Sony Ericsson C902 phone giveaway

Sony Ericsson C902 phone A couple of months ago I received the phone from Sony Ericsson, like the picture to the left, to try out and review if I so wished.

I’ve now done this and I’m going to give it away. I’m locked into a contract with my current phone and it doesn’t seem worth having another phone sitting around doing nothing.

What you need to do to win it:

  • Write about why you would like to win it on your blog. It doesn’t have to be a long entry. Make it funny, add pictures. Do what you like, so long as it conveys why you want this phone.
  • Link to my blog – within your entry.
  • Leave a comment on this post so I know that you’ve entered.
  • Do this by the witching hour on Friday 31 October (midnight on 31 October incase I’m muddled about what the witching hour is).

What would be nice for you to do:

  • One of the conditions for me keeping it was to donate money to a charity – ‘Clean Up Australia‘ has been nominated. I’m still going to do this and if you win and feel so inclined to donate then that would be great. Even if you don’t win and feel so inclined to donate that would be great.

Disclaimers and further information:

  • It doesn’t have a SIM card. You’ll need to supply your own.
  • It’s not locked to any particular Australian phone network.
  • For people outside Australia, it might not work with mobile phone providers so this is only open to Australian readers.

What you get

You might win the phone but even if you don’t I will post links to all the bloggers that participated during the next couple of weeks and at the end.

For even more information about the phone – read these reviews from Neerav, John Lampard, Lee, Ben and Greg.

Good luck.


  1. says

    hi Jen
    I’ll be in it … if I don’t forget.
    Do you the strike of clock from Thursday to Friday 11.59pm 30th … or Friday to Saturday ?

  2. says

    Trish, I’ll put reminders up to enter this competition so hopefully you won’t forget. It closes at the end of 31 October, so midnight on Friday 31 October. Hope that helps.

  3. says

    What a great prize, Jen – how excitement!! How it is on regional and Next G stuff?

    I will definitely try and get my entering skates on.

  4. says

    Jeanie, good question. I’ll have to ask Sony Ericsson about that one. I used my NextG phone’s sim card for this phone and it worked fine but I didn’t use it in a regional area to test the range. I’ll get back to you.

  5. says

    Jeanie RE: Next G and regional performance, this is ultimately determined by the network operator – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc. The phone will hold up well provided the network operator has strong service in that area. Most of them do. I have a phone number to call if needed.