Weekend off

After much organisation to offload the spawn I went away to Melbourne with two good friends (who’ve just found out that I blog – hi girls).

It started off with hi-jinks (tots of bourbon whiskey) and continued on in fine form. In the taxi on the way to the airport we observed that we three had never been away without children and what a fantastic feeling it was. The two of us who have children are both full-time sole parents and rarely get a break.

Taxi ride

The main reason we went to Melbourne was to see the Painters and Dockers at the Prince of Wales. They were being inducted into the EG Awards Hall of Fame and hadn’t played for 20 years. Part of the awards night was the EG Allstars band allowing us to see some great artists like Tex Perkins, Henry Wagons, Dan Sultan and The Wolfgramm Sisters. Of course I’ve seen Tex before and we’re obviously on first-name terms. But I hadn’t seen the other artists and they were fabulous. Now that I’ve seen the Wolfgramm Sisters I’ve seen them everywhere including the Melbourne Comedy awards the other night on tv.

But the Painters and Dockers. What can I say. It was like stepping into a time warp going back 2o years. Sure, we all look a bit older now but the energy was still there both from the band and from us. I loved it.

Afterwards we hung around chatting to the band and didn’t get back to our accommodation (bless friends of friends who live in a very convenient St Kilda) until around 3am. Having had very little sleep the night before I slept until 11am the next morning. I wasn’t alone in sleeping in mind you. We had promised our hosts that we’d take them out for breakfast but it turned into more of a lunch. A very delicious lunch in the city.


It was across the laneway from this fantastic looking soup bar.

Soup bar

I would love to have spent more time wandering around the laneways taking photos. These shoes left hanging caught my eye.


But there was shopping to be done and more food and coffee to be drunk.


More photo opportunities to be had.


A tram back to St Kilda to be caught and of course it rained. I think it always rains when I go to Melbourne.


Come Saturday evening we could have gone to see Dan Sultan at the Espy but we were too knackered from the previous 24 hours so we hung out at our hosts watching Rockwiz, eating yummy pizza and chatting.

Sunday just flew past and before we knew it we were at the airport waiting for a delayed plane and then on our way home. Back to reality.


  1. Hazel Edmunds says

    Melbourne, the Manchester of the South? The remarkable thing about Manchester is when I go there and it isn’t raining!

  2. says

    Great photos Jen. Although I admit that I regularly frequent that part of town (around Degraves Street by the looks of it) and I’ve never noticed those shoes up there – shall take a better look next time.

    Please come to Melbourne again because we are desperate for more rain! Last weekend was remarkable in the amount we did get … hope more is on its way.