It’s mostly about him really

Last week JJ started indoor soccer. I got up early Sunday morning thinking it was on at 9.15 and luckily I looked at the timetable because it didn’t start till 1.20pm. Also lucky for me that JJ got dressed because his shoes didn’t fit him. It’s only three months since he wore them comfortably but they’re too tight now so we had a chance to go and buy some more. He’s seven years old and wearing size five shoes. Soon he’ll be wearing mine.

I also bought him a new soccer ball which we didn’t end up needing at his indoor soccer but he loves the ball nonetheless. He’s slept with it and he constantly cleans it. He’ll soon wipe all the markings from it. He’s been taking it to school and it’s made it through the first week (provided it comes home today that is). I watched him the other morning sitting on the trampoline caressing his soccer ball with a damp cloth.


We had an appointment this morning at a local university and after the appointment he had to go to the toilet. He’d been in the exact same toilet (a disabled one) an hour prior on the way to the appointment. This time, though, the door wouldn’t unlock. I let JJ go to the disabled toilet so nobody else could go in and I could keep an eye on him. Hah! I asked a bloke coming out the mens toilets if he happened to have a screwdriver (as if) so we could try and get him out.  He didn’t but we tried a coin and that didn’t work. We then called security. The security guy took the lock off the outside and that didn’t work and put it back on. He then managed to undo it somehow and JJ got out.

I was so proud of him not losing the plot and staying calm. He was superb. He was more embarrassed than anything but not too embarrassed to tell the person in the front office at school when I signed him in.


Thanks to the people who’ve entered the giveaway phone competition so far. I don’t know how I’m going to judge this as everyone deserves to win.

For those who are still to enter your comment won’t immediately show up if you add a link because these comments go into my moderation queue. I won’t be able to check until Saturday night as I’m off to practise and then play at our uke gig at the Fluerieu Folk Festival. Hopefully three nights of half-arsed practise will do and I won’t stuff up.


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    Early on a Sunday isn’t great that’s for sure. Unfortunately Sunday is my watering day so I feel compelled to get up early anyhow.

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    Why oh why do kids keep growing when you have lashed out on joggers? We had that this morning too.

    My daughter has a phobia about being locked in bathrooms after that happened to her on a train.

    Good on JJ for remaining calm.