The great interview experiment – my turn

Below is my interview which forms part of the great interview experiment. After a bit of reshuffling I was interviewed by Dana of Diary of a MILF in Progress. I’ve already interviewed Kristabella. Confused yet? The way it works is that Dana sent me the questions below and I answered them below to the best of my ability. I made up questions that Kristabella answered on her blog.

When I first read the questions, I thought, wow, these will be hard to answer. The best way to do something is to start it and go from there and I start I did it at 2.15pm last Friday. I’ve mentioned the time because I thought I’d spend 15 minutes on this and then go and vacuum before I picked JJ up from school. When I looked at the clock it was nearly 3pm so the vacuuming waited a bit while I went and did the school pickup. I ended up really enjoying these questions. Read on.

How do you feel about the term “mommyblogger/mummyblogger”? Do you feel as though it is simply a category, or does it provoke an assumption about the writer and subject matter of the blog?

I think it does evoke an assumption about the writer and the subject matter of the blog because it’s a label for a type of blogger. Even though I blog about my parenting it’s not all I blog about because my whole life doesn’t revolve around what I do as a parent. Kids are pretty consuming when they’re young but then they get older and one day will leave home (hopefully) so what will the current mummybloggers be labelled then, provided they’re still blogging of course.

If given the chance to choose a particular age be for as many years as you wished to be that age, how old would you be and how long would you maintain that age?

Whew, that’s a pretty philosophical question. I’m pretty happy with my life at the moment so it might be nice to maintain my current age for a while. Physically, things are going downhill (literally) at the moment so a halt to that would be good. I don’t fancy going back to my teens or early 20s because I didn’t enjoy them as much as I’m enjoying myself now. I’ve grown up a lot in the last few years, surprisingly – or not – since I’ve had my son and I also feel that my life is a lot more fulfilling, partly because of him, but partly because I’ve gone out and sought other things.

What is the smartest purchase you have ever made? What is the most ill-advised purchase?

The smartest purchase was buying my house when I did before the property boom happened. There’s no way I could afford to do it in the area I live now, or afford to buy a house for that matter.

Datsun 180BThe most ill-advised was my first car. I took along a friend who I thought knew something about cars and as it turns out he didn’t. It was a Datsun 180B SSS. I had trouble getting insurance because of mag tyres, the gearbox was in backwards and it was a lemon. Everything went wrong with it and I got rid of it as soon as I could and bought something a lot more reliable, without the advice of my friend, but got the local motoring authority to check it out.

What traits or aspects of your personality do you most want to pass on to your son? Which ones do you hope he does not inherit?

This is a hard one. I’m pretty optimistic so I’d like to pass that on because it’s really easy to see the negative a lot of the time. Otherwise I like to think I’m considerate of others and hope that he is also.

As for the ones I hope he doesn’t inherit, there are none. Yeah right! I swear a bit too much and swear in front of him and sometimes at him. I can be a bit quick to lose my cool, usually because of him but of course that’s no excuse.

Describe your perfect meal (prepared by someone else, if you want, and cleaned up by someone else as well).

Any food prepared by someone else is bloody brilliant and I love it even more if I don’t have to do the clearing and washing up. I love seafood, hint hint for that someone else.

What word(s) do you like to say (because of how they sound, not because of what they mean or their context)? What words do you dislike?

I like vicarious. I can’t think of any others at present.

Words I dislike – c*nt (except if it’s used in the right context which is very rare).

If money and childcare were no barriers, where would you like to travel?

I’d love to see more of Australia. I’ve never been to Western Australia and while I’d like to start down the bottom of Western Australia I’d also dearly love to see the top bit – the Kimberly Ranges. From what I’ve seen on tv etc it’s absolutely magnificent. Perhaps that someone who’s going to cook me a fabulous meal has a four wheel drive and can take me and my son on this holiday!

What moment in your life do you consider the most major one in shaping how your life is today? Where would you be if that moment had happened differently?

My moment is the moment I got pregnant. I sometimes wonder where I would if I hadn’t got pregnant. I hadn’t planned on having kids, in fact I was pretty sure I wouldn’t which is partly why it was a major thing for me. I think I would be quite different if I didn’t have him in that he’s taught me how be less selfish and I’ve become a more rounded person I think.

Complete this sentence: “You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but…”

It’s for me to know and you to find out. Whatever I could think of to finish this sentence is probably not anything I’d ever write on my blog.

My favouriteWhat is your favorite type of chocolate? (I refuse to entertain the notion that anyone dislikes chocolate, so everyone must have a favorite!)

Green’s organic white chocolate. Mmm mmmm.



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    ooo i wanna be interviewed. i think i did this for someone else when people on one of the boards i visit passed around some kind of interview meme. i don’t have the posts anymore, but i got asked some pretty interesting questions.