If I was to do project 365


If I was to participate in something like taking a photo a day every day for a year, this photo would be today’s.

I was reading about participating in the project, and also on BlogHer, and immediately knew what I wanted to take a photo of, even though I’m not participating in the 365 Flickr group or anything similar.

I might do it one day, or maybe I’ll just give it a bit of a whirl and see what transpires.

I’ve just hung the clothes out on the line and it’s quite warm here today so they won’t take long to dry. Then I’ll be able to fold up and put away this lot and the other two to three loads I’ve done over the last couple of days that I haven’t yet put away. I don’t mind washing and hanging clothes out, but I always procrastinate the folding up and putting away bit.


  1. says

    Great photo!

    Yes, washing, hanging and unhanging are not the problem. In fact sometimes I enjoy the folding (not the ironing) but then I procarastinate on putting it away!

  2. says

    Thanks Jeanie. Didn’t think I’d be alone. As I type, I’m washing my 2nd load. First isn’t even hung out yet.