No sense no feeling?

Swimming on a winter's day. Day 271/365.

Sunday, 21 August 2011, Day 271/365.

We’ve been having some lovely weather here considering it’s the tail end of winter. I remember August as still being fairly cold but it’s been more like spring weather.

This has meant good walking weather along the beach and it’s meant I’ve dug out my thongs (flip-flops) to wear instead of shoes.

However, JJ decided to wear boardshorts and get into the water last weekend. I couldn’t believe that he immersed himself and went swimming. He didn’t even have a towel to dry off but then because the sun was shining and because he was constantly moving he didn’t really need a towel.

Near where The Surfer lives, the Onkaparinga River goes out into the sea and when the tide is going out it means there’s a great current in the river so the water moves you along – a bit like the lazy river in Waterbom Park in Kuta. JJ did this at least twice and he stated more than once that the water was warm. Rubbish.

I enjoyed watching him splash about and have a great time though.