Down my street

I love this time of year when the purple flowering plants are in full swing – the Jacarandas and the Agapanthus.

Jacaranda time of year. Day 330/366.

I don’t mind wading through a sea of purple.

Purple paved streets. Day 331/366.

Then the view is ruined by this, although, luckily not a common occurrence.

Burnt out car. Day 326/366.

Good morning Wordless Wednesday. All those other words are in me waiting to come out – really.


  1. says

    you’re so right, that isn’t much of a pleasent way to start the morning.
    glad it’s not a regular occurance, hope it wasn’t too disstressing.
    visiting via ww. love you to stop by and say hello.

  2. says

    There is something magical about a carpet of Jacaranda flowers. We have lots in Brisbane however I can’t get my Agapanthus to flower. I know they are super hardy, so it must be me!

  3. says

    I don’t know why, but my email subscription of your blog seems to be running a day late!! I love Jacarandas – but the association up here for ANYONE who has ever studied in Brisbane is exams…

    My hippies have just finished flowering, and the frangipannis are going full tilt at the moment – it does get hot over summer and all but the alyssium hide from the sun, but the fringe seasons get a lot of compensation.

    As to the car – needs new seat covers…? I can’t stand the selfishness of such an act – where do some people get off?