Time – where does it go?

Time 'a ticking. Day 302/366.

I’m sitting down finally having a moment to myself. This weekend has been full-on and I’m looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

I worked on Friday, arrived home and went and did a quick shop as there was no other time I could go until this afternoon.

I got home from that and took JJ to baseball practise. Normally I hang around but I ducked home to get ready for the workshop I ran yesterday afternoon showing a group  of editors what social media is about and how they can possibly use it. During this the right mouse button on my mouse died and I’m not a fan of the laptop’s mouse so I finished up a bit early and went to Officeworks to get a new on on the way to collect the lad.

I got him home from baseball practise, shoved some food down his gullet and sent him off to Scouts. This gave me time to wash the dishes and tidy up a bit and get ready for the next day.

Off we went early on Saturday morning to cricket, hoping like crazy that all the Adelaide pageant goers hadn’t pinched parking spots we’d need near the parklands. We were in luck.

After cricket we got home, he had a quick shower and we both had a quick bite to eat.

I dropped him off at a friend’s and went into the city for my workshop. I’d worked out which way to get in so I avoided road closures. I completely forgot about this until I arrived at one such road closure and had to go a long way out of my way.

Because I was short on time I parked in a very expensive carpark.

The workshop went down really well from all accounts I’ve heard about and it was a relief to put it behind me.

I picked up the lad afterwards, got home and then a couple of friends rocked up here to rehearse something we’re doing for a friend’s wedding next weekend.

They left. We had dinner. I drank a couple too many probably and went to bed a bit later than I would have liked.

Baseball this morning. Lunch at a bakery on the way to aforementioned friend’s to practise something else for her wedding.

Stopped after that at the pet shop to buy some food for the dog that she will hopefully eat. She’s off her food. Trying not to think about her rapid decline but kind of have to because I don’t want her to starve to death.

Housework ensued and now it’s 6pm and the meat I want to use for meatballs is still mostly frozen. Damn.

I’m off to work tomorrow and hope to relax over the next few days.


  1. Hazel Edmunds aka @careersinfo says

    Made me feel tired reading it. Well done.
    Sorry to hear about Monty. Expecting it and it happening are two very different things whether a it’s a family pet or a human.
    Lots of love from us humans, Jack and Sion.

    • says

      Thank you. I have a feeling it won’t be too much longer. I think she knows that too, which is why she’s got to be as close to us as much as possible.