Before self-consciousness

I had to use my USB stick at work today and came across these photos on it which I thought I’d share.

It was September 2004 and my son was three and a bit years old. They photos were taken at Peace in the Park in Adelaide by a friend and she only gave them to me a few months ago.

It was a beautiful spring day.

I can see the mind ticking in this one.

What next?

Life is tough in the life of a three year old.

All right mum, I'm coming

After the bands finished playing someone put a CD on and the kids got up and danced. JJ wouldn’t do this now because he’d be embarrassed so it’s good to look back on this.


But then he decided to get his gear off. I haven’t shown the naked bits to protect his privacy but get a load of the look on his face and on the faces of his mates close by. Complete joy.

Getting the gear off

He got completely naked and I just let him go for it. He’d be mortified. I’ve SO much ammunition for a significant birthday down the track.


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    My 10 year old had reached the stage where he is embarrassed if the toddler starts whining or crying in public. Although I understand why he feels this way and know that it is age appropriate, it is sad that he is becoming even more self conscious of what others around him think.

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    Oh wasn’t he a cutie (and he still is) :)

    Having a 3 year old, I know what you mean about the self-consciousness (and any chance to get naked)!

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    very cute Jen … good idea ! I must start the 21st shame file for the littles. I have only a few of my eldest but then it will be pay back ;)

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    M&B – it’s amazing how quickly I’ve forgotten about the getting naked at every opportunity that my son used to have. They change so quickly. That’s why this sort of record is great for our memories.

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    Trish, with the age of the digital camera our childrens’ lives are so much more documented than ours ever were. They’ll hate us for it.