Little holiday

A week ago we got back from five days away. Two of the five days involved driving which I had been dreading because of the children in the backseat, but a portable dvd player works wonders.

It was quite a lovely drive scenery wise the closer we got to our destination, ie Apollo Bay in Victoria. It was also quite wet in parts. This photo was taken just out of Colac as we were driving, and no, I wasn’t driving while snapping a photo.

Big rain cloud near Colac, Victoria. Day 87/365.

The rain soon cleared and we had the drive through the Otway Ranges down to Apollo Bay. I’ve never been there before and it’s a beautiful spot with the hills as a backdrop to the ocean.

We had a house just near Apollo Bay with a view to the ocean. The moon treated us to its fullness on the second night. It was quite spectacular.

Moon rising over Apollo Bay

The main reason we had been invited along was to accompany our friends because one of them was riding in the Otway Odyssey, a 100km mountain bike race through the Otway Ranges.

The weather wasn’t very kind to the bike riders and while we waited at the finishing line for him we could see on the other riders how muddy it had been along the ride. The people below are waiting in line, in the rain, to get their bikes washed because the mud’s caked on.

After the Otway Odyssey

Otway Odyssey - no 829

The bike race was on the Saturday which left us one full day to do some sightseeing. We went back into the Otway Ranges to the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures for a look around the forest.

Wouldn’t you know it? The forest is so ancient that there are dinosaurs still living there. The kids couldn’t believe it.

Is that really a dinosaur?


The photo below was taken at the top of the viewing platform, one of those get up to the top via the spiral staircase ones. It swayed a bit in the wind too. JJ climbed up it two or three times. I didn’t mind because the more exercise he does the more he might wear himself out.

Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures - at top of viewing platform. Day 90/365.

Otway Fly

In a rainforest there’s going to be fungi.


And some small life.


Unfortunately Monday came around all too quickly and before we knew it we were packed up and in the cars heading back to Adelaide. We went via the Twelve Apostles, or what’s left of the twelve. It was quite windy and quite cool.

Twelve Apostles

At the Twelve Apostles. Day 91/365.


And you don’t want to ignore the signs because you might DIE.

Danger - unstable cliffs

I like going away on holidays and I also really like getting back to my own bed and my own kitchen, albeit a kitchen with a rogue mouse in it.