Back at house – Terri also thinks there’s something out there. Bianca walks in. Saxon’s very pleased with her (boobs).

Nobbi, student, 21. Has a daily facial routine which he thinks will be a problem in the house. Afraid of spending a long period of time in the house with girls because of the bitchiness but he wouldn’t mind Victoria Secret girls.

Nobbi enters the house. That’s an unusal name Terri says.

Brigitte, waitress, 20. Barbie because of the say she looks (long blonde hair). She’s a Paris Hilton wannabe. Her most prized possession is her boobs. She likes her hair extensions and makeup. Kyle thinks she’s hot too. I’m going to get sick, no – I’m already sick, of Kyle’s sexist remarks.

Back at the house, the tattoo on Saxon’s neck says dirt instead of warrior according to Nobbi.

BB says the rules are that there are no rules. And the eviction will happen overnight.

Brigitte enters the house. Saxon is again very happy and looking for very smug. Terri wonders if her dress could have been shorter.

Alice, doctor, 24. She’s a vet and always wanted to be a vet. Lazy people annoy her. She thinks BB will be an amazing experience. She has a very shiny face. She hates spiders.

Travis, marketing coordinator, 22. The one with the high pitched annoying voice. He gets a lot of comments about his voice. He’s self-described as very upbeat and positive. Kyle asks him why his voice is so high and Travis says he’s happy with it. Jackie says his voice is endearing. He’s not allowed to talk until he gets to the house.

Alice and Travis enter the house. Saxon has yet another big smile, at Alice this time.

Rory, bricklayer, 21. Maaate! He’s going to do a trip round Australia pub by pub when he finishes his apprenticeship. He wants a wife and a mistress one day and wants to succeed.

Rory enters the house. Admits he’s terrible with names and straight away Brigitte introduces everyone.

Renee, Abattoir worker, 22. Loves playing footy. She’s loud, talks a lot and doesn’t like dishonest people. Doesn’t like princess type girls because they’re usually bitchy.

Renee enters the house. Introductions all round.

Rima, Belly dancer, 25. She’s a normal person but shrunk (1 metre tall – she’s shorter than my son). Married to Karl (full size). Honesty gets her into trouble sometimes. She has a potty mouth.

Rima enters the house. Housemates are talking to plastic animals and Rory gets told to pull up his pants. Terri’s concerned that the toilet will be too high for Rima.

Cross to Mikey and Bree to talk about Friday Night Live but they can’t say anything anyway. Bree reckons the housemates are on an even playing field but I’m wondering about Rima. Fitzy comes out and spills some ‘secrets’.

Ben, student, 19. Smart student with good marks throughout school. Self confessed stereotypical geek. Success with girls? Needs women with depth. He’s done pretty well in the past with some dry patches. He thinks people will like him because he has an ability to keep his shirt on unlike many other Aussie blokes.

Ben enters the house. Others more interested in talking to everyone else than him, but they do introduce themselves.

Dixie, Mental Health Worker, 21. Loves tomato sauce and has with salads. She’s Australian Aboriginal. She’s not just a black fella, but also an Aussie. Apparently Dixie knows Renee, but neither know that each other is in the house.

Dixie enters the house. Dixie and Renee kiss and hug and Dixie introduces herself to everyone else.

Rebecca, Waitress, 22. Loves motivating other people. She doesn’t hate fat people (awful laugh). SHe doesn’t like showering without her thongs (flipflops) on. Give everything 100% and you’ll be sure to dominate. She reckons she’ll fix people’s dirty habits.

David, Fire Fighter, 32. Was raised in a religious sect (Exclusive Brethren) for first 19 years of his life. He’s ready to be incarcerated again. He can’t share a meal with his family anymore but his freedom is priceless. He was a cop but is now a firefighter. He was married for two years but is now divorced.

Rebecca and David (the last two housemates) enter the house. Actually they haven’t entered the house yet. BB welcomes the housemates. He points out that the house is out of bounds. He tells them the first surprise is a bad one. BB tells them that they must decide whose experience will be over by tomorrow. They have to decide who must be evicted. The house will remain closed until they decide who will be evicted. This is the first of several snap evictions.

Jackie doesn’t want anyone to go, but perhaps Brigitte will go because the girls might turn on her. Kyle doesn’t want any of his favourites to go (read any gorgeous girls).

Over and out for the launch show.

Time to go for some reality tv?

The likes of Big Brother and the various Idols have been around for a few years now and every year as I sit down to watch them I remember what I didn’t like about them. Usually they follow the same old format even while promising something you’ve never seen before. Big Brother Australia has got two new hosts this year from radio which I don’t think will help revive it at all and they keep putting the same types of people into the house which does not add any interest whatsoever.

Australian Idol’s losing its popularity and there’s only so many singers available in Australia to make it any good so they’re expanding their search for Australians in Los Angeles and London, which I wrote about over on the Aussie Bloggers blog.

No doubt I’ll watch some of these shows, but not fanatically. I reserve my fanaticism for The Amazing Race.


My second post on the Aussie bloggers blog is now up. It’s about So You Think You Can Dance – the Australian version with a bit about reality tv thrown in. Those who regularly read this blog might know that I’m a bit of a reality tv tragic.

At the moment I’m watching The Amazing Race. This would have to be my favourite reality tv show. I love the dynamics between the teams and I hope ‘Bama’ win. I think this series was shown ages ago in the States because some of the people in this series were in the all stars series which I’ve already seen. I could go online and see who wins but the anticipation would be taken away from me.

Big Brother will start in the next few months or so and, yes, I’ll admit I’ve watched the Australian version since its inception but how will it be this year with the two new hosts? At least they won’t contaminate the daily show and the eviction show normally bores me to tears anyway.