Here’s for a divine 2009

After my last post I’m happy to report that my down in the dumps feeling didn’t last too long. Christmas day came and went and it was quite pleasant. The whole family came to my place (except for niece and nephews who spent the day with their father) and we ate, talked and played Eye Toy on the Playstation.

Christmas table

Apart from ants invading my cut up roast chicken (fortunately it could be saved) the day could be classified as a success.

Since then I’ve been away for three days visiting friends and family. I caught up with an old school friend I haven’t seen for 25 years. It seems like such a long time when I consider that some people I know are this age.

I became an expert at making strawberry daiquiris and substituted strawberries for mango for one round which was also very delicious. I can also say that I’m having some alcohol free days because I’ve consistently been drinking and it makes for a much clearer head.

By the time New Year’s Eve came around I was really tired and compounded this by going to a friends place in the afternoon for a catchup, dinner, and then driving down the hill to the other party I was invited to. It was really good timing because fireworks were happening at Brighton and I wish I’d pulled over and whipped out my camera. I didn’t pull over and I didn’t have my camera so I don’t have any beautiful fireworks photos.

I walked into a room full of teenagers at the next party and I now know what I’m up for in eight or so years time if I drag my son along to a party in town. He’ll just want to go to Glenelg to run amok with his friends and he’ll nag and nag me until we fight about it. This is what I witnessed happening with the teenagers at this party. Some were allowed to go to Glenelg for various reasons and the others weren’t for various reasons. JJ was really well behaved with his young friends and was safely tucked upstairs watching The Incredibles when midnight struck. I wish he’d crashed out like his two mates but he was sitting with his eyes glued to the screen. It was a good excuse for me to leave after the inevitable anti-climax at midnight.

I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until 10.30 the next morning and I can’t even blame a hangover as I’d driven the night before and drunk very little.

I’ve had another little trip out of town which I’ll blog about later and now JJ is doing Vacswim. I used to do vacswim when I was a kid and it lasted for two whole weeks. Now it’s on for seven days, not ten which is short-changing our kids. At least I got in early this year and pre-enroled which meant that I got in at an early time. Last year we couldn’t get in until an 11am session which really ate into the day, but this morning we were home by around 11. We will be using the extra days where he doesn’t have to go to vacswim to go away to the coast for a few days before I have to go back to work.

I’ve also been tidying out cupboards. This is something I really ought to do more often. I cleaned out a pantry shelf that hasn’t been touched since I moved in ten years ago and there was so much stuff that was out of date it’s embarrassing to write about it. I’ve never lived in one place for such a long time since I was a kid so moving fairly constantly meant I would clean up every time I moved. Now that I’m staying put for a while means I have to just clean up, throw things away and put things back in their spot.

One thing I did find was my son’s other grandmother’s address. She lives in London and I’ve never met her but JJ’s father gave it to me a while back and when I tried to find it last year I couldn’t and thought I’d lost it forever. When I did one of my cupboard cleanouts I found it.

I want to send a couple of photos and a short letter to him via her address just to say that he’s growing up very nicely thank you and I’d like his contact details just so we have them on hand if JJ wants to contact him. What do you think? I don’t feel a pressing need to talk to him, I just want JJ to be able to contact him and perhaps meet him one day when he’s ready.

I’ve been reading about others’ grand plans for 2009 and I can’t say I’ve really got any. I’ve got some vague ideas, one of which I’ll be chatting to some friends about tonight, but nothing definite.

Other than that I want to do short trips away with JJ, and perhaps the dog. I’ve never been on the Great Ocean Road and this could be a good thing to do in the next lot of school holidays. Now that I’m nearly eligible to accrue 15 days a year long service leave, this gives me two extra weeks a year’s leave I can use toward doing things like this. Mmmmm.

Spyro, and Christmas dumps

During a weak moment the other day I bought a new Playstation 2 game. I ummed and arred over this because I have it on good authority that JJ is getting some other video games for his Playstation this christmas but I gave in. It was a toss up between The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon and the new Crash Bandicoot game but JJ chose Spyro.

It’s a two player game so we’ve already wasted more hours than we probably should have on the game. I justify it to myself by saying that we’re on holidays and this is the sort of thing you’re supposed to do, spend time in front of a screen trying to figure out how to kill all those baddies.

Because it is a two player game we have to work together and we have huge arguments about where to go next and what to do next, but when it comes to the crunch, ie defeating those baddies, the teamwork effort comes to the fore and we triumph. Well usually.

And it helps having another mind on the game so when the generation X one fails, the seven year old one comes through. Yesterday Spryo and Cynder were in the enchanted forest. We’d found the key, unlocked the orb thingies to get to the raft to do the rescue and for the life of us couldn’t figure out how to get the damn raft moving. One dragon (Spyro or Cynder) could grab hold of the raft but not both of them. We tried one and two player mode and still nothing worked.

I’d just come out to the kitchen to look on the internet to try and solve the problem while JJ played around and he found out how to do it. Because these dragons can fly, one dragon was anchored to the raft and the other dragon flew and dragged the raft along. They dragons are anchored to each other by a line and the line only stretches so far.

I don’t know that I would have the patience to have figured this out myself, not without leaving the game for some time, but JJ figured it out. Clever boy.

When we finished the game Spyro: A new beginning I found that fairly frustrating because it wasn’t always clear where you had to go and it happens here too. I think something should be built in, some sort of timer, so that if you’re lost and have been lost for some time a clue comes up, or an option for a clue is available.

My other frustration with this game is that the two dragons look very similar in colour so when they are fighting the baddies it’s hard to tell which dragon you are in two player mode.

It’s a playstation free day today because we have other things to do around here like prepare for family on christmas day.

I’ve spent the morning waiting over half an hour just to buy prawns and then spent some time driving around the supermarket carpark to get the last bits and pieces I need for tomorrow.

And I feel really down today. Yesterday a friend rang at midday to invite me to drinks last night with them and some mutual friends who are in town. Drinks would be at their place but I wasn’t allowed to take JJ even though he would be in bed. It made me feel really unwanted and unloved. I know my son would have been no problem and I didn’t really see her problem with it.

Then I found out that another friend had a party recently that I wasn’t invited to. I’m not a really close friend but they did come to a party I had and we live fairly close to each other and get on very well. Again I felt really unwanted and unloved. It’s hard to switch off from these feelings and it’s not how I want to spend a couple of days that are supposed to be fun.

My posting frequency will be very light on here over the next couple of weeks so enjoy your holidays everyone.

The last DVD giveaway winner

Thanks to the people who commented to win the last of the DVDs. Using my tried and tested number picker (my son picks a number), the winner, is commenter number 4 – M&B.

If you could please contact me via my contact form and let me know your address and I’ll post the DVD to you.

Thanks to EntertainmeTV for the opportunity to do these giveaways.

For now, I must go and do some gardening and other household duties.

Three months old

This was when JJ was three months old at my birthday barbeque. I can’t believe I organised a barbeque for my birthday when JJ was so little. I haven’t had a barbeque for ages and I’m seven years into this motherhood thing.

The fog after having a newborn had lifted for me one month earlier and I felt half human again. I’d lost all my baby weight and actually looked fairly good. He’d also started sleeping at night and, finally, during the day which helped enormously. I was hugely focused on getting him to sleep in those early months and it paid large dividends. I could take him to parties and put him to bed and not be worried about him waking up and never going back to sleep. If I couldn’t have done that then I would have had NO social life.

I do remember at this barbeque feeling really lacking socially. I’d been out of practise and had forgotten how to do small talk. Small talk is not one of my strong points anyway but I felt quite socially awkward and it wasn’t very nice.

It took a while, and a few more social outings, to regain some of that back. I wonder if I was alone in this or have any mothers who read this felt the same thing when they became mums for the first time?


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My handbag dump

It was kind of fortuitous that Guera tagged me to do this meme as I’d been meaning to show off my new handbag for a little while now.

A while back I mentioned that I wanted one of these bags and I did go ahead and get myself one for my birthday. I think it’s the most I’ve ever spent on an everyday bag. There was that time in London when I spent 130 pounds on an evening bag which, for me, is just absurd but then it was a very strange time in my life. It was around the time I got pregnant and I may have even been pregnant.

I’m like Guera in that I don’t have a gazillion handbags that I rotate all the time so the one bag I do use daily has to be very hard wearing and very functional.

Back to the meme. I’m supposed to show the contents of my handbag. All I left out was the snotty tissues and the tampons.

I’ve got a Coles/Myer voucher (a pressie from work), my sunnies case with my sunnies, mobile phone, earplugs, spectacles, Body Shop vanilla perfume, USB stick, stick-on tattoo, a box of dried fruit in case of emergency (my son’s stomach emergency that is) work’s access card, shopping lists and childcare bill, pens, green tea bag.

This closeup shows my lip balm – Carmex – the best lip balm ever, a couple of lipsticks and a lip pencil and my bus pass.

I try to keep my bag fairly uncluttered but it does also fit a bottle of water in it when needed.

I’m piking out by not passing this on, but please feel free to let us have a nosy in your handbag.


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Stationery and a Day of Des’s

Either someone knows about my stationery fetish or the junk mail people were being extraordinarily kind, but today when I got home this little case of sticky notes was in my letterbox.

There’s every single kind of sticky note you can imagine and they’re all mine. Although someone should tell my son that because he’s already opened one of them, but I figure I can afford to be generous.

As for the Day of Des’s that happened last Friday.

I bumped into my ex-boyfriend’s dad, Des, in the Central Market on Friday. I got on really well with my ex-boyfriend’s family and I’m kind of sad that I don’t see them that much any more. This Des wrote a book a while back and I helped out a bit with the typing up of handwritten notes so got a mention in the thankyou section and a copy of the book which I really enjoyed.

Later on in the afternoon as we were about to head off to circus school a man was pulling out of the laneway next to my house and stopped in front of my house. I recognised him as the previous occupant of this house and, you guessed it, his name is Des. He still visits the doctor nearby. We had a brief chat and off he went.

This is the Des that used to save everything he could lay his hands on in the hope that it would be useful one day and when I moved in he left a lot of it with me. I got people to cart some away as their own useful rubbish and hired two mini skips to fill up with the rest. Now my backyard is an actual garden rather than a junkyard. I guess it helped keep the price of the house down which suited me at the time.

And so ended my Day of Des’s.


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