Twitter and Plurk get Pinged

A few months ago I jumped on the bandwagon that is Twitter. There was so much talk about it on the interweb that I felt a bit left out not using it. I ummed and aahhed, however, because I feel like I’ve got enough on my plate but I eventually caved in and created myself an account and started Twittering. I actually quite like it because it has attractions that writing a longer blog post doesn’t.


Just as I did this I started hearing about Plurk. For those who haven’t heard of Plurk, it’s similar to Twitter in that it’s a micro-blogging platform but it’s a lot friendlier in its reply mechanism and timeline scenario. You can now easily add your Twitter friends who are also on Plurk.


On the weekend I created a Plurk account. I soon realised that I did not want to update on one platform, then switch to another and update that. It also means that I have to create new friends on Plurk when I’ve already got them on Twitter (well some anyway).

The updating in two different places is the main timewaster for me though. I thought there must be a way of doing both and after a short search, I found that there is. A website called is ‘a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.’ - Manage social networks

I had to email them to get a code to join as it’s still in Beta. I did this, and two days later got the email. It was really easy to get setup and I’ve added Twitter and Plurk to my list of social networks I want to manage. I may also add Facebook down the track after some more experimenting.

Now that I’m a Pinger I have a code to pass onto whoever’s interested in joining. Just leave me a comment and I’ll email you back with it. I also have no objection to having more friends on either platform – hint hint.

This post is part of Problogger’s group writing project.


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    Well, you got me with the title and I enjoyed your post! ( I am also doing the problogger writing project).

    I am active on twitter and plurk and just saw someone talking about ping today on twitter. I would love to have that code as it is a time waster to go back and forth. I am soultravelers3 there and everywhere.

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    Another person checking you out because of the problogger contest. Loved your title and would love to get that ping code from you! I haven’t tried plurk yet, partially due to the thought of having to update in too many places! So with ping I can get going on plurk too (I feel like I’m speaking another language!)


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    Here from Problogger. I too have not tried plurk because I’m just getting the hang of Twitter and am addicted. I will try it if I can figure out the code. Great title.

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    Nice post. Being new to the whole social networking gig, it is nice to know that there is a service that can keep all the different avenues covered without having to go to each service individually. I would definitely be interested in giving it a spin.

    By the way, nice title.

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    Thank you Brian. Yes it is good to have a tool make things easier. Have fun with your social networking endeavours.

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    Thanks JustinLL. Doesn’t bother me if I don’t win the prize. I’m in it more for the writing practise and the networking. Good luck to you!

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    Hi Jen – Great title! Ping looks like a very useful tool. Especially when you throw updating MySpace and Facebook into the mix. I’m still not on Twitter or Plurk, but I’m going to make note of Ping for the day that I finally am!

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    Another great title – found you through Problogger and frankly am delighted. I wasn’t sure at all how to use Ping after setting up my site — now I see the benefits! Thanks for the easy to understand post!


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    Hi Jen, found you via the ProBlogger project – great website! Thanks for this great article because I was not aware of despite using social media quite a lot in my networking and web promotion.

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