Weekend o’ women


So my weekend away did happen. It didn’t go quite according to plan but then how boring would that be? The main thing is that nothing major happened to prevent me attending the weekend away.

The campground we ended up at was a lot busier than I expected, and a lot larger but it worked out just fine. We chose our spot, warned a couple of neighbours that we might be a bit noisy, and settled in for the weekend.

By the time I got the tent setup it was dark when I sat down to eat my dinner. I think with all the excitement and anticipation I may have slightly over-indulged.

It can’t be a pretty sight to see an adult woman stagger to her tent, fall into it, and have that same woman fall out soon after and start vomiting. No, it’s probably not a pretty sight, and hopefully nobody else saw her. Let’s just say that she suffered a bit the next day but because there was nobody else to worry about except herself it didn’t really matter.

The Saturday night was chock-o-block full of excitement, and fortunately it didn’t involve any of us. Unfortunately for a young man, it involved the medical helicopter coming to retrieve him because he was on the back of a tray top ute while a mate was doing 360s on the gravel. He came off and punctured two lungs, therefore requiring the helicopter to take him back to Adelaide. He’s still in a serious condition according to the paper today.

We had views like this.

Rapid Bay Jetty

And this.

Rapid Bay

I went swimming both days and because there were no shower facilities it was great to get in and wash camping grime off. It was slightly cool, but very invigorating.

I can’t say too much more about what happened on the weekend because it’s secret women’s business, but a nearby camper thought we were colleagues, or a sports team. Naaah, just a bunch of women who go camping once a year without men and without children.

My son coped just fine without me, in fact he hardly thought about me at all he told me as he hugged the life out of me.


  1. says

    Oh my to the young fella who fell of the tray back – when will they learn, hey?

    Glad you had a great weekend and only overindulged slightly!

  2. says

    Yes, when will they learn? I just hope my son thinks before doing anything like this. At least with my overindulging on the first night meant I didn’t on the second and felt fine when it came to packing everything up.

  3. says

    Sounds like an awesome weekend even with a little overindulgence ;)

    Shame some idiots were the entertainment, and even more of a shame it ended in disaster!