Putting things in perspective

Sunset at South Port. Day 235/365.

When I wrote the post on Monday about mourning, I had no  idea of the events about to unfold in Boston. Terrible, terrible news.

It makes the petty annoyances in my life quite insignificant.

At the moment I’m waiting on Telstra to come to my house and do some work. They’ll be here between 8 and 12 they said. I’m supposed to be at work today. No they can’t narrow down the time or give me the technician’s number. Perhaps I could have someone wait here for me they said. No I can’t. And I want to be here to make sure things are done as I expect. Yes, a petty annoyance, but at least I’m alive.

I caught the tram into work yesterday. We have a new ticketing system and the tram conductors are no more so it relies on the honesty of people. Yet, many people just hop on the tram and don’t even try to buy a ticket from the machine. This really annoys me as a paying commuter. And I’m a standing commuter too. Perhaps I would have a seat if none of these non-paying people were on the tram. Yes, petty I know.

My contract at work runs out in ten weeks and there’s been no indication that it will be extended. Okay, so this is a bit more than a petty annoyance because I hate being out of work. It’s not the best time to be out of work so I’m not looking forward to potentially not having a job to go into after this contract. I was optimistic that something would turn up until a friend talked doom and gloom to me about the job market. I wish he hadn’t!

My petty annoyances aside, I wish that people would stop shooting, bombing and killing other people. I’ll never understand it. It just makes me sad. But as always the good people shine through in situations like this. I’ve read in more than one place about people running towards the injured in Boston after the bombs went off instead of running further away. That’s the good side of us humans and I like that.