Over the shoulder bags

Last year my favourite handbag bit the dust. I’d bought it for nine pounds when I was in England in the early 90s and it just couldn’t be fixed this time. It was a satchel type bag, very sturdy black leather and I loved it. I bought a new handbag, another leather one. It cost a lot more and it already needs fixing because I probably cram a bit too much in, but an every day handbag should last the distance I think.

When I was shopping for this replacement bag, I found it really hard to find a bag that I could sling over my shoulder. Most handbags around these days only have short straps, but I like to have my hands free, not battle with a bag that falls off my shoulder. My new handbag is also lined with a fabric that is dirty now and I won’t be able to clean it. And the fabric is pilling which I don’t really like.

Yesterday I was in a shop that sells handmade stuff and saw these handbags that I just fell in love with and I’m totally going to buy one. It’s my birthday soon so what a perfect excuse I have.

The straps are adjustable and everything looks really sturdy and funky. There’s little pockets which are handy for phones and the like and you can choose a different fabric for the front bit. Go have a look at the website and see for yourself.

I’m not being incentivised to say this, but I wouldn’t say no to trying out one to keep of course.