Christmas Flickr meet

Last weekend JJ and I went up to Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens for the annual SA Central Christmas Flickr meet. I haven’t met up with the group since about March because of other commitments. The Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens are a beautiful spot for a picnic which we had first before we strolled around taking more photos.

Flickr Christmas meet

This little girl was the photographic star of the show.

Like this dad?

Working the camera

JJ and I lost the rest of the group when this happened but met up with them at the end before we all left.

Lone flower

Through the leaves

Even thought it was mostly an overcast and cool day I still got a bit sunburned which was silly as I’d packed my sunscreen.

See the rest of the photos here.

Six by six

I’ve been tagged to do a 6 x 6 meme by Shai Coggins. You need to:

1. Find your 6th photo folder (hard drive or online)
2. Find the 6th photo in that folder.
3. Share the photo on your blog and give the details of the photo.
4. Tag 5 folks to do the same.

So using Flickr I went six sets back from the beginning and counted six photos in from the beginning of that set. This was it.

It’s JJ at Christmas 2005 when he was four and he got a little piano with a microphone. For some reason I don’t mind noisy toys like this to a point. The point being that they’re used away from me after the noise becomes too grating.

The hands gotta move too!

So, the meme said to find your 6th photo folder and I didn’t know whether it was from the earliest or latest. Therefore I did both and it came up with yet another photo of JJ. What a coincidence, but then my Flickr account consists of a lot of photos of my boy. As I said to a colleague who was looking through my photos the other day it’s a document of his life, just like this blog.

Here he is at the beginning of this year after we’d been to the Martime Museum at Port Adelaide on the top of the nearby lighthouse.

Top of the lighthouse

Now I’m supposed to pass this onto five more people to do with what they will. So, Tiff, Trish, Jeanie, Kikolani and Cellobella, over to you.


Things just move too quickly and I just want things to slow down.

Just when I think things are settled at work, things change – some good and some not so good.

It’s mid-November and before I know it Christmas will be here and it freaks me out every year about what to get people for presents. I’ve organised my son’s, but that’s it.

I’ve been doing a course for the last ten weeks or so which has taken up much more of my time than I ever envisaged. At least it’s shown me that there’s no way I want to go and do further university study at this stage. I have an exam for this course early next week and then that’s over and I can concentrate more on this website again. There’s a few things I want to do with it and I know I’ve been neglecting it.

I don’t know if the time flying by thing is just because I’m getting older and that’s what happens? How is it that I’m doing much much more now than I was in my 20s and this isn’t including being a mum. How can I not do the things I’m doing?

I sometimes think about what I can cut out of my life. Work’s gotta stay. House maintenance has gotta stay. My son’s gotta stay. I’ve got to spend some time with my friends. I’ve got to spend time with my hobbies, like this blog, ukulele playing and the odd bit of photography. It’s hard to find time for those extra projects, like doing extra stuff around the house, and washing the car etc.

I find that when things have been frantic for a while that if I don’t take some time just to sit back and relax that I get sick which then forces me to relax, but I feel crap so what’s the point of that?

So I’ve established that time’s going too quickly and that I don’t want to cut things out of my life so I guess all that’s left is managing what time I have better. That sounds like hard work.

Maybe I should look at websites like Time Management from Mind Tools or this from Personal time management guide, but I haven’t got the time just yet.

What’s your best time management tip/s?

First baby tooth gone

Today marked a momentous occasion in the JC household. JJ finally lost his first tooth. He’s nearly seven and a half and is the last of his classmates to have reached this milestone.

It’s been loose for some time and this morning it was at a right angle to where it was supposed to be and I knew it wouldn’t take long.

He was eating popcorn at school today and out it came then. It’s now home so maybe the tooth fairy might visit here, although JJ said he doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy. He’d like some cash though. Dilemma!

Has the tooth fairy visited your household? It never did mine as a kid.

First baby tooth gone

New beginnings

When I moved into my house I had to clear a lot of junk from the yard as a hoarder used to live here. Consequently there wasn’t much of a garden. All I really had was a grapevine and an orange tree. A lot’s happened in the ten years I’ve been living here and at this time of the year the fruits of my efforts come to the fore.

Part of the garden makeover involved planting two native frangipani trees which look glorious this time of the year with their small yellow flowers.

Native Frangipani

I have numerous bulbs too but they don’t always flower and this year everything has.

My bearded irises had taken a break for a couple of years.

Bearded iris

And so had this plant, a red Hippeastrum.

Some sort of bulb

While I was walking around my garden taking photos I noticed one lone hibiscus flower on one of the bushes.


Last but not least this cactus is having its first year flowering. A friend bought it for me quite a few years ago and I’ve never seen it flower before.

Cactus flower

Thank goodness

I rarely talk about politics here and I don’t know that I even mentioned how happy I was at the results of the last Australian election, but I can’t let today go by without mentioning how happy I am about the results of the US election.

Thank goodness America, you got it right this time.

It’s been hard, even all the way over here, not to know that the election was happening in the States around now.  We’ve probably had more press about it in mainstream media than we did about the Australian election last year but, bloody hell, it was an important election.

Also because I read lots of blogs etc from people who live in the States it’s been hard to avoid from that aspect also.

I hoped from the beginning that Obama would win and then thought he was onto a pretty sure thing when Palin was announced as McCain’s offsider. I still don’t quite get that decision.

I was sitting watching the 7.30 Report on television tonight and beaming at it while Barack Obama made his acceptance speech in Chicago. I also watched a household of African Americans dancing in their home in absolute joy at the outcome. All the political commentators that Kerry O’Brien from the 7.30 Report spoke to were ecstatic also. Is it just me or does it look like Professor Allan Lichtman wears a wig? When I first saw him I thought it was a joke and then I realised he was for real. He obviously knows his politics, but he needs a better hairdresser.

Nobody I have spoken to here wanted McCain to win, but then nobody admitted to voting for John Howard in previous Australian elections either.

Now we all sit and wait (probably not for too long if the experts have any say in it) to see what changes come about.

Thank goodness!