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If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’ve been blogging at Semantically driven for just over five years now. If you’re new here, now you also know.

As part of my five year blogiversary I came up with the idea to collect people’s blog stories, I call it ‘my Blogging quest‘ and share them here. So far three people have joined in and I’d like to thank them for participating and share an outline of their stories here because they are all so diverse, but yet have some commonalities.

She from She became a butterfly started blogging before I did in 2000 and eventually moved from hosted to self-hosted as so many of us bloggers who want more options than hosted blogging systems do. She calls herself ‘She’ as she wants to stay anonymous because of some issues from a stalker in the past. She also likes the community found during blogging which is so far becoming a common theme. It’s hard to not write the word She here when it’s both a proper noun and a pronoun.

Margo from Writer Mom at Home has also joined in and is a relative newcomer to blogging starting in September last year but similar to ‘She’ above, started with a hosted blog and has now moved to self-hosted and can’t imagine giving up blogging any time soon. Margo’s gone from writing a journal type of blog to realising that blogging offers a whole lot more than that. I can agree with that.

Trish from My Little Drummer Boys has been blogging for nearly four years and started blogging to write about infertility and IVF and continues to do so to keep a record of her and her family’s life and she also learns a lot by reading others’ blogs. I love this quote fromn Trish, ‘Blogging isn’t just about daily dribble’. Trish also likes the community that blogging offers.

I’m an impatient lass and I want more stories please. I’d love it if you spread the word. I just need two more people then I’ll choose one to win a little prize – but a very practical one.


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    Hi Jen, I will put my hand up for this cause then I am accountable to actually do something. Email me and let me know how soon you need something from me. I think this is a wonderful idea and congrats on 5 years of blogging. I hope that I am still going in 5 years time.

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    It’s pretty brave to blog when you have a stalker, even if you don’t use your own name. I would probably just make up a new life and blog about that, for fun.

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    I would like to add my bit as well. I am a virgin blogger with not even 50 posts under my belt. But I am certainly hooked! I started my blog to document our journey from suburbia to farm life, having bought 75 acres and a shed to live in! whilst we built our dream house.

    But my blog is now much more than that. It’s about how I am coping with the ridiculous things that happen to me on the farm, my life, my family and my thoughts overall. I have always been one to journal, I have three pregnancy diaries just waiting to be printed (can’t wait for some of THOSE entries)and a great sense of humour so my blog is often funny, sarcastic and hopefully interesting to some!