Three months old

This was when JJ was three months old at my birthday barbeque. I can’t believe I organised a barbeque for my birthday when JJ was so little. I haven’t had a barbeque for ages and I’m seven years into this motherhood thing.

The fog after having a newborn had lifted for me one month earlier and I felt half human again. I’d lost all my baby weight and actually looked fairly good. He’d also started sleeping at night and, finally, during the day which helped enormously. I was hugely focused on getting him to sleep in those early months and it paid large dividends. I could take him to parties and put him to bed and not be worried about him waking up and never going back to sleep. If I couldn’t have done that then I would have had NO social life.

I do remember at this barbeque feeling really lacking socially. I’d been out of practise and had forgotten how to do small talk. Small talk is not one of my strong points anyway but I felt quite socially awkward and it wasn’t very nice.

It took a while, and a few more social outings, to regain some of that back. I wonder if I was alone in this or have any mothers who read this felt the same thing when they became mums for the first time?


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My handbag dump

It was kind of fortuitous that Guera tagged me to do this meme as I’d been meaning to show off my new handbag for a little while now.

A while back I mentioned that I wanted one of these bags and I did go ahead and get myself one for my birthday. I think it’s the most I’ve ever spent on an everyday bag. There was that time in London when I spent 130 pounds on an evening bag which, for me, is just absurd but then it was a very strange time in my life. It was around the time I got pregnant and I may have even been pregnant.

I’m like Guera in that I don’t have a gazillion handbags that I rotate all the time so the one bag I do use daily has to be very hard wearing and very functional.

Back to the meme. I’m supposed to show the contents of my handbag. All I left out was the snotty tissues and the tampons.

I’ve got a Coles/Myer voucher (a pressie from work), my sunnies case with my sunnies, mobile phone, earplugs, spectacles, Body Shop vanilla perfume, USB stick, stick-on tattoo, a box of dried fruit in case of emergency (my son’s stomach emergency that is) work’s access card, shopping lists and childcare bill, pens, green tea bag.

This closeup shows my lip balm – Carmex – the best lip balm ever, a couple of lipsticks and a lip pencil and my bus pass.

I try to keep my bag fairly uncluttered but it does also fit a bottle of water in it when needed.

I’m piking out by not passing this on, but please feel free to let us have a nosy in your handbag.


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Stationery and a Day of Des’s

Either someone knows about my stationery fetish or the junk mail people were being extraordinarily kind, but today when I got home this little case of sticky notes was in my letterbox.

There’s every single kind of sticky note you can imagine and they’re all mine. Although someone should tell my son that because he’s already opened one of them, but I figure I can afford to be generous.

As for the Day of Des’s that happened last Friday.

I bumped into my ex-boyfriend’s dad, Des, in the Central Market on Friday. I got on really well with my ex-boyfriend’s family and I’m kind of sad that I don’t see them that much any more. This Des wrote a book a while back and I helped out a bit with the typing up of handwritten notes so got a mention in the thankyou section and a copy of the book which I really enjoyed.

Later on in the afternoon as we were about to head off to circus school a man was pulling out of the laneway next to my house and stopped in front of my house. I recognised him as the previous occupant of this house and, you guessed it, his name is Des. He still visits the doctor nearby. We had a brief chat and off he went.

This is the Des that used to save everything he could lay his hands on in the hope that it would be useful one day and when I moved in he left a lot of it with me. I got people to cart some away as their own useful rubbish and hired two mini skips to fill up with the rest. Now my backyard is an actual garden rather than a junkyard. I guess it helped keep the price of the house down which suited me at the time.

And so ended my Day of Des’s.


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Concert number 2 and a clown outfit

It was really a performance, not so much a concert, of JJ’s circus school. He got bad stage fright during the rehearsal but I knew that he was stressing out about the performance and sure enough he did really well during the actual performance.

The theme was circus and they were able to dress up if they wanted. I found a cheap clown wig and one day before the performance I found myself in my local op shop looking for something suitable. There were plenty of fairy/ballet type outfits, but nothing befitting a circus performer.

I asked the manger if she could think of anything and she produced the perfect pair of overalls. I think these are actually meant for a woman, and I’m guessing a pregnant woman, and either a very short pregnant woman or they’re supposed to be big overall shorts.

The beginnings of a clown costume

With some pom-pom decorations sewn on that night, I managed to make it a bit more colourful. And here’s the finished outfit. The beauty of it is that he’ll be able to wear it again. All up, including the wig, it cost $10.

The clown

The group did some trampoline work to start with.


And then they had their solo acts. Three weeks ago, JJ had never ever done this. See the concentration on his face. If you’d seen him earlier you wouldn’t have believed that this would happen. Here’s the video.


All up they did a really good job. Even the pyramid at the end went without a hitch and all the kids had an absolute ball. I think it’s good to get them to do these little performances as it teaches them a lot.

The final pyramid


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Christmas cheer and a facelift

If you’re looking at my actual blog rather than via a feed reader you’ll notice that my site has had a facelift. My weblog banner has been the same for a while now and it was time for a change.

Here’s the old one.

I decided to go with red/orange and green in keeping with Christmas type colours but I didn’t do traditional Christmas holly, decorations etc for two reasons. One is that I probably won’t get around to changing it after Christmas in a timely manner and, two, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘traditional’ Christmas decorations. In fact it makes me feel a bit alien (tying in nicely with my new banner). I used the brushes from Smashing Magazine’s website.

I also decided to change my ‘look’ in response to SueBlimeley’s spreading the Christmas cheer. I’m trying my hardest to get into the spirit! It seems every year I am dragged somewhat reluctantly into the whole thing. It’s kind of hard to escape so I can understand why it makes some people feel really awful.

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