Be careful about entering online competitions

I’ve been receiving text messages about entering competitions from a 19xxxx number and didn’t really think anything of it. A comment from a colleague made me realise that I might be being charged for receiving these competitions SMS’s. Luckily I checked because I have been charged for receiving these SMS’s. I have now unsubscribed.

I don’t think I’ve got any way of getting out of these charges because I didn’t read the Terms and Conditions of this stupid competition that I entered online, and now I have to pay for the privilege of getting spam SMS’s. I can’t even remember what the competition was for.

Moral of the story, read the Terms and Conditions of everything. You’d think I’d know by now.


  1. says

    THAT is totally sucky!!! Glad you found out before you got a whopping phone bill. I can’t believe they can charge you for receiving SMS’s. Seems all backwards to me. Aren’t you supposed to pay for MAKING phone calls????