Concert number 2 and a clown outfit

It was really a performance, not so much a concert, of JJ’s circus school. He got bad stage fright during the rehearsal but I knew that he was stressing out about the performance and sure enough he did really well during the actual performance.

The theme was circus and they were able to dress up if they wanted. I found a cheap clown wig and one day before the performance I found myself in my local op shop looking for something suitable. There were plenty of fairy/ballet type outfits, but nothing befitting a circus performer.

I asked the manger if she could think of anything and she produced the perfect pair of overalls. I think these are actually meant for a woman, and I’m guessing a pregnant woman, and either a very short pregnant woman or they’re supposed to be big overall shorts.

The beginnings of a clown costume

With some pom-pom decorations sewn on that night, I managed to make it a bit more colourful. And here’s the finished outfit. The beauty of it is that he’ll be able to wear it again. All up, including the wig, it cost $10.

The clown

The group did some trampoline work to start with.


And then they had their solo acts. Three weeks ago, JJ had never ever done this. See the concentration on his face. If you’d seen him earlier you wouldn’t have believed that this would happen. Here’s the video.


All up they did a really good job. Even the pyramid at the end went without a hitch and all the kids had an absolute ball. I think it’s good to get them to do these little performances as it teaches them a lot.

The final pyramid


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