Sick mummy

Last Saturday I woke up with a sore throat.

Saturday evening I stayed at home instead of going out (childfree) with friends because I thought I should rest.

Sunday afternoon I also stayed home instead of going out (non-childfree this time) because I thought I should rest as I still wasn’t feeling so well.

Monday morning I woke up and felt even worse so I stayed home from work. I spent most of the day in bed, or watching television but went to bed that night with an awful headache. So awful that I couldn’t even watch Desperate Housewives.

Tuesday morning I felt even worse so I went to the doctor who charged me $53 to tell me that I have a virus and a salt water gargle should help. I really only went to get a sick certificate because I knew I would have three or more days off from work and that’s what work requires for that amount of sick leave. Ok, so $53 for a sick certificate. At least it wasn’t the swine flu – because that was going through my head also.

Tuesday evening a lovely friend dropped some Panadeine Forte around because the paracetamol just weren’t doing the trick for the headache. In the meantime my appetite had disappeared and what I did eat I threw back up a couple of times – and no I’m not pregnant.

Wednesday mid-morning the headache finally left me and I started to feel marginally better but the fuzzy head remained.

During those three days I’m very glad that JJ was at school because otherwise he would have been occupied with his Playstation and DVDs for most of that time. It was all I could do to throw some lunch together and heat up some slow cooker leftovers I have in the freezer. On the Tuesday when I did wash some dishes I felt shaky and hot afterwards.

I could do some basic things like sprawl on the couch while he did his daily reading – so long as I could lie down it was half bearable. Luckily, apart from some meal preparation, he can be fairly self-sufficient these days because it’s hard work to look after a kid when you’re sick and need looking after yourself. I wanted someone to come in and just let me sit there while they did the running around. These are the times that I really miss not having that someone. There are other times also, but this is just one of those times.

Last year over Easter I woke up one morning and couldn’t stop vomiting and felt a lot worse than I did this week. About 10am (this is on the Good Friday) I knew that even preparing food for JJ would be a problem for me so I rang up a friend and she ended up having him for two nights. Bless her heart.

Today is my first day back at work for the week, and also my last day of work for the week and I have a LOT of work to do. I feel a bit guilty for not being there much this week but realise I couldn’t have functioned at work if I had gone in and Friday’s are my day off my paid job and I deserve that.

I don’t get sick like this very often and knowing that there is light at the end of tunnel makes it somewhat bearable. At least I’m not suffering from some terminal disease. I couldn’t imagine being sick all the time. I don’t want to even think about it because it makes me hope like hell nothing like that ever happens while JJ is dependent on me. Moving on then.

So, how do you cope when you’re feeling sick. You might be kidless, you might not. What’s your tips and tricks for getting through a nasty virus that knocks you out of action for a few days. Do you have any support? Does a friend come round with a casserole (this is something I could start doing for friends when they’re ill – must remember that).


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    I’m glad you are starting to feel better. Sounds like a horrible few days.
    I don’t get sick very often, and when I am, it is usually when my husband is home to take over a bit with Becca. But there was one week where my husband had a stomach bug, and then gave it to our daughter. She was up all night throwing up, and I barely got any sleep. The next night, it was my turn. On top of being miserably sick, Becca wasn’t sleeping well. So every time I had to run to the bathroom, I ended up having to bring her with me. Not fun. Luckily, it didn’t last long, and we were both able to get some sleep.
    If Mark is working when I am sick, Becca and I would curl up on the fold out couch, and watch movies all day. I would pull a couple of drinks, some snacks, and whatever else we might need over to the couch, and we’d just stay there. If she gets down to play, I can still keep an eye on her.
    Hope you get back to 100% soon. Even if you are feeling better, not being all the way back to normal is no fun.

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    Oh man, nothing worse than being that sick – “So awful that I couldn’t even watch Desperate Housewives” – for mine, the doctor should have given you the certificate over the phone after that!! Don’t worry, no-one died.

    When I was doing it solo, down in Brisbane it was okay because I had my posse of other single mothers and old girlfriends who would sail in and save me – and I was very lucky when I moved up here that I found another solo mum to be my saviour on a few migraine related nights of hell.

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    Jeanie, don’t worry I taped DH and watched it the next day. I couldn’t live without it altogether.

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    Margo that’s admirable taking your sick child to the bathroom with you when being sick. I’ve also done days on the couch while supervising my son from that position nearly all day.

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    I think being sick and having to cook and clean for kids, do the school run, etc is just torture.
    Thankfully The Spouse is great when it comes to organising a sick bed to rival those on General Hospital lol and knows cooking utensils in an up close and personal way ;)

    As an aside – check with your work contract but most places will accept a stat dec signed at the police station in place of a sick certificate if you’re ever sick but don’t actually need to see the Dr ;)

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    Jen- I’m not sure if it’s admirable or not, but it was either bring her with me, or listen to her cry from the other room, which makes me feel bad.
    How are you feeling today?

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    I hope you are feeling better but OMG you just explained my week last week. I was in bed all day from Mon to Wed, I lost over 3 kilos and I have 3 children so it was a rough week. My hubby was thankfully on days off so he did everything. I just didn’t move. My daughter asked me did I have swine flu and I said well if it feels any better than this, let me have it! I am going to post about my week like you just have. Its so hard when you are sick because things still need to get done and although hubby was great, I am behind in the housewifey things. Hope you are back on

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    Oh Jen..I’m so sorry you were so sick; but I’m so relieved you’re feeling much better sweetie.

    I wish I could tell you some great stories about when I was raising my kids and what I did when I got sick; but I honestly can’t remember ever being sick when the kids were little. I know that sounds incredible….I guess I was just lucky or something. But then my kids were rarely sick either.

    It’s only until I hit my 50’s really that I started to get quirky little aches and pains. I don’t really get sick now either….like colds and flu….very rare……knock on wood. Watch…now I’ll catch some crazy weird virus and all my hair and teeth will fall out….

    Feel good sweetie…. Love, Joy

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    Farmerswife, hope you’re feeling better now. At least mine was intense but now it’s pretty much gone. I hate it when things linger for ages.

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    Joy, lucky you not getting sick at all when the kids were young. You must have an excellent immune system. Hopefully it stays that way for you.