The great outdoors


The world is a small place until you look up into the sky and realise there’s a whole lot more space out there.

I get lost looking at the clouds, especially when they look like this.

I’ve submitted this for this week’s Photo Friday.


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    Whimsical, fluffy, other-worldly clouds can tempt and tease our imaginations for hours.
    Doctor’s should prescribe cloud watching as a general pick-me-up ;)
    Love the pic :)

  2. says

    Jayne, you’re right, clouds are a pick me up. It makes our problems seem quite insignificant – for a while anyway.

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    Well I’m late in saying Happy Birthday to JJ….sorry Jen. I’ve been so busy with stuff…I haven’t been over here for a few days…and look what happens….I miss my guy’s big day. I hope he had a good time on his B-day. He’s getting so big. I love this beautiful picture of the sky…just gorgeous. I hope you and JJ have been great….I know you’ve been busy. Much love to you both….give him a hug for me. ~Joy

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    Thanks for your belated wishes Joy. He did have a great birthday and is loving his Playstation so much that he tells everyone he talks to about it whether he knows them or not. We’ve been pretty good, and yes, very busy. Am off soon to a ladies lunch – yee hah!