My guilty pleasures

I was going to comment at Kikolani’s blog with my guilty pleasures but I thought I’d put them here instead.

First off is Green & Blacks Organic white chocolate. I first heard about it via Loobylu and it wasn’t that easy to find but now my local supermarket stocks it. Fortunately they only stock this type in the 35g size.

My favourite

My other guilty pleasure is shopping at op shops or thrift shops. Much of my wardrobe is second-hand and it allows me to buy lots of clothes and not spend an absolute fortune. When I first started op-shopping (op is short for opportunity) it was to buy retro clothes but now it’s more for everyday wear. Retro clothing has become too fashionable and therefore more expensive.

Photo by Roboppy

My last guilty pleasure (I don’t want to give away all my secrets) is lying in bed reading. Now that my son is a bit older he can watch a bit of tv in the morning and because I can’t sleep in these days I read my book. If I can break away during the day and do the same I will, but that’s really rare.

Photo by Steffe

What are your guilty pleasures?


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  1. says

    Oh you are me!! Now I get it.

    Although I am rather partial to red wine and a bath, too. In fact, preferable to the bed book is the bath book.

  2. says

    Lying in bed used to be one of my guilty pleasures … sigh now I haven’t done for months ….
    I did read in bath though for 10 mins recently (my first bath in months)
    Chocolate …anytime any kind